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Survival Guide for Newbies : See and be Seen (V11)
By Chris
Acquiring enemies has been a difficult task for new players.
Here's a brief guide on finding enemies and hiding yourself from them.
Who just killed me ?
Here's the biggest pain for all new players : Acquiring your foe. Once you jumped into the battlefield, the most common thing you may meet is : "Heard a gunshot, then bled out." You may feel that every time you got shot from nowhere, and you never see the enemy who killed you.

This guide contains two parts, spotting enemies and hiding yourself from them.

Acquiring enemies could be the most painful part of learning curve until you got used to gaming style of Squad. However, take your time and gain experiences from game play. Once you got grip of it, it will finally be your turn to take down your enemies on first strike. Believe me, the feeling of achieving the first kill could never be forgotten during your gamer life.

On Open Field
Here's a common scene you may experience. At the beginning of the game, the squad leader asked you to load onto the transport truck. After you guys arrived at destination : a hilltop bunker, a FOB or a isolated building on open ground, which your squad needs to defend. Your squad leader radioed in : "Spread around and look out for any hostile contacts."

Now, what do you do to spot your opponents first ? Generally, people will stay away from open ground since it's way too easy to be spotted. You may find fast moving vehicles in open, but not a bunch of enemies.

The followings are some "Hot spots" to keep eyes on frequently. The possibility of finding a hostile guy near by these objects is pretty high.

1.Horizon and Ridge Line
Horizon is the vary first place at which your enemies come into your sight. A moving human-body-like object is extremely easy to be spotted by bare eyes. Take this picture for example, when looking out from my scope, this guy exposed himself by running on ridge line and staying on bright background.

2.Behind Bushes and Trees
People loved to stay behind plants, since it's a decent cover after you went prone. However, remember that "Human body always change natural shapes of foliage". If you see something moving in the bushes, wait for few more seconds and you should find an enemy.

Plants are usually not big enough to cover your whole body, be sure that you don't show enemies your legs or your rifle barrel. These guys made a mistake by lying on low grasses, it's highly visible even at great distances.

3.Big Rocks and Vehicle Wreckage
Machinegunners and Marksmen loved doing so, placing yourself on a big rock gives you nice field of view with bipods. However, you will be a easy target for everyone. Hiding behind destroyed vehicles could be risky, since people prefer searching the surroundings for dismounts, just don't end up being surrounded.

Going by water could be an usual tactic to play sneaky, since riverbed is always low ground. What's more, FOB radios could also be found in the water (ex: Al Basrah), be sure to clean the riverside and under bridge when securing an area.

In Urban Area
Another example, your team is pushing into an urban area to secure buildings, you're asked to take point and recon that alley right ahead of you. Squad leader said that we got heavy resistance in the area. So, what do you need to keeps eyes on ?

In urban area, we need to utilize more on game objects to tell if there's an enemy. Remember that when playing close quarters, it's far more easy to be killed by "unseen" enemies.

This is the MOST DANGEROUS place in urban battle, always assume that there's an enemy watching the entrance. The picture shows how I camped a whole enemy squad through the door.

There are few tips to identify whether a door is being watched by your enemies.
a.There are lots of dead friendlies at room entrance.
b.Those dead guys are screaming at you, telling you to not go there.
c.There's a non-friendly smoke grenade on the floor.

If seeing any one above, toss a frag grenade into that door.

You may meet this s*it occasionally. When pushing up the stairs, always stay away from the center of the corner, since it's easy for anyone who's on top floor to spot you from above. ALWAYS stay with teammates if the building which needs to be cleared has confirmed hostiles in. When going up stairs, keep ears sharp for footsteps, if you hear something moving above you, that could be an enemy.

3.Wall and Murder-hole
"If the wall is vault-able, an enemy MUST be there" Since V10 update, it's fairly easy to vault through small objects or wall. It's an advantage for the attacking team, since you can appear from nowhere and surprise your enemy. When playing defense, mind those small walls, right before your opponents show up, you will have eyes on his hand and body, and it's an easy target.

A murder-hole is a small hole or silt where people can fire from, it provides shooter with decent cover and it's difficult to locate people behind it. Be sure to avoid these murder-holes when advancing on streets.

This is ANOTHER DEATH TRAP, in urban area, you should always scan those windows on buildings. A skillful marksman will hide himself away from window, which makes it difficult for you to spot him, and his bullet may fly through an unnoticed window and get you.

Machinegunners will also mount their bipods on window frame, however, doing so also make themselves easy targets for you.

Here are some tips to determine whether a window got foe behind.
a.You see friendly MG tracers suppressing it.
b.Your friendlies yelled "Enemy 3rd Floor" aloud.
c.You see lots of bullet holes around it.

Thanks for the vaulting function, roofs are now reachable. Once again, marksmen and machinegunners loved it. Roof is an advantage point, but staying on it places oneself in front of bright sky. A bright background makes it easily to spot and identify your enemies.

Another tip, those flap-top buildings are not ideal defense points. Flat roof will make your enemies expose themselves instantly.

6.On Road and Alley
Do not run across a road without covering fire or smoke in a gunfight, since it's always hot zone. The same idea also applies when crossing alleys or any entrances of confined space, always assume that there are enemies watching you running across their gun sight.
Staying Hidden : Reduce Your Noise
As an infantry, there are few ways to inform your foe about your presence. Apart from direct visual contact, audible noises also play critical roles. Including FIREARM, FOOTSTEP, SWITCHING AND RELOADING WEAPON, BANDAGING, all of them can give away your location without establishing visual contact.

Let's talk about gunshots first. In Squad, each weapon has its own distinguishable noise. An experienced player can tell M4 from AK immediately, and also the direction from where the gunshot comes. So, when feeling bored, do not fire your pistol randomly, this could be heard from hundred meters away. What's more, when playing as marksman, remember that your gun sounds a lot different from others, and people WILL get you if you stay in a fixed place for too long.

Firing weapon is like turning your flashlight on at midnight, this gives away your location immediately and alerts all the enemies in the area. When asked to keep sneaky and weapons cold, DON'T BE TRIGGER HAPPY. Make it count, aim for short and lethal head shots, it's the key to lower the possibility of being located soon after taking the shot.

For footsteps, if you hear something like body gear shaking around you, and there's no friendlies on the map, that must be hostile troops. Try using better headphones and then it's much easier to locate your enemy in confined spaces. What's more, DO NOT SPRINT when clearing rooms, your enemy will hear it and be ready to F you up. The same principle applies to reloading and switching weapons, if you want to knife someone, do not switch weapon too close to your prey.

Using field dressings could be risky, since it's loud and it gives away clear message to your enemy : "There's a wounded guy and he cannot return fire." When fighting in close quarters, it's okay to clear all enemies out before bandaging. In the picture above, I was shot by a guy, but I did not bandage myself immediately, I waited until he showed up and then finished him.

Alright, above are some tips to spot enemies before they see you. Keep practicing and gaining experience, you will finally become a good squaddie. Always stick together with your squad, listen to your squad leader, and don't be afraid to speak up in the mic.

BTW, remember that your opponent will use the same tactics to play against you!

Have fun and enjoy the high quality gameplay of Squad!

Special Thanks To [BB] Bella's Battleground

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Chris  [author] Jul 14 @ 7:25pm 
It's possible to cancel bandaging by releasing right mouse button, and it's possible to bait someone lol
Fi'gree Jul 14 @ 1:28am 
In resume get the best pc you can get to run the game with the best resolution possible to spot enemies from far far far away using iron sights, while peopple with mid/end pc' will struggle to see enemies passing the 100m
Ncrypted Jul 13 @ 11:49am 
is it possible to cancel the use of field dressings, so you can bait enemies nearby?
Chris  [author] Jul 6 @ 8:34pm 
Corrected some minor errors, still need some improvements on my written English, lol
Thegreenzzz #Hz4Hz Jun 17 @ 5:28pm 
mom im famous!
Thegreenzzz #Hz4Hz Jun 17 @ 5:27pm 
i dont remeber that was there a squad walking away because if so that was me
Chris  [author] Jun 17 @ 4:43pm 
Lol, I was squadleading at that moment, just asked everyone to take a group photo...
Thegreenzzz #Hz4Hz Jun 17 @ 5:54am 
yup thats me lol
Chris  [author] Jun 16 @ 4:21pm 
Hmm, if you were in West Coast Tactical AAS server, I guess so, lol
Cynical Jester Jun 16 @ 8:06am 
I figured all this out the hard way xD but it was fun regardless.

Good guide.