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X66-Mammoth Tank v1.5
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X66-Mammoth Tank v1.5

This mod was originaly designed to be in Arma1.

Acting on the orders of Joseph Stalin, Soviet engineers created the Mammoth Tank, the heaviest tank ever produced in the Red Alert conflict, to counter the increasing threat of the Allies latest tank. The Mammoth was armed with two 120mm cannons and twin anti-infantry and anti-aircraft Mammoth Tusk missile pods. An atomic generator powered the enormous vehicle. Mammoth was extremely heavy armored, it was also very slow. It was truly the last word in conventional vehicle technology. The enormous chassis was supported by a pair of treads on each side. The turret was plugged into the hull with a relatively thin screw-like extension. There is no large turret well and the turret is a self-contained module with crew transfer being possible between the turret and hull. The turret aiming and rotation mechanism is automated so much as it aim directly to its intended target swiftly. The vehicle is equipped to carry out limited battlefield repairs independently. In addition to being a threat to ground targets the tank's missiles could also engage aircraft.

The CSAT updated the tank and rearmed it :
- They changed the engine due to his danger for the crew. The mammoth explosion made radiation for decades in the area and killed the crew years later even if they leaved the tank.
- There is now 2 Gaz Turbines in the engine compartment,
- They also installed two 188 mm Cannons instead of the twin 120 mm.
- The turret armor is thicker than before.
- In order to modernize it's capabilities they installed a radar in the turret nose between the cannons.

-weight :150 tons.
-maxspeed :35kmh.
-armament : Twin Cannons 188mm AP,HE,X66 Machinegun and 12 missiles AA and AG.
-Armor can auto-regenerate until 50%.

-OPFOR camo side : CSAT,CSAT pacific, grey and green.
-BLUFOR camo side : Nato and Gdi.

You need CBA :

--Work in Progress--
-fixing the reported error/bug on the tank.
-making camonets.

This mod is the result of my passion about video-games, I mixed the command and conquer famous unit into Arma,
This is the first addon i am publishing. I did my best to make this unreal unit fit well into arma game. I told myself "what if the tank would exist, how it would be ..."

I want to thanks bohemia and all the Arma community. I hope this Gift will please you all.
Have fun with it and see you at the next update.

Thank you for your FeedBack and bug report, working on it :)

Big Thanks to Luetin to let me link his video which illustrate the most the story of the mammoth tank
from his youtube channel :

From [GhostSoldier]VIPER
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Kaizo 22 hours ago 
ahhhhh arma 3 C&C RENEGADE MOD LET'S GO
Kaizo 22 hours ago 
omfg sick
[9th JSOTF] Cypher Apr 17 @ 7:18pm 
Any chance we could see C&C General's Overlord Tank come into play? ^^
Haze Apr 17 @ 3:02pm 
I see. Well the Mammoth tank still kicks ass! Great work!
GSVIPER  [author] Apr 17 @ 1:58pm 
@Haze for now i don't think to make any other red alert units
GSVIPER  [author] Apr 17 @ 1:57pm 
@Ravenholme thank you for your report i will change that :)
Dragonborntim Apr 17 @ 4:10am 
Interior pls.
Haze Apr 16 @ 7:51pm 
Any chance you'll be moving on to make more from the C&C Red Alert timeline? Heavy tank, V2, etc?
Ravenholme Apr 16 @ 8:50am 
@GSVIPER - Noticed a small thing, the CSAT (Pacific) version of the Mammoth is still crewed by normal Iranian CSAT crew, would it be possible to have those changed to CSAT (Pacific) crew, please?

It's certainly not an urgent issue because every time I've placed it on Tanoa I just change the crew manually but...
Black Kraken Apr 15 @ 4:39pm 
@GSVIPER I believe i have found the issue. It looks like the tank was not properly installed on the Server. so the enemy not only didnt see us in a tank, but just floating infantry.