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It's A Companion Quest, Boss - How To Do Raul's Unmarked Companion Quest
By Magical Helen Keller
Every companion in Fallout: New Vegas has a quest associated with him/her. This guide cover's Raul's (unmarked!) quest.
You will be speaking with the following three NPCs:
- Ranger Andy, Novac
- NCR Corporal Sterling, Camp McCarran (or Camp Forlorn Hope, but see Issues section)
- Loyal, Boomers

If any of these three are dead the quest will be failed. You will also need to have Raul in your party (obviously).

For best results, you will also want to make sure the following conditions are met:
- You have NOT completed "Volare!"
- You have NOT started "I Don't Hurt Anymore"
- You have NOT completed "Three Card Bounty"
- You have NOT spoken with Ranger Andy AT ALL (or at least you haven't learned the Ranger Takedown unarmed move)

Note that even with these conditions the quest may fail to operate correctly. See the Issues section for a fix.
Actual Quest Walkthrough
  • Speak with Loyal, Corporal Sterling, or Ranger Andy. (order is irrelevant)
  • Exhaust all main dialog topics. (This may include repeating lines you've heard before.)
  • Wait for Raul to initiate dialogue with you. In the case of Ranger Andy, you must leave his house first.
  • Pick a dialogue option. Your dialogue choices affect the end result of the quest.
  • Repeat for the other two NPCs.

Your choice in dialogue affects the perk added to Raul after the quest's completion. If you convince him to go back to gunslinging ways, his fire rate will increase by 33%. If you convince him to contribute in not-so-gunny ways his weapon decay slowdown will increase from 50% to 75%. His default outfit will also change, however as far as I know this is purely cosmetic. If you mostly choose neutral answers you may be unable to complete the quest. The end of this quest also affects his slides at the end of the game.
Known Bugs
  • If Corporal Sterling has been reassigned to Camp Forlorn Hope after completion of "Three Card Bounty", it may be impossible to initiate dialogue with him. He'll just echo off a generic one-liner (of the "patrolling the Mojave" sort).
  • Loyal, for some unknown reason, may be at Black Mountain instead of in Nellis AFB like he belongs.
  • Even if you've never met Ranger Andy before recruiting Raul, it is possible that speaking with Ranger Andy does not cause Raul to speak with you after leaving the house.

Possible Solutions
  • Do NOT fast travel until after you've waited for Raul to speak with you. It may be slow, just give him a minute.
  • To put Loyal back where he belongs, go to Nellis (anywhere's good, he'll figure it out), and enter the following console command:
    "ff26a".moveto player
  • If Corporal Sterling has been transferred to Camp Forlorn Hope and won't actually speak with you, it may be possible to fix by spawning a copy of Driver Nephi and allowing the rangers to kill him. Use this console command:
    player.placeleveledactoratme f56ff
  • If all else fails, use the relevant console command to manually update the quest for each person and possibly cause Raul to speak to you:
    set "000e61a5".MetRangerAndy to 1 set "000e61a5".MetCorporalSterling to 1 set "000e61a5".MetLoyal to 1
  • If even that fails, try the command again, but this time change the 1 to a 2. Then open dialogue with Raul ("Talk To" on the companion wheel) and choose the relevant dialogue option.
This guide is based off information from the Vault[www.falloutwiki.com].
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LioTheBadAss Mar 27, 2022 @ 12:06pm 
hey m8 can you put player.moveto f570e in the Issues tab?
LioTheBadAss Mar 27, 2022 @ 11:35am 
i got the camp bug
MidnightGuideWriter Oct 22, 2020 @ 10:47am 
I went through Novac as per the usual play through, spoke with Ranger Andy and then checked on Ranger Station Charlie. At this point, I did not notify Ranger Andy of the attack on Station Charlie, instead proceeding with the game and later coming back with Raul to finish the conversation. After exiting the Bungalow, Raul ran up to me with his piece of story line.
Corner-Camper Jun 20, 2019 @ 8:51pm 
Also make sure to leave and then enter dialog. you will have something about him wanting to say something in the bungalow.
Corner-Camper Jun 20, 2019 @ 8:50pm 
I'm playing with mods, but it's worth a shot trying this base. I found that if you're in Ranger Andy's bungalow and put in exactly (Set "000e61a5".metRangerAndy to 2) that it works. The quotations around the string of numbers and letters is very important. Also don't add the parentheses into the console as it will cause the the phrase to be denied.
Neord Mar 7, 2018 @ 6:45pm 
maaaan, i'm faving this just for the name!
SomeDunce Oct 18, 2017 @ 5:21pm 
i typed in it and wont work and i have no mods downloaded

plz help
FlyingOktober Jul 7, 2017 @ 11:48am 
apparently i went to ranger andy and corporal sterling and after that he got his perk and cosmetic change
NoSeKe May 21, 2015 @ 8:08pm 
"If Corporal Sterling has been transferred to Camp Forlorn Hope and won't actually speak with you, it may be possible to fix by spawning a copy of Driver Nephi and allowing the rangers to kill him."

Thanks, it worked for me.
Magical Helen Keller  [author] May 18, 2015 @ 1:42am 
If setting the quests variables to 2 for each relevant NPC does not open dialogue options with Raul (open the companion wheel and click "Talk to"), then you have some sort of mod interfering with the quest and I can't possibly help you.