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Tactical Position Ready
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Apr 17, 2018 @ 4:51am
Feb 6 @ 6:33am
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Tactical Position Ready

What's New in 1.4.0 Update:
- All motions changed
- Added pistol ready motion
- Added New High Ready motion
- When you are standing behind a person in ready motion, put your hand on it.
- Fixed an issue that caused motion to run on ladders.
(The shoulder ready posture can be unstable.)

- 모든 모션이 변경됨.
- 권총 레디 모션 추가
- 새로운 하이 레디 모션 추가
- 레디 모션 상태에서 사람의 뒤에 서 있을떄 손을 얹습니다.
- 사다리에서 모션이 실행되는 문제 수정
(어깨 레디 자세는 불안정 할 수 있습니다.)

Tactical Position Ready:
Tactical Position Ready allows players to quickly raise and lower their primary weapon in order to avoid friendly fire (or simply to look tacticool).
Furthermore, the mod contains an optional "auto obstacle avoidance" feature which raises/lowers the player's weapon when getting too close to an obstacle.
It does so in a non-disturbing way and comes with a corner detection for maximum playability. The feature takes the weapon's length into account, meaning shorter weapons are a lot more suitable for CQB.
The mod is technically client-side but other players have to run the mod in order to see the animations.

전술 포지션은 플레이어들이 아군사격을 피하기 위해 신속하게 총구를 올리고 내릴수 있습니다.
장애물에 가까이 근접하면 총구를 올리거나 내리는 "장애물 자동 회피" 기능을 포함하고 있습니다.
무기의 길이에 따라 벽에 가까울수록 총구의 위치가 바뀌며 CQB 진행시 짧은 무기가 적합합니다.
기술적으로는 client-side에서도 동작하지만 다른 플레이어들이 애니메이션을 보기 위해서는
해당 모드를 적용해야합니다.

High Ready = T
High Port = Ctrl + T
Low Ready = Shift + T

High Ready = T
Low Ready = Shift + T

Special Thanks:
- Korea NSWDG Milsim Group
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richierich750 Sep 10 @ 2:56pm 
Not sure if i'm using it correct but it stops my enhanced movement from working. Cant seem to climb anything only jump.
lihoaaa Aug 16 @ 12:30am 
Could you make it so I can make AI do Shoulder readies?
LuizBarros99 Aug 15 @ 12:40pm 
Hey, I noticed that this mod is more up to date than Tirpitiz's 'Extended' version. So I ask:
Were any of Tirpitiz's version additional features and tweaks implemented on this version?

For example changes to localized variable names, automatic detection of friendlies, allegedly better optimization, etc.
Valmont Aug 11 @ 12:24pm 
While this amazing mod requires an update, I wonder why isn't this merged with ACE already?
Bipstu Aug 8 @ 8:40pm 
What gun mods were used for the pictures? Thanks. Great mod btw
Mickey May 19 @ 7:35am 
These bugs were added in the latest update (February 6) The previous version ot this mod 1.3.6 does not have problems in repro 1 and 2. only there were glitches with animation, after changing the disposable grenade launcher (repro 3)
Mickey May 19 @ 7:13am 
1. Put yourself on the map as an AT soldier
2. Get maximal close to the building or other obstracle.
3. When the your primary weapon will lowered, change your weapon to the launcher and you will get a weapon lock. You won't be able to shoot or aim at all!

1. Put yourself on the map as an AT soldier
2. Switch to the launcher
3. Get as close as possible to the building or other obstracle, your launcher will lower
4. move away from the obstacle and you will again get a launcher lock

1. Place an RHS unit with a one-shot grenade launcher on the map
2. shoot him
3. Change weapons to primary and you will see animation glitches.
Mickey May 19 @ 7:08am 
I have already reported errors, but it seems the author is in no hurry to fix it. Once again - This mod has bugs that break gameplay.
OfferMade May 5 @ 2:44am 
old ace high ready animation shows up when i press T
OfferMade May 5 @ 2:43am 
mod got broken yesterday for me and my friends any known mods which brokes this mod?