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Tactical Position Ready
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Apr 17, 2018 @ 4:51am
Mar 5 @ 7:41am
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Tactical Position Ready

[ Tactical Position Ready ]

Tactical Position Ready allows players to quickly raise and lower their primary weapon in order to avoid friendly fire (or simply to look tacticool). Furthermore, the mod contains an optional "auto obstacle avoidance" feature which raises/lowers the player's weapon when getting too close to an obstacle. It does so in a non-disturbing way and comes with a corner detection for maximum playability. The feature takes the weapon's length into account, meaning shorter weapons are a lot more suitable for CQB. The mod is technically client-side but other players have to run the mod in order to see the animations.

[ How to use ]

[ CBA Keybindings ] High Ready = T Low Ready = Shift + T

key can be changed in option - control.


[ 전술 준비 자세 ]

Tactical Position Ready는 플레이어들이 아군사격을 피하기 위해 신속하게 총구를 올리고 내릴수 있습니다. 장애물에 가까이 근접하면 총구를 올리거나 내리는 "장애물 자동 회피" 기능을 포함하고 있습니다. 무기의 길이에 따라 벽에 가까울수록 총구의 위치가 바뀌며 CQB 진행시 짧은 무기가 적합합니다. 기술적으로는 client-side에서도 동작하지만 다른 플레이어들이 애니메이션을 보기 위해서는 해당 모드를 적용해야합니다.

[ 사용 방법 ]

[ CBA 사용시 키 ] 하이 레디 = T 로우 레디 = Shift + T

각 키는 옵션 - 조작 에서 변경 가능합니다.

[ Armaholic ]

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May 4, 2018 @ 12:42am
Apr 18, 2018 @ 12:40pm
The hand signals ?
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S.P.A.R.T Franck Luciani Apr 4 @ 2:54pm 
Hello Patch, beautiful work...we are the server « AltisLife France »... our community has the opportunity to make donations and to thank them we put at their disposal additional places as well as skins vehicles and skins of clothing ... I specify that we do not give any elements which could alter their game play (money, weapons etc etc etc) ...

We need your permission for using this mod.
german child Mar 23 @ 5:36pm 
real question is what gear mod your using
Tinter~ Mar 12 @ 4:30pm 
There's a pretty serious problem when using this behind certain types of cover. If you can find some the right height, then you can point it forward while crouching, but low crouching will cause you to move your weapon. The weapon move animation will then cause you to move up to crouch height, your weapon is no longer blocked so you move it forward in the low crouch position. This creates a loop where you go between low crouch with weapon hitting the object, to crouch where your weapon is free of the object, creating a loop.
Shock Mar 7 @ 2:36pm 
Hey there, really digging this mod. However, it seems that barrel attachments, like suppressors, don't affect the distance to an object at which the weapon automatically raises or lowers. Is it possible to add this functionality?
SPECFOR Mar 5 @ 7:37am 
@LAxemann--- There seems to be a problem with your Serverkeys, it says there is a mismatch between the key and the .pbo file. Same problem with your Weapon Swap mod. Can you please fix this. Thanke you---SPECFOR
ShadowCola Mar 4 @ 2:07pm 
@Patch; @LAxemann; Can you please Update the Bikey? Thanks. :steamhappy:
SickSidewinder9 Mar 4 @ 10:57am 
Any chance this will ever work for pistols? That's where it's really needed.
Wolf Feb 25 @ 1:02pm 
Good effort again.

As an aside Patch. Have you considered doing something similar where the operator cants his weapon to the side to fire around a corner?

Similar in concept to this but horizontal to clear just the barrel and sight without "leaning" and exposing the upper-body out from the wall or door-jamb.
Izuku "Deku" Midoriya Feb 16 @ 1:48am 
Pretty cool mod :D
An issue were the animation doesnt happen when you go to some parts of some buildings.
Patch  [author] Feb 11 @ 12:54am 
@Turbo Naleśnior
Let me check.