ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Dec 14, 2017 @ 12:53pm
Sep 11, 2019 @ 12:57pm
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ARKomatic makes your experience in ARK less of a chore and making your O.C.D life less miserable, adding unique and useful Crafting Stations, Auto Crafters, Bigger / Better Storage, Item Collectors, an almighty Turret Filler that makes that one part of PvP less annoying, and much much more.

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Taken Nov 15 @ 12:26am 
after reading some of these comments i just wanna say thanks for making this mod an sorry you have to get so many entitled people crying about everything think your mod looks great an shouldn't been told what to do with your mod they should be grateful for what they get we've lost so many modders from this type of crybabies, unfortunately i tend to not use mods looking like there gonna be walked away from understandable why modders would when they have to deal with this type stuff ive run few servers over the years and its always been playerbase that ruined it for me and others it happens i guess but hope modders know that they have some fans of there work that are more the grateful for what you do for the community so again thank you for what you do and the hard work its clear alot hard work goes into mods like this, as for the ppl crying about everything go make mods yourself
Proteus Sep 24 @ 5:04pm 
does this mod still work or?
GUNN3R Sep 17 @ 8:37pm 
any chance of open source to continue or update this mod?
y0himba Jul 15 @ 9:42am 
Some structures cannot be placed on platforms, such as the generator, the dedicated crafter, etc. I am on a server where we build floating mobile bases on motorboats, on the sunken world map.

Can an ini switch be added to allow for this? Is this by design?
Sasha the Slayer Jul 10 @ 10:55pm 
does this mod still work or?
123 Jul 3 @ 5:58am 
I how the find items id ?
123 Jul 1 @ 5:26am 
How do I limit the number of building layouts?
abc May 20 @ 2:33pm 
one thing i think would be nice is being able to add more auto crafting bp to the crafting station via config so that other modded items can be crafted there also and not just vanilla. also dedicated vaults are actually nice for new players in the early game for sorting system. might seen redundant but would be nice early game items i didnt rush straight to tek so they would have been nice sorting system just add a console to drop all in and sort it to the dedi.
Aoki Apr 27 @ 8:01pm 
- Removed ARKomatic Dedicated Vault. ( Removed due to it not being needed anymore, as vanilla now has its own type of Dedicated Storage, and it's also way better anyway. )
- Removed ARKomatic Dedicated Vault Intake.

This mod is great for owners of a x10 server, if you don't want to put it back why not make a new separate one? Thank you
CayKwondo Dec 23, 2021 @ 12:41pm 
is there a chance that element and element shards could be added to the dedicated crafter?
im on a 100x and just one trip to gen 2 and back, it takes 10 - 15 mins to craft up all the ele