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Rare Sightings
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Feb 13, 2018 @ 12:07pm
Apr 17, 2019 @ 8:11pm
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Rare Sightings

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An automated server event system. Rare Sightings allows a limited number of higher than max level dinos to occasionally spawn and notifies the entire server when they do. Tame them or slay them first for unique rewards!

Mod Id: 1300713111

Rare Sightings is compatible with all maps, virtually all mods, all game modes (PvP and PvE, Dedicated Servers and Local Play) and works its magic without adding any new items or any new dinos.

How to Setup
If you use any mods which alter your server's maximum wild dino level, you should alter the Rare Sightings SightingMinLevel and SightingMaxLevel codes described here to reflect your server's altered levels. Otherwise, know wild Rare Sightings will spawn up to 20% higher than your normal maximum wild dino level, by default. If you are a Local Player (SP), disable hibernation by adding "-PreventHibernation" to your startup line. Tweak any of the mod's other server options to suit your taste. Once done, you're ready to play!

How to Play
After this mod is added, the game is already going. This mod will automatically scan your server for dinos to upgrade into Rare Sighting events! To participate fully, players should place a radio in their hotbar. With a radio hotbarred players will automatically receive transmissions of the events going on around them: new sightings, sightings that have been tamed, and sightings that have been slain and are no longer in the game. Changing which slot you have your radio hotbarred can give you additional messages: Slot 8 will also tell you how many Rare Sightings are currently active for your server; Slot 9 will also give you updates of random sightings already in the game. Once a Rare Sighting has been spotted, the race is on because there are rewards for taming or slaying them.

Rewards for Taming a Rare Sighting
Besides the obvious reward of taming a higher-than-normal level dino, some rare sightings will also have rare coloration and traits that are not usually seen for their species. And these are real colors that can be passed down to their offspring! Additionally, a freshly tamed Rare Sighting will have a 2x Experience buff for 30 minutes! Afterwards they are yours to keep and will not go away if the mod is ever removed.

Rewards for Slaying a Rare Sighting
Don't want your neighboring tribes to get that latest Rare Sighting? Get there first and kill it! Besides keeping it out of their hands, you'll also get precious loot which could include items, blueprints and resources, as well as a Slayer Buff for 20 minutes which gives you a 2x Experience boost and 20% bonus to your Melee damage and Stamina!

Done with the mod and wish to remove it?
Simply remove the mod! You'll lose nothing but the cosmetic buffs. Players will keep all previously tamed Rare Sightings, although any which previously had cosmetic buffs will revert back to vanilla appearance. Don't worry about needing to perform the admin command cheat destroywilddinos afterwards because wild Rare Sightings will automatically disappear when the mod is removed.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
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Mod Policy
•By installing and using this mod, you agree to its Policy and Subscription Terms.
•Updates can be seen in the "Change Notes" tab.
•Don't be an askhole. Please read this mod's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) before posting questions or comments and use the appropriate Discussion pages for posting Bug Reports or Server Advertisements.
•This mod is made to work with the core game and not around other mods. Read the documentation and use common sense when combining it with other mods.
•English is the only language used by this mod; no exceptions.
•No requests. Consider this mod as-is and exactly how I want it.
•Posts which fail to follow this policy or which fail to show common courtesy will be deleted without notice.

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License. []
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Lethal May 11 @ 7:51am 
The Phoenixkin variants no longer cause black holes in dedicated environments. Whatever Ark did to bugger them up before, it's now fixed. Just wanted to let you all know.
Ertosi  [author] Apr 27 @ 5:20pm 
If your comments have been removed, it is because they failed to follow mod policy. Read the FAQ before asking questions and post Bug Reports in their proper place.

Answers already posted for common questions will not be repeated here or elsewhere.

Thank you.
Kat Apr 18 @ 5:49pm 
Important note for Rare Sightings users:

The Phoenixkin variants are causing black holes in dedicated environments, causing mass disconnects for any client that gets in render range of one. Therefore, it is recommended that you add this to your ini until the author can fix what is causing them to crash clients:
I made this update a priority so that you will have a means to stabilize your server without entirely removing the mod. It won't stop new ones from spawning, but that's why I also made a script command that you can run periodically as needed:
AdminCheat ScriptCommand RemoveBuff_DS Buff_CosmeticBuff_Phoenixkin_C
Nettle Apr 18 @ 2:49pm 
Senaru, thanks for posting that. We determined this same thing this morning after about 24 hours of frustrating client disconnects and frustration. I mentioned it to Lethal from Dino Storage and he's actually cooking a test update right now which allows us to exclude specific buff paths from loading when the server boots, and an additional scriptcommand to run to remove buffs at any time while the server is up. Combined with the option to strip the phoenixkin buff from the dino upon release of dino storage, it's pretty nice. It's a bit of work, but at least we can do something :)
Senaru Apr 18 @ 1:03pm 
Posting on main page so folks see it:

Guys please be careful! Something in the last WC update caused any dino with Phoenix-Kin to have a 'blackhole' bug, which means anyone within render distance of it will fail a log in and will not be able to log in whatsoever til that dino is destroyed.

(And please don't blame Ertosi either, this is something WC broke!) If you are currently experiencing a blackhole issue and you know exactly what species of dino it is, you can use a DestroyAll command to get rid of them, or you could load the game without RS once and then put it back on, which would remove the buff from the afflicted dino, (*And any RS buff dino, too.)

The only other possible option is if Ertosi updates this mod and removes Phoenix-Kin, which sucks because honestly it's one of my favorites. (Or else, maybe is able to figure out -why- there's suddenly a crash for phoenix effects? maybe WC reorganized where the textures are or something?) but that could take time.
123 Mar 1 @ 1:56am 
Thanks for the awesome mod over the years. One of the best. Dropped you a dono
Mecha_Cat Aug 21, 2019 @ 11:01pm 
great mod! just starting playing with it on sp and will add it to the new pve server when we get around to making one!

love how easy it is to edit out the aquatics and other tune the timers! superb work!
sayah21 Aug 9, 2019 @ 6:45pm 
Found me a Shadow Horned Pelagornis and the flippin thing looks just like Rodan.
Athyrie Aug 6, 2019 @ 10:38pm 
This mod is such a gem! We recently added it to our PVE Valguero server, Dino Dystopia, and it has been such a blast for the community to tame these rare sightings! We've even gotten to see a few mythic rares, which was so exciting!!! I would love to see even more rare variants be added in the future, but I am content with the mod's current state and I think it is a mod we will always have up on our server from now on! Thank you so much for such a wonderful and magical mod!!! :)
BumpInTheNight Jul 11, 2019 @ 6:55pm 
OMG, witnessed a rare 180 Giga this evening...but it was 'green' :|

This mod is epic, seriously, you've added so much more to hunt for and explore with this.