Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2

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Scania S V8 Black Red Mod (1.34.X) Test < DX9!
Type: Interiors
Brand: Scania
Truck parts: Cabins
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23.550 MB
Nov 19, 2017 @ 2:09pm
Mar 2, 2018 @ 12:25pm
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Scania S V8 Black Red Mod (1.34.X) Test < DX9!

In 1 collection by TjZ™ // #RFX // @1.36! <
> TjZ™'s // - Official Mods - // © 2019 <
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> This interior mod changes the interior of the standard Scania S V8 completely and adds more sharpness on details to achieve good looking 4K resolution experience as well as a whole new redesigned dashboard with new more neutral lightcolors.

  • Key Mod Features:

  • > Lossless rendered 16bit textures (for 100% Adobe RGB ingame color space reproduction) which get exported into 32bit DDS.

  • > Readjusted textures scaling, sharpness and contrast for more environmental depth ingame.

> This is the most advanced Scania S V8 Interior mod for ETS2 on Steam! <


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Welcome to my fourth mod submission! :D

"I hope you all have fun driving with it! :D" Kind regards, ~ TheJoayZ™ #2020

> Please don't forget to rate and share! It means a lot and I do really appreciate it! <3 :)

Scania S V8 Black Red Mod! ^^
> General mod information to keep in mind and take care of!:
  • Do frequent backups of your save file to be prepared for issues and bugs!
  • Disable/remove any other interior/cabin mods that are related to the Scania S V8!
  • This mod was built and tested on the standard game version 1.34.X
  • This mod works only with singleplayer mode!
  • This mod was designed for any resolution.
  • Release build: Ver. 1.2
Development progress list! ^^
> Upcoming updates // patches and planned features for the future!:
  • To be announced! :)
Updates // Patches history list! ^^
> Here you will find the patchnotes!:
  • Release build: Ver. 1.2
    > Changed, repaired and added new textures!
    ⁧ ⁧ ⁧ - Increased scaling for upscaled 4K textures
    ⁧ ⁧ ⁧ - Increased scaling for bump map textures
    ⁧ ⁧ ⁧ - Readjusted texture colors
Known bugs and issues! ^^
> Currently occuring bugs, glitches and issues!:
  • To be announced! :)

> I'm open for questions, suggestions and ideas! Don't hesitate to ask! :D
© 2018 ~ TheJoayZ™, SCS

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TWP-WOLF Nov 19 @ 8:58am 
Dear TjZ.

Please update this nice mod of yours for ETS2 V.1.35 & 1.36.

Would be nice if you can make the same mod to ATS V.1.36 DX 11 as well, since I'm going to drive the SCANIA S730 V8 when that comes to ATS.

Keep up the good work & God Bless You.
Kofola Jul 19 @ 10:00am 
yes dx11 crashing dx9 no but please can you make this mod for dx11 too?
TjZ™ // #RFX // @1.36! <  [author] Jul 5 @ 6:38am 
@Foxtrot Sierra: Issues are known and identified I just have no time to fix them sry.

Kind regards, ~ TjZ™
Foxtrot Sierra Jul 4 @ 4:55pm 
<ERROR> [dx11] Failed to create texture (/vehicle/truck/upgrade/ext_interior/scania_2016/exc_v8.tobj) (0x80070057)
Foxtrot Sierra Jul 4 @ 4:52pm 
In DX9 mode everything just works well. In DX11 mode, this mod causes a crash.
TWP-WOLF Jun 9 @ 11:10am 
For me it works just fine in ETS2 1.35. No problems so far, thank God for that. :steamhappy:
TjZ™ // #RFX // @1.36! <  [author] Jun 9 @ 11:04am 
@Jacknm2: I've gotten a lot of feedback because of 1.35.X crashes. I try to figure out why it's crashing. Thanks for the feedback!

Kind regards, ~ TjZ™
Jacknm2 Jun 9 @ 10:56am 
Yea Another 4k Scania Interior mod is also affecting the game for me.
⚜️ VENENO ⚜ Jun 9 @ 7:40am 
crashing the game
TWP-WOLF May 1 @ 4:57am 
I LOVE This Mod :steamhappy:

Please don't let get old (like me, 65). Please keep it up to date (ETS2 1.34 & future 1.35) since I'm adicted to it already.

Take Care & God Bless You.