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Pippi - User & Server Management - v2.1.14
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Mar 10, 2017 @ 1:37am
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Pippi - User & Server Management - v2.1.14

Pippi - User & Server Management System
ID: 880454836
Version : 2.1.14
Update Notes

Looking for previous version?[]

Should work in Singleplayer/Co-op Multiplayer & Dedicated Environments (Should hehe)

New Chat System
Kit System
Command System
Announcement System
Warp System
MOTD System
Rule System
Player System
Dynamic Rank System

Pippi Toolsets
Create customised Dungeons/Arenas
Create customised lighting
Create customised loot chests
Zohnes - Testing
Protect those wonderful build from players on a pvp server.
Also allows you to dye building peices
Create visible entry points for warps
Create actors that animate and bring life to your villages
Load images from the web directly into your game
Create your own custom notes for players
CamLoc - Experimental
Camera rig system
MusiqBox - InProgress
Stream audio directly from the internet

Video explain the kits a little bit:

The AMAZING ContastX & Fia have made excellent guides for using Pippi!
Click HERE! [] For the Pippi Manual
Click HERE! [] For the Pippi Manual Addendum
Click HERE! [] For the Pippi Social Merchant Manual
Click HERE! [] For the Pippi Mushi Manual

Pippi now has it's own Discord:
Feel free to join and discuss issues with other Pippi Users, or just to hang out and chat!

If you have any suggestions please feel free to post in the discussion or contact me on discord :p

This mod contains assets (art, music, code, items, systems and/or designs) that are the intellectual property of Funcom Oslo AS or their licensors
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Apr 24 @ 4:59am
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Nevil May 23 @ 8:54am 
Is it possible to create a cyclic event using this mod? For example: every hour meteor shower.
Mickey May 19 @ 5:50pm 
it's same with "/warp warpname".
Mickey May 19 @ 5:48pm 
@Hawkbs, Pipi is already on the top of my load order, and we have loooong sreen loading when a dialogue thespian warped us.
This "issue" is only since last conan's update, before, loading screen was long, but 10 sec max, since, it goes 2/3 min, once, i must tape "Enter→/kill" and respawn with conan vanilla loading screen without waiting time.
hawkbs May 19 @ 5:30pm 
@Fia Think we resolved it on our server. We moved pippi to the top of the load order. the portals it was happening on had use permissions down on the right hand side ticked. These portals also vanished a few times.
Since changing the load order so that Pippi is at the top and ensuring that box is not ticked we havent had the issue and warping seems to go alot faster.
We had only ticked that as we had an issue with npc's going through the portals and enging up in the archives map room where we have all our portals to other areas.
Seems fine now so Im guessing it was probably that tick box. We have enabled a small fee instead which should hopefully stop npc's warping through.
smokedog77 May 17 @ 8:16pm 
Is there any way to show restart messages that work with the DedicatedServerManager? ( )
Fia May 16 @ 6:27pm 
The endless loading screen after warping (for some servers) is listed as a known issue on Discord. CoOkIeMoNsTeR is going to be looking into it.

plainvanillamc, not sure what map are you referring to. Pippi does not have one that is available.
hawkbs May 16 @ 6:12pm 
Same issue as J R as well as disappearing portals after server reset. Have tried making new portals however it still happens. Opening the console and using Suicide gets you unstuck.
Have noticed that getting stuck on porting only happens on portals to my house. Have moved to a different area and it was ok for a while but after a server reset it gives an endless pippi screen. Going to have to delete all portals I think and maybe try again after a server reset. BTW Im running a GPortal Server.
plainvanillamc May 16 @ 12:18pm 
Can the map for pippi be locked so it doesn't keep spinning? Most annoying.
Velanthe May 16 @ 9:13am 
Is it possible to put in an alliance system? More so if members of an alliance visit a base, they don't get attacked by thralls and friendly fire reduced
NathanDingy May 14 @ 11:38pm 
suggestion: for action node under Var Operations if you can also add a SET operation to set a hard value would be wonderful!