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Level 140 - Unlock Everything - v3.1.38
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Level 140 - Unlock Everything - v3.1.38


Mod Updating Guidelines

If you are having trouble updating the mod, we have documentation on our discord to help assist you with common troubleshooting steps.

If you are using a Xbox Game Pass or Epic Games version of Conan Exiles and wish to download mods from Steam, visit this forum link with directions on how you can do that. If this is too challenging for you, please join our discord and we will provide you with a Google Drive download link for all Multigun mods.

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Important Info

Mod id: 1368506289


Please direct questions, comments, concerns, feedback, and bug reports to our Discord. All documentation is also only found on Discord.

The Discord is also home to a dedicated group of veteran volunteer builders who love to help others (The Build Guild). We also have a building tips channel containing dozens of tips, show and tell, and finally a channel specifically for showcasing your finished builds! If you want a place to talk about building and decorating with other passionate players, or a place to get help with your designs, the Better Builders Bureau is the place to be! Hit the button below to join.


Description of Mod

This leveling mod gives you the ability to fully level up and unlock all attributes and feats. If your desire is to earn everything, rather then use the admin panel, this mod is for you. Progression is set at the same or close to the same rates that Funcom used so leveling up should feel the same as vanilla, albeit longer as you reach the higher levels.

So why level 140? Based on the pattern used by the developers, this is where I landed on when all attributes were unlocked (at the time). I've since adjusted as need be, but kept to the original vision of making it an extension of vanilla leveling patterns.

Optional Mods

Legendary Chests - Adjustable Level Requirement

Alternative Version

If you would like to use this mod but don't want to earn Feat points (due to the patch on March 2nd, 2019 that lets you unlock all feats through vanilla means), use the Level 140 - Unlock Almost Everything mod.

(Not caused by my Mod, but may impact your gameplay in terms of leveling)

When using the admin panel to level to a custom level, (say level 43),and then go backwords to a different level (say level 42), feats no longer reset to the amount they should be at. Instead, they add on to each other infinitely for every time that you change your level using the admin panel when you go backwords. Attributes and EXP do reset properly, but not Feats.

Worse case scenario, you end up with a lot more feats then what was intended, but thought you should be aware of this. This is a game bug, not related to my mod.

You can use the amazing Pippi - User & Server Management Mod to reset your feats to where they should be. Mean time, natural level progression works like it should.

Update Policy
  • I will update my mods on my terms and my terms alone. If you don't like my update schedule, don't use the mods.

  • Mismatch errors are not the fault of mod creators. If you need help understanding this concept, visit the discord.

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