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Dynamic Bulwarks: Build - Defend - Survive
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Scenario Type: Infantry, Vehicles
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Dynamic Bulwarks: Build - Defend - Survive

No Longer In Development
Dynamic Bulwarks is considered finished, released, and in it's final form. Please do not ask for updates or changes. We hope you enjoy the mission as much as we enjoyed creating it and working with you all to improve it over the years!

You start in a random town with no equipment. You will need to quickly find a weapon, and other loot, to defend yourself against increasingly difficult waves of enemies. Killing enemies will earn you points. Spend your points on structures to build your bulwark, or purchase Supports such as Airstrikes to defend your Bulwark and survive the unending hordes of hostiles.

Visit our Discord server:

This is a multiplayer mission but you can play by yourself by hosting a LAN session through the Server Browser

Other Maps:
Malden 2035
Weferlingen Summer
Weferlingen Winter

Here's a tutorial on how to manually change maps yourself:

Modified Bulwarks Missions:
Official Missions:
Dynamic Bulwarks: Cold War (Global Mobilization DLC units and equipment only)
Dynamic Bulwarks: Zombies

Community Ports (Likely using older versions of the mission and may be missing some features):
There is Only War Mod (Warhammer 40k) port by TAUXV9
Military Surplus (With more build options) by Sith Deciever
Dynamic Bulwarks Extended (Takistan) by KillerStudio
WW2 (IFA3) by Tiwaz

Another Survival mission that you might enjoy by Ansible2: ARMA 3 Survival

Horde / Survival Mode - Waves of enemies that get harder as you go starting at infantry armed with pistols and ending in Armored Vehicles (number of waves configurable in Mission Parameters)
Base Building - Build your own defences by purchasing structures at the Bulwark box
Looting - Almost every item in the game can be found as random loot that rewards the player for exploring buildings and leaving the safety of the Bulwark
Random Locations - You will start in a random building in a random city
Special Waves - Suicide Bombers, Night time, Civilians, Drone attacks and more can occur at random.
Coop Multiplayer - Play with up to 25 others
Auto Balancing - More players means more enemies! (Adjustable in mission Parameters)
Mods - Items from most mods should automatically be included in the loot that you can find
Maps - Works on all maps that make use of Locations (Details and instructions below!)
Unique Supports - Air Strikes, Predator Drones, Experimental substances to improve your performance and more - we have it all and it's available to purchase from the Bulwark box
Points System - Earn points as you take out hostiles and spend them on structures and supports at the Bulwark box
Mission Parameters - In your mission lobby, select the "Parameters" button to change mission options and adjust the mission difficulty
EditMe file - Go to the EditMe.sqf file in the mission folder to add buildings to purchase, adjust prices, change hostiles and more.
Marksman Slot - Because you always have to have a marksman slot
Air Drops - Between rounds an Air Drop will deliver ammo for the weapons of whoever claims it
Zeus - Server admin has access to Zeus
A Table - Enjoy

Recon UAV - Shows All hostiles on the map until shot down
Paratroopers - AI Reinforcements
Predator Drone - Take control of a UAV armed with Skalpel Missiles
Missile CAS - Calls in a CAS run wherever you are looking or by clicking on a location on the map
Mine Cluster Shell - Call in a Mine Cluster Shell to create an instant mine field
Rage Stimpack - No need to reload, unlimited ammo, invicibility and increased speed for a short time.
ARMAKART TM - 1 minute in an invincible Go-Kart with an automatically targeting HMG
Emergency Teleport - Teleports you back to the Bulwark Box but it's unstable and will create an explosion at your original position
Mind Control Gas - Units that enter the gas will join your team! That's good! But the gas is fatal and the units die at the end of the wave.... That's bad.

Loot Drone - Find the purple drone box to reveal all the loot on the map
Cash Money - Finding the pile of cash gives you points based on the kill points multiplier (default 5000).
Satellite Dish - Unlocks the Support Menu at the Bulwark Box and rewards you with Points! One will spawn each wave until found.
Spin Box - Definitely not a ripoff of popular Zombie game... If you find the box you can spin it for random weapons, for a price of course.

Medkits are Extra Lives - If you have a Medkit on you, you will get back up if you get knocked unconscious. This will consume the Medkit (doesn't work if executed). So don't be afraid to play solo with no one to revive you! If you place 15 FAKs in the Bulwark Box they will be converted into a Medikit.

Single player - Currently optimized for Dedicated Servers but works in Local Multiplayer. Just host a LAN Multiplayer session to play single player.

MAPS - We have official versions for the Vanilla maps (Links above) but for modded maps you can change the map, though ARMA makes it difficult to do. I've made a video on how to do it which can be found here:

Fully Heal Yourself at Bulwark - For 800 points you can fully restore your health from the scroll menu at the Bulwark Box.

We highly recommend that you use the Enhanced Movement mod. It's not at all necessary to play the mission but it really makes things more fun as you can jump through windows and over fences to avoid enemies or get to loot!

Modifying the mission and reuploading to Workshop:
Feel free to modify this mission and upload your changes to the Workshop but we ask that you give credit to the original authors (Wiltop & Omnomious) and provide a link back to this page.

Link to Mission File on GitHub:

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Zeus is not working for me in a LAN server. I should be the admin as I am the only one in the server and I'm hosting it myself. Anyone have any fixes?
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@Blades in 6 years you're the first person to make that complaint, buddy. How about you politely ask what you're struggling with? Or join the discord and ask.
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Hey, Willtop!
I saw another user had this same issue, but i cannot seem to change parameters in game. I do get the option on ammobox to select parameters, but when it does open the parameter screen, it is empty. Only options are to save, save as and ok.
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how can i force it to spawn only non-dlc gun ? im always geting killed cus i cant pick up the dlc-guns
Willtop  [author] Aug 11, 2023 @ 6:42am 
Med kits will revive you instantly. You can convert FAKs into med kits.

The table is a feature.

It's all listed in the description above if you read it.
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Any tips for singleplayer? I feel like I get insta-killed all the time.

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