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Legendary Chests - Adjustable Level Requirement - v3.0.2
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Apr 23, 2018 @ 8:26pm
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Legendary Chests - Adjustable Level Requirement - v3.0.2



Mod still needs an update for 2.0. Comments are disabled until I have time to do this.

My computer crashed. I am unable to do ANY mod updates for an undetermined amount of time.

Comments are disabled. Please visit the discord for the latest information.

Mod Updating Guidelines

If you are having trouble getting the mod to update, please visit this thread.

Description of Mod

Mod id: 1369100856


Due to the upcoming release of Conan Exiles on Epic Games Store, we are moving all communication to Discord as a centralized platform. While we will do our best to monitor Steam for comments, you stand a far greater chance of being heard on Discord.

Finally, all bug reports must be done on Discord. No bug report submitted as a comment will be processed on Steam. Steam simply doesn't have the software necessary for the exchange of information needed for a proper bug report to be done.


Legendary Chests - Adjustable Level Requirement (LCALR) uses a simple UI option to allow admin's to set the Legendary Chest level requirement in order to unlock chests. Pick whatever level you want, from level 1, to 60, to 300, whatever fits the needs of your server.


The default value of this mod is Level 60. To change this value, you must first have admin enabled. Then, use the following mod to access the panel.
When you add ModControlPanel (MCP) to your mod list, this creates an easy method in which to manage the mod using a simple keystroke. Simply press Shift + End to open the MCP menu, and locate the "Legendary Chest" tab in the upper left hand corner.

The biggest advantage to using MCP is that many other mods, including some of my own (LBPR and SandstormEX), also use MCP. This means that they all can be managed using MCP, use the same combination of keys to open the MCP window, and all have their separate tabs in which to manage each mod and their mod options.

The only thing left to do is to set your desired level requirement. Simply change the number that you see in front of you, to whatever value you desire. Press "Save" when done, and hit Escape to exit the window.

Age of Calamitous, other mods, and Load Order

Age of Calamitous and a handful of other mods do direct edits to the vanilla file, BP_PL_LootChest_Legendary.uasset. This will disrupt this mod's function unless you set your load order correctly.

Simply make sure that this mod, Legendary Chests - Adjustable Level Requirement, is loaded AFTER AoC (or whatever other mod) in your mod load order.
  • The Age of Calamitous/other mods
  • Legendary Chests - Adjustable Level Requirement

Kerozards Paragon Leveling - A Multigun Refresh

If you are using Kerozards Paragon Leveling, a mod in which I also maintain, there is no need to also use Legendary Chests - Adjustable Level Requirement.

Known Issues
  • Small UI Glitch With Legendary Chests - Adjustable Level Requirement's Admin Setting

    UE4, or at least the version that Conan Uses, sometime's doesn't update the text correctly. What you may observe is that when you type in a number value for the chest requirement, it won't actually show that change.

    To fix it, simply "click off" the active cursor box, and it will refresh with what you typed in. It's just a visual glitch and can easily be bypassed. This isn't a mod issue or a Conan issue, it's a UE4 issue.

Mod Compatibility

This mod edits and is therefore incompatible with any mod that alters the following vanilla asset:
  • BP_PL_LootChest_Legendary

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Hosav and EZee_AP/hades for helping me get all the new code setup! The new update wouldn't be possible without them!

Update Policy

Conan Exiles, as with many other games with mod support, can sometimes suffer from when mod authors decide to no longer update or abandon their mods. Since April of 2018, I have maintained that I will always keep my mods updated and available, and I do take that responsibility seriously.

Along with that commitment, is my desire to grow and improve all my mods. Sometimes my vision differs from the players that use my mods, and sometimes changes are done because of player input. Inevitably, an update will eventually come for one of my mods whenever necessary, whether that is bug fixes, improvements, or new features. What is unexpected is the volume of negative comments that I receive with every update.

Here is my update policy. The world is a 24 hour world, and when I update a mod, it may not match when your server happens to restart. I cannot control that, everybody has different update schedules. Neither am I able to control when you receive a mismatch error, or have issues downloading the mod. Mod authors have NO CONTROL when issues between you, Steam, or your server occur. At the top of this workshop page is the most common troubleshooting steps I can suggest you try, but outside of that, I cannot provide any further support.

I am committed to making my mods the best that they can be. But I need you to also be on board with helping me achieve those goals, and to be flexible whenever a mod update is planned. Please keep this in mind when leaving feedback.

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