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TOW Missile Dos and Don'ts (V11)
By Chris
User tips for the most powerful Anti-Tank weapon.
Basic Knowledge
Tube-launched, Optically-tracked and Wire-guided. TOW Anti-Tank Missile has been added to gameplay after Alpha V11. Currently, it's used by United States Army, British Ground Forces and Russian Ground Forces, since Russian Kornet Missile is still working in progress. According to labels on launcher, it's TOW2A ( BGM-71E), which has tandem HEAT warhead, and it's capable of one shot killing any vehicles.

There are two types of TOW launchers, tripod version and vehicle mounted one on Bradley. TOW missile tripod could be placed by squad leaders within FOB's radius, one for each FOB. It costs 600 construction points, also 500 ammo points per shot. It also takes quite a long time to build up. Currently in V11, the launcher itself could be destroyed and it's not fixable, must place a fresh one instead.

Picture above is the daytime sight, press "Q" to zoom in further. Below aiming crosshair is the rangefinder, ranging from 0 to 1500 meters, invalid range reading will be displayed in "- -" mark. This also indicates the maximum engagement range of TOW, it's 1.5 km.
Do This With TOW Missile (For Squad Leaders)
1.Make a good field of view for your launcher
As squad leader, placing the TOW on high grounds is encouraged. It has ridiculous range of 1.5 kilometer, take the picture above for example, we can cover the whole river valley with long range accurate fire support.

2.Fortify your TOW FOB
Once your enemy located your TOW launcher, it's not rare to see people trying to sneak behind. So, it's necessary to set up some HESCO walls and heavy machine gun bunkers to cover your flank. A 4-men TOW squad is ideal, including 1 TOW operator, 1~2 HMG gunners and 1 logistics truck driver.

What's more, if decided to play hit and run, it's also good to shift firing locations after scoring few vehicle kills. A sneaky TOW turret will be your enemy's ultimate nightmare.

3.Keep the supply truck running
Here's an important concept. Initially, a fully loaded logistics truck can set up a FOB with a TOW launcher with 2 reserved missiles and some sandbags. Once you begin engaging hostile vehicles, it's pretty easy to run out of supplies in merely few minutes. Well, here's another factor to consider, if the TOW FOB is way too far from your main base, it's more difficult to keep up the supply line.
Do This With TOW Missile (For TOW Gunner)
1.Pick your target carefully
Although all vehicles could be killed with just one shot, it's better to engage high value targets first, since missiles are not cheap. IFV and APC are your TOP PRIORITY Especially Warrior and Bradley, they cost your opponent 25 tickets and they need another 10 minutes to spawn back in.

2.Wait until your enemy stopped or entered open field
Since turret stabilization hasn't show up yet, all vehicles need to stop to fire weapons accurately. Whenever your opponent stops, it's time to blow it up. What's more, mind those small objects in the map, including trees and bushes. In the picture above, the missile detonated when it flew by treetop, resulting in a missed shot. So, it's always better to wait until your prey entered open area.

3.Keep the crosshair centered on your target
Since it's optically tracked, you must keep the crosshair on the target, and correction signals via the signal line will fly the rocket back on track. Remember to re-adjust aiming point in flight, because the shock of missile launch will make your aiming deviate from original one.

Caution : The crosshair will sway away a bit after missile launch

4.Yell "Back blast!" before firing
Yes, it has back blast. Normally, a wise soldier will not stand behind a launch tube, he/she will stay near by the gunner's side. What's more, if hear a "pop!" sound when staying near by the TOW launcher, get away from it's back since it's a clear indication right before missile launch.

5.Spot hostile forces for your teammates
Your scope is highly magnified, scan the battlefield and call out contacts.
DON'T Do This With TOW Missile
1.Engaging targets further than 1.5km away
Always check the reading on rangefinder first, if it's displayed in "- -", it means that target range is greater than 1.5km. You can still engage enemies, but the projectile may disappear after flying beyond its maximum range (around 1.5~1.6 km).

2.Engaging Infantries with TOW
It's a BIG NO NO ! Missiles are way too expensive to be wasted on infantries, it costs 500 ammo points for each shot. Leave them for your team's vehicles and infantries to deal with, wasting precious supply on low value targets will dramatically reduces combat performance of your team.

Be wise and shoot the right targets.
Happy hunting =D

Special Thanks to [BB] Bella's Battleground

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LiptonSoup Jul 7 @ 9:24pm 
@Sea Bass it really depends on the map. On Yehorivka as Brits you place it south of Stepne on the side of the hill. You can see clear to RU main and have the range to hit their vehicles as soon as they leave main. On Kohat as RU try building in D10. You can see most of the map and have the range to hit Radio and a ways past Bridge
[Royalty] micro Jul 7 @ 5:09pm 
for a tow glitch when someone fires stand behind it
SeaBase Jul 7 @ 5:08am 
There arn't that many good TOW locations, so you might as well go the whole hog and turn it into an artillery base. HMGs, mortars and hesco covered 30/25mms and all.
Chris  [author] Jul 7 @ 3:58am 
Great, I will add these lines into the guide =D
LiptonSoup Jul 7 @ 1:22am 
When a TOW emplacement is disabled by enemy fire it gets reduced to just the stand however it also bugs out where trying to rebuild it does nothing. Despite being disabled and being able to be reconstructed this disabled TOW still counts towards being on your FOB forcing you to dig it all the way down and get another 600 Build to place a new one. That is why when I establish TOW FOBs I allow missiles to be used on enemy TOWs, Vehicles, and Radios as most TOW FOBs will not carry backup Build points forcing an enemy TOW emplacement to have to send a logisitics to grab more Build from main.
LiptonSoup Jul 7 @ 1:22am 
Honestly I think the best call is to relocate the TOW once enemy infantry start suppressing the position as chances are if infantry can see it then they have reported the TOW's position to their team and their vehicles will avoid it's line of sight. I like to run my TOW's with four people with two in an APC (Warrior, Stryker, BTR) as it can drop 400 Ammo. This in conjunction with the 600 Build and 1400 Ammo in a Logistics allow you to setup a TOW with one free shot and enough ammunition to resupply three times. In addition, your TOW can coordinate with your APC to call out vehicles allowing your APC to harass infantry on the objectives without fear save from LAT. You might also want to add to this guide that TOWs one-shot enemy radios but do little to no damage againsts HABs and other emplacements except TOWs.
Chris  [author] Jul 7 @ 12:59am 
Hmm, I agree with your point. A single TOW missile turret could be sneaky before opening fire. However, since it's a line-of-sight weapon, we also cannot head back to cover after taking the shot. (unlike vehicles) So, it's not difficult for the enemies to find the launcher afterwards.

My point is engaging targets with TOW at long range, and set some defensive HMGs around, since it's a bit impossible to keep the launcher hidden after taking few shots.

Any suggestions on that?
LiptonSoup Jul 6 @ 11:39pm 
"So, it's necessary to set up some HESCO walls and heavy machine gun bunkers to cover your flank. A 4-men TOW squad is ideal, including 1 TOW operator, 1~2 HMG gunners and 1 logistics truck driver."
HMGs are ill-advised in my opinion as a TOW can be fairly difficult to spot and HMG's just draw attention to a position which is only supposed to have four people max manning it.
Chris  [author] Jul 6 @ 7:03pm 
Logi Trucks are also good targets, but they are pretty maneuverable and fast, so it needs skill to hit a moving truck with TOW. But, still worth a try ; )
Tiromir ʕ • ᴥ • ʔ Jul 6 @ 3:51pm 
I love this guide. I have never shot with the TOW and yet I now feel like I am qualified (lol quad-only adjective right there) to man one for a full game.