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Level 140 - Unlock Everything
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Apr 23 @ 2:19am
Oct 19 @ 11:18pm
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Level 140 - Unlock Everything



Updated with latest version of the dev kit. See Change Notes for further details

Mod id: 1368506289

Description of Mod

This leveling mod gives you the ability to fully level up and unlock all attributes, perks, and feats. It won't be easy though, and that's intentional as I aimed for a fair and balanced approach. If your desire is to earn everything, rather then use the admin panel, this mod is for you. Progression is set at the same rate that the the developers used so leveling up should feel the same as vanilla, albeit longer as you reach the higher levels.

So why level 140? Based on the pattern used by the developers, this is where I landed on when all attributes were unlocked (well technically I landed on 137, but 140 sounds better). If/when more feats or attribute trees or whatever come out, I'll up the levels to compensate.

Finally, this mod works on all game modes; single player, co-op, and private server gameplay. Whatever works best for you works for this mod.

Note: The downside to any level mods is that it can throw off being able to open legendary chests at level 60. You have the following choices:
  1. You can just use this mod and open the chests at level 140 when using a key.

  2. Subscribe to My Level 60 Requirement for Legendary Chests Mod

  3. Download a seperate mod to unlock the Chests at a different level requirement.

Notes on Future Updates
  • Mod is more or less complete. Will tweak values if or when more attributes, feats, or levels are needed for future content added in. Should also be future proof from official updates, but if not will update mod whenever necessary to keep the mod current with the newest official updates.

(Not caused by my Mod, but may impact your gameplay in terms of leveling)
  • I believe this was caused by the recent update(s), but when using the admin panel to level to a custom level, (say level 43),and then go backwords to a different level (say level 42), feats no longer reset to the amount they should be at. Instead, they add on to each other infinitely for every time that you change your level using the admin panel when you go backwords. Attributes and EXP do reset properly, but not Feats. Worse case scenario, you end up with a lot more feats then what was intended, but thought you should be aware of this. This is a game bug, not related to my mod. Funcom will need to fix this on their end, or you can use the amazing Pippi - User & Server Management Mod to reset your feats to where they should be. Mean time, natural level progression works like it should.

A Message to My Minions (also known as users who pitty me and subscribe to my mods)

I am keeping an eye on new test live and up coming patches as closely as I am able. Due to SOOOOO many out-dated and abandoned mods on the Workshop, I felt it was necessary to spell it out that yes, my mods will remain up to date. If I can be serious for 3 seconds, you are using my mods to improve your game experience. Truly, I'm humbled, but most importantly I feel obligated. You put your trust in my mods in that they will remain up, available, and up to date so they can help you have as fun of a time in Conan Exiles as you can. I take that responsibility seriously. My mods will remain up to date. Period. With that said, go fourth, and pew pew and stabby stabby!

Multi's Other Mod's Can be Found by Clicking Here!
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Vattende Oct 20 @ 8:33am 
thanks Multigun to try fix this bad issue !
Will check it out, finger crossing !
Multigun  [author] Oct 19 @ 11:19pm 
@All and @Azaraq

Okay, I uploaded a version using the latest dev kit. Probably won't make any difference to Thralls eating or not, but shouldn't hurt otherwise to try.
Multigun  [author] Oct 19 @ 11:10pm 
@Azaraq well for funsies, I'm creating a new blueprint mod controller just because I see that in the last dev kit update they updated it. I really doubt this will make any difference, but won't take me long to build and send out.
Azaraq Oct 19 @ 11:04pm 
I just found a thread about it on funcom forum, this issue occures with other mods too and funcom is aware of that and is looking into it. Thanks for quick support.
Multigun  [author] Oct 19 @ 11:02pm 

I just blue screened trying to open the dev kit, so it will be a while.
Multigun  [author] Oct 19 @ 10:58pm 

This seems to be a hit or miss problem with all mods. This mod doesn't touch a single thing having anything to do with pets, or thralls. It uses a mod controller to add to existing data tables for leveling your own character (as in, I don't actually edit or add anything new in this mod).

If you want, as an experiment, I can rebuild using the latest dev kit but I highly doubt it will change anything.
Azaraq Oct 19 @ 10:48pm 
My thralls don't eat anymore and this is the only mod I have. Since this is not a common problem, maybe this mod is the cause?
Multigun  [author] Oct 16 @ 3:05pm 

Yup, this one is good to go. I could never look at it again and it would still be fine.
eighmy_lupin Oct 16 @ 3:02pm 
Still good with pets update?
Multigun  [author] Sep 18 @ 12:27pm 

There might be an overlap hiccup if you go from 100 to installing this mod (or any other leveling mod). Depending on how they mod authors set up their exp data tables, you could suddenly see yourself at a higher level, or you could suddenly have a much slower leveling experience then you are used to. You have to enter exp numbers manually (mine are viewable via the discussion area of this mod in case you are curious), so every leveling mod is likely different. After that initial overlap though, then things will smooth out from there.

As for Pickup+, I would direct your questions to the mod authors page. As far as I know though, as long as Pickup+ is loaded after any mod that adds new or modified assets into the game, them it's good to go.