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CIVITAS Normandy
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CIVITAS Normandy

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CIVITAS Collection
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Unique Ability: Expeditions of Conquest
Conquered Cities do not suffer occupation penalties, and Military Engineers receive +1 Build Charge. Conquering a City or constructing an Encampment provides a free Military Engineer after Military Engineering has been researched.

Unique Unit: Man-at-Arms (Replaces Knight)
A heavy cavalry unit unique to Normandy. Starts with the Charge Promotion and fights at full strength when damaged.

Unique Infrastructure: Motte and Bailey
An improvement unique to Normandy, constructed by Military Engineers. Provides the same defensive bonuses as the Fort. Yields +1 Production, +2 Gold and +0.5 Housing. Receives an additional +1 Production for each adjacent Pasture or Camp, +1 Gold for each adjacent Farm, and +1 Loyalty when adjacent to an Encampment. May not be built in neutral territory or adjacent to another Motte and Bailey.


Unique Ability: Domesday
Cities that have an established Governor with at least 3 Promotions remain 100% Loyal. Gains access to the Familia Regis unique unit.

Unique Unit: Familia Regis
A melee unit unique to Normandy. Available at Feudalism. Receives +50% experience from battles, and additional Combat Strength when the City it was trained in is at maximum Loyalty.

Under William, Norman cities can thrive in places that would otherwise prove difficult to retain Loyalty. He will look to strike a delicate balance between knowing when to build foundations to serve his people, and when to push forward in a bid for conquest. Seeking to gain strong war footing, he will use his Loyalty bonuses from established Governors in cities to ensure that they do not rebel, and keep them protected from invasion with his unique unit, the Familia Regis. This will afford him time to take advantage of Normandy's ability to keep cities growing under occupation, and build Encampment infrastructure with which to exploit Loyalty with Motte and Bailey placements as he continues his conquest for expansion.


Unique Ability: Siege of Paris
Steal Great Person Points from other Civilizations when pillaging their Specialty Districts and Buildings. Naval Units transfer their Movement to those in Formation.

Rollo can make quick work of carving out new territory and building powerful cities at the expense of his enemies. With his ability to steal the Great Person Points of those he is at war with, pillaging specialty districts and the buildings within them will help him with any victory he has his eyes on. What makes him particularly dangerous, however, are his naval units that can escort an army across the waves to make landfall on short notice, making him a versatile opponent that can conquer by both land and sea in equal measure.


This mod currently includes support for:

Tomatekh's Historical Religions
Gedemon's YNAMP
40sw4rm's Old World
C15 and SeelingCat's Colonial City Names
JFD's Rule with Faith


This mod comes with two leaders enabled by default. If you wish to disable one of them, a master file can be found in the following directory:

PC: \Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\289070\1387897065\Core\Master
Mac: /Library/Application/Support/Steam/steamapps/workshop/content/289070/1387897065/Core/Master

I'm taking a guess on the mac one, let me know if it's different. Instructions included within.


The current version of CIVITAS Normandy is v1.00. Current and previous versions will be available to download via the following links:

CIVITAS Normandy v1.00[]

Please refer to the change notes for a full list of changes.


Concept & Design ChimpanG, Digihuman, SeelingCat, Chrisy15, SailorCat, p0kiehl, TheCrazyScotsman
Code ChimpanG (SQL, Lua), Digihuman (SQL), TheCrazyScotsman (Python)
Artwork ChimpanG (Leader Art, Icons, Historic Moments)
In-Game Assets ChimpanG (Motte & Bailey, Units), Deliverator (Units)
Mod Support SeelingCat
Research ChimpanG, SeelingCat
Testing ChimpanG, Digihuman, SeelingCat


Deliverator | For allowing me to use your Crusader and Longsword assets to build from, and for all the guidance and advice :)
Merrick | For kindly letting me reincarnate our old Robert the Bruce leader model as William for this mod. I owe you one!
Keniisu | For the amazing video commentary (up top). Really means a lot dude! <3


This mod has been bug-tested but if you do experience any serious bugs, please provide detailed information in the pinned conversation below.


This mod may not be compatible with Mac. If the databases do not match (due to a delayed update from Aspyr for example), any issues will likely be caused by the fact that we might be referencing a game_effect in this mod that doesn't exist yet on Mac databases.


These leaders should only appear in the selection screen if the Rise and Fall ruleset is selected. This mod is not available in vanilla on account of the game effects required for the abilities to function existing only in the expansion pack dataset.

Thank you for subscribing :) enjoy!
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May 17 @ 7:53am
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siau2tie1 Oct 14 @ 9:01am 
I edited by myself to make Familia Regis replace the Longswordsman from Steel and Thunder: Unit Expansion mod.
jemalomlcs Sep 11 @ 7:40am 
great selection of Leaders... and many details... Love it !
LikeABith Jul 5 @ 3:41pm 
Hey I hear ya. I'm always checking the score in order to pace myself haha. I'll check that stuff out. Thanks!
Chimpan'G  [author] Jul 5 @ 6:05am 
@LikeABith lol well we're just pleased that people enjoy playing with them really, but the sentiment is very much appreciated :) haha that is a bit out of our realm but I don't blame you for wanting one. Wakanda is a cool world! Maybe one day hey!

If you're up for some mods that change the gameplay a little, check out Deliverator's stuff (he's the best imo) and I know Tiramisu and FearSunn have released some cool mods too. There's one called Diplomatic Visibility Matters (I think) which is quite lightweight on the surface, but I found it adds a nice little dynamic to the game. Particularly for me because I suck and I rely on checking the score screen to see how bad I'm doing - that mod takes it away and replaces it with something a little more dynamic
LikeABith Jul 5 @ 2:27am 
This may be totally out of your guy's roadmap for modding, but if you ever get a chance, a Wakanda civ (from Black Panther) would be totaly rad. Anyway, thanks again for what you've made so far!
LikeABith Jul 5 @ 2:25am 
Sounds great! Thanks for the references! CIVITAS is still the best though, if you ask me ;). You guys are great at keeping the civs lore/vanilla friendly.
Chimpan'G  [author] Jul 5 @ 2:17am 
@LikeABith haha well there are plenty modders out there with some great civs if you get restless. Off the top of my head, our very own SeelingCat, Sukritact, Merrick, Enigma, JFD, Antagonise, RFormica, Leugi have released a bunch of civs and leaders on the workshop. I'm sure I've forgotten some names (sorry!), but it's definitely worth having a look around. It's a shame the workshop can't filter by Civilizations/alt leaders so you might just want to find their personal workshop pages to find all the stuff they've been involved in.
LikeABith Jul 5 @ 2:06am 
No way that's fetching awesome! Can't wait to use it. Now I'm greedy for more civs from that time period =P
Chimpan'G  [author] Jul 5 @ 1:55am 
@LikeABith why thank you, that's amazing to hear! Lol it's funny you mention that... ;)

Haven't finished his code and stuff yet as there's a bunch of things to be finished first, but he'll make it onto the workshop eventually.
LikeABith Jul 4 @ 6:43pm 
The CIVITAS mods are the best ones on the workshop. Great job guys. Any chance of making a Danish/Viking civ under the rule of Ragnar Lothbrok? Would pair well with Rollo of Normandy