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ITC Air Systems
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Mar 5, 2018 @ 12:59pm
Dec 9, 2019 @ 9:01am
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ITC Air Systems

ITC Aircraft Improvements
ITC Air is the standalone release of an in-house mod that aims to realistically expand the toolset of CAS pilots and JTACs.

The mod's full documentation is available here[]. The documentation both has user manuals and configuration guides to implement the mod's features on your own aircraft.

The mod's code is also available on github[], where you are free to contribute to the mod.

Main features
- MFD System
- Rover TGP live feed
- GBU-38 JDAM with programmable fuzes and impact angle
- Steerpoint system using ACE_microdagr waypoints

- Fully interactive MFDs
- Sensor slewing system(including HMCS)
- Realistically configurable JDAMs(programmable fuzes & impact angle)
- Selectable Nose/Tail fuzes
- Ripple release for bombs
- Air-Ground Fire Control Radar
- Realistic physx based autopilot
- Rover TGP video feed
- Realistic targeting for mavericks
- TGP Infrared marking laser
- Steerpoint system for navigation and targeting

V1.93 Changelog
CCRP & GPS Munitions guide to SPI
CCRP smoother
AGM-65 particle & damage update
PiP ridiculous viewdistance settings added (16, 20, 25km)
APKWS firemode fix
Default keybind fix
LAU68 Rocket pod dual racks

V1.92 Changelog
TGP can be disabled
Backend code fixes

TGP North Indicator
Backend code overhaul for seats
TACAN backend code

TGP Camera Position fix
CCRP accuracy fix
CCRP AGL position conversion fix
Rover code overhaul
AGM-65E Laser Lead Guidance
GBU-54 Laser Lead Guidance
New models for Harpoon
Harpoon guidance fixes
Rover code overhaul

LMAV backend code overview to prep for FA18E

Rover Glasses HMD Item
EW page start for F181
Bomb Release Force Effect(Optional)

The new keybinds sheet can be found here
A tutorial for the waypoint system can be found here
V1.8 Changelog
- SOI cycle hotkey implemented
- Slewing now functional with joysticks
- AGM-65G IR maverick added
- Manual ALT and HDG input for AP on all planes except A-10E
- Forward fix button on TGP screen
- Slew speed on TGP
- Scorpion HMD Symbology
- EPLRS system added(add EPLRS transmitter to vehicle inventory to enable tracking)
- EPLRS contacts displayed on TAD and HMD
-HMD Sensor TDC
-TGP overlay for JAS-39E, F-181E, A-10E
-new TGP symbology system
-New JDAM models
-GBU-32, GBU-31
-new waypoint/markpoint/fltplan system
-TAD hooking system
-Microdagr waypoint import on STPT>MSN page
-HUD(not as sensor)
-Basic CCRP

- Slewing now much smoother
- AGM-65H renamed to AGM-65K to reflect implemented warhead
- Generate steerpoint on TAD fixed
- SOI automatically cycles to next sensor when MFD that is SOI changes app
- Non-sensor apps can no longer be SOI
- MFDs can now have less than 4 apps
- Single side MFDs functional
-TAD Map toggle(default off)
-TAD as SOI overhauled
-JDAM guidance improvement
-All magazine displaynames now have the (itc) suffix

- borderless MFDs disabled until future better implementation

New features in V1.7
- Small STAT>NAV tweaks
- Damage status fix for STAT>DAM
- Systems page(STAT>SYS) allowing users to reset aircraft systems in case of errors
- F-181E Stealth variant
- Rover multiplayer performance tweak
- Taxiing Speed Limiter
- Reverse Taxiing feature
- Overhauled UFC
- Updated Attitude Reference Symbol

- Overhauled MFD system
- AGM-65E Laser Maverick
- DSMS Stores system
- DSMS munitions profiles
- Aircraft options system
- Autopilot
- AGM-65H CCD Maverick
- Fire Control Radar
- F181E manual bay

- Fixed a bug with the GBU-12
- Fixed a small config issue

New in V1.5
- Two seater compatibility
- Bomb rippling

New in V1.4
- STAT page
- STPT page
- MSG page
- Pylon Mass & Drag

Hotfix to fix the network issues.

New in V1.35
- GBU-12 with laser code
- APKWS with laser code
- TGP laser spot search updated
- TGP configurable laser code

New in V1.3
- TGP Page shows TGP Feed
- TGP feed configurable FOV and VisionMode
- SOI System implemented
- Slew & Mark from TAD
- Situational Awareness Datalink implemented
- Netcode upgrade - previous Rover issues gone
- TFAR Compatibility
- Configurable MFD Pages

New in V1.2
- IR Laser no longer requires Rover
- RHS USAF requirement removed
- LJDAM added
- JDAM reliability improved
- Functional MFD system

New in V1.1
- Pylon system overhaul
- F-181E compatibility
- A-159 compatibility
- A-G radar upgrade
- FCR Slew TGP
- Configurable rover codes
- WP Rockets re-implemented
- Two seater IR laser compatibility
- Laser pulse setting
- TGP pitch indicator

A development version for testing new features is available here

RHS and Firewill Compatibility mod collection
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Phoenix Feb 7 @ 10:02am 
How works this mod with FIR AWS?
saintbrutal Feb 5 @ 9:52am 
does this apply for helicopters? like rhs ah64, vanilla comanche/blackfoot, etc?
SenTheRetardedWeeb Jan 9 @ 6:18pm 
Newest ACE RC has reverted the ace laser code to 1111. Hopefully we will have working ITC Air Systems soon.
SenTheRetardedWeeb Dec 11, 2023 @ 5:50am 
AFAIK ace updated their laser code, thus breaking the mod. We have to wait for a mod update, or you can fix it yourself by just fixing the code on the github page. Have fun.
Patata Oct 27, 2023 @ 8:34am 
yeah, i have the exact same problem, and with gbu´s the same, from land the could control my TGP with a laser designator but not anymore and the gbu´s don´t track the laser
Kristofferson Oct 26, 2023 @ 1:58pm 
I think ace has somehow broken the LMAVs ads they no longer can lock onto a laser the symbology stays on the bouncing from side to side x symbol and doesn't turn into the solid square no matter the distance, altitude, or angle of attack.
Asclepy Oct 19, 2023 @ 1:38pm 
Man, your mod, i don't know why, but it dosen't work anymore... maybe ace issues
Patata Oct 19, 2023 @ 1:09pm 
I don] t know why but i've been using this mod for a long time without any problems, but for any reason now it doesn't work properly. Before i could use it with my friends, they lased me and i could support easly but now it doesn't track the laser designator from ground and even if i try to lase my self it doesn't matter
Leetgrain Aug 14, 2023 @ 1:39am 
Miss you bud, hope you're doing well, I'd love an update to this some day soon!
markdragon Jul 27, 2023 @ 3:31pm 
Hey, are there any official instructions on how to do things like set fuse delay on GBUs?