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Community Factions Project (CFP)
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Community Factions Project (CFP)

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"On behalf of the CFP team we are extremely excited to announce a new community mod designed to bring a rich and diverse set of factions to Arma 3! This ambitious project is off to a flying start with 30(!) new or enhanced factions, over 900 new custom retextures, items, and support for ZEUS, VCOM, ACE3 and ALiVE. We're building factions using CUP as a base, as CUP includes a huge array of vehicles, weapons and equipment in use by today's aggressors. We specifically built the factions with mission making in mind, with a wide variety of groups (including static weapons) and support for mods such as ALiVE and VCOM. We're very thankful to the community donations of assets so far and we welcome the community in helping us bring more factions to Arma 3!" - CFP Lead Developers - Tupolov & AuburnAlumni

CFP is a community project to provide Arma 3 with 100 new or enhanced real world factions/sub-factions involved in current and historical armed conflicts. CFP comes in two flavours - CFP and CFP Ultimate, only CFP requires Community Upgrade Project (CUP) while CFP Ultimate will require a number of community mods. 

CFP offers not only enhanced vanilla CUP factions but also a huge number of new factions using CUP and community donated assets. CFP includes custom assets and textures in order to help expand whats possible with CUP. 

CFP Ultimate will enhance base CFP factions (if running CFP) and introduces new factions using the most efficient combination of community gear, weapon and vehicle addons. CFP Ultimate will be announced soon(tm)!

Factions are delivered in a modular way, enabling groups to maintain their own tailored version of CFP by simply excluding any components they don't need, or those possibly in conflict with other mods. 

CFP Features

CFP plus CFP Ultimate provides 91 new factions!
CFP introduces 59 new factions based on CUP + custom assets (including 9 new civilian factions)
Replaces certain CUP factions with factions split by theater (i.e. Arid/Desert, Woodland/Jungle, Artic/Snow etc)
Enhances certain CUP factions with additonal groups and loadouts (i.e. special forces)
Includes AccuracyThruVolume's Iraq/Syria pack
Includes SP Craig's gear pack
Includes Siege-A's insignias and patches content
Includes Hawaiian's 75th Ranger Regiment content
Additional custom textures and assets donated by community members
900+ custom helmets, vests, uniforms, rucks and more
Randomization tech that provides variation of gear and equipment to appropriate units and vehicles resulting in hundreds of possible civilian, insurgent, PMC, clandestine operative and special forces units and vehicles.
Standardizes faction and group configurations for the community
Follows best practice configuration and implementation using CBA and ACE3 standards
Full support for ZEUS, ALiVE, ACE3 and VCOM
CFP Ultimate will enhance the CFP factions and introduces 32 new factions/sub-factions based on common community addons taking the total new or enhanced factions to over 100!

CFP Factions
CFP factions cover major current conflict zones such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Philippines, Ukraine, South America and African states dealing with Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab and islamic insurgencies such as Nigeria, Kenya, Central African Republic, Somalia, Yemen and Mali. In addition, western regular forces and special forces are represented along with historical and current aggressors. Current and future factions include (faction names listed to side of released factions): 

Abu Sayyaf
Al-Qaeda - cfp_o_alqaeda
Al-Qassam Brigades (Hamas) - cfp_o_hamas
Al-Shabaab - cfp_o_alshabaab
Boko Haram (Nigeria) - cfp_o_bokoharam
Central African Rebels - cfp_o_cfrebels
Colombian FARC Rebels
Hezbollah - cfp_o_hezbollah
Houthis (Yemen) - cfp_o_ansarallah
Iraqi Army (2003)
Islamic Republic of Iran Army - cfp_o_irarmy
Islamic State - cfp_o_isis
Libyan National Army
Mali Islamic Rebels
Russian Ground Forces - split into various theater specific factions including Special Operations Forces - cup_o_ru, cfp_o_ruarmy_des
Russian National Guard (formerly MVD) - cfp_o_rumvd
Russian Navy
Somali Rebels - cfp_o_sorebel
South Thailand Insurgents
Sudan Revolutionary Front - cfp_o_sdrebels
Sudan People's Liberation Movement In Opposition - cfp_o_ssrebels
Syrian Air Force
Syrian Arab Army - cfp_o_syarmy
Taliban Insurgents - cfp_o_tban

Al-Nusra - cfp_i_alnusra
Afghani Militia
Central African Republic Armed Forces
Chechnya Militia
Colombian Armed Forces
Egyptian Armed Forces
Free Syrian Army
Islamic State - cfp_i_isis
Myanmar Armed Forces
PMC: Blackwater
PMC: ION - split into various theater specific factions
South Sudan People's Defense Force - cfp_i_ssarmy
Sudan People's Liberation Movement North - cfp_i_sdrebels
Tuareg Rebels - cfp_i_tuareg
Ulster Loyalist Paramilitaries (Ulster Volunteer Force)
UNAMID (Niger, Chad, Cameroon etc)
United Nations - split into various theater specific factions
Western Ultranationalists / Terrorist - cfp_i_westultra
Yemen Armed Forces

Afghan Police - cfp_b_afpolice
Afghanistan Army - cfp_b_afarmy
Armed Forces of the Czech Republic - split into theater factions - cfp_b_czarmy_wdl, cup_b_cz
British Army - split into theater factions - cup_b_gb, cfp_b_gbarmy_wdl
Bundeswehr (KSK) - split into theater factions - cfp_b_dearmy_wdl, cup_b_ger
Iraqi Armed Forces - cfp_b_iqarmy
Iraqi Police - cfp_b_iqpolice
Israeli Defence Force - cfp_b_ilidf
Jordanian Armed Forces
Kenyan Defence Forces - cfp_b_kearmy
Kurdish Peshmurga - cfp_b_pesh
Libyan National Transitional Council / Government Forces
Malian Government Forces
Nigerian Armed Forces (Nigeria) - cfp_b_ngarmy
Philippine Army
Saudi Armed Forces
Somali National Army
Sudanese Armed Forces - cfp_b_sdarmy
Sudanese Rapid Support Forces / Janjaweed - cfp_b_sdmilitia
Ugandan Defence Forces - cfp_b_ugarmy
Ukraine Armed Forces
US 75th Rangers - cfp_b_usrangers_wdl
US Army - split into theater factions (Delta Force enhanced) - cup_b_us_army, cfp_b_usarmy_wdl
US CIA (Middle East) - cfp_b_uscia
US CIA (South America)
US Marine Corps - split into theater factions - cup_b_usmc, cfp_b_usmc_des
US Navy SEALs - split into theater factions - cfp_b_usseals_des, cfp_b_usseals_wdl
YPG (Syrian Kurds) - cfp_b_ypg

African (Christian) - cfp_c_afrchristian
African (Muslim) - cfp_c_afrislamic
International Committee of the Red Cross
Afghani/Pakistani - cfp_c_afg
Middle Eastern (Iraqi/Syrian/Libyan) - cfp_c_me
South American

Customizing load-outs for CFP units in 3D Editor (3DEN)
CFP uses technology to script and randomize loadouts of units - this provides a massive variety the units you'll see on the battlefield. In order to customize the loadouts of units in 3DEN editor, you will first need to disable the scripted loadout and/or the randomization. To do this simply:

 Right-Click the unit in 3D Editor (3DEN)
Select Attributes
Check the box Override ALiVE ORBAT Loadout and/or Disable CFP Randomization as needed.

AuburnAlumni (AUTigerGrad)
SP Craig

For more information
Please come join us over at out GitHub page!

CFP is currently licensed under the Creative Commons No-Derivatives 4.0 License [CC-ND].
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AdhamS Nov 9 @ 5:52am 
Is it possible for the Fahd APC/ IFV to be designed with BMP-2 for the Egyptian Forces? Do you guys require any help with the research?
НΛXIϟ27 Oct 28 @ 2:15pm 
Can someone make YPG indep?
AuburnAlumni  [author] Oct 28 @ 7:48am 
@Dippy Fresh yes those are on the agenda for future versions for sure.
Dippy Fresh Oct 28 @ 3:20am 
Could we get Mitznefet helmet covers for the IDF Golani helmets? That'd be great.
BtoTheW Oct 24 @ 4:45pm 
Thank u for ur service
Tin Can™ Oct 22 @ 8:48am 
@AuburnAlumni For some reason when overriding factions in ALiVE modules they don't work in-game complaining about there being no groups for them, such as for "cfp_i_isis"
Plague Doctor Oct 18 @ 8:49am 
Hello! Would you please kindly add the L3-GPNVG18 Panoramic Night Vision system (find it on Steam Workshop, among Teeha's files) or in fact any NVG system to the US Navy SEALs faction? Whatever they use in real life. Such an elite force certainly needs night vision goggles for night time missions. For some reason I cannot change the loadout of this faction and NVG is essential for night deployment. Thank you in advance!
Balkan Ballbuster Oct 10 @ 6:25pm 
An alternate version using RHS resources would be nice
Печенье Oct 5 @ 11:14am 
okay hope in next update you add Saudi Army
AuburnAlumni  [author] Oct 5 @ 5:52am 
Factions that have been added have their faction name to the right. The rest are WIP and have not been added yet