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BoxLoader - Vehicle in Vehicle loading
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Nov 12, 2017 @ 7:50am
May 12 @ 3:19pm
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BoxLoader - Vehicle in Vehicle loading

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BoxLoader is a mod based around Arma 3's Vehicle in Vehicle loading, adding actions to support loading of ammoboxes and containers into vehicles with Vehicle in Vehicle transportation space. Boxloader works with both vanilla and mod vehicles that are properly configured with VIV transport capability, such as some vehicles from RHS or CUP. As Boxloader uses the existing Vehicle in Vehicle technology, it supports virtually all ammoboxes in theory, as well as many physics objects. Boxloader exposes the existing internal ammo box compatible system.

Boxloader also features retrofitted Vehicle in Vehicle support for some vanilla Arma 3 vehicles, allowing you to load cargo and vehicles into cargo vehicles and on quad bikes. Vehicles feature the ability to switch between their normal infantry transport mode, and a new cargo mode. The quad bike has two different cargo racks, and the IDAP van's roof rack is also usable.

Boxloader includes a few new objects, primarily cargo pallets, allowing for more advanced use of cargo loading. You can load several small objects onto a pallet, transport them as one object, parachute them as one object, and sling load them. Pallets also allow you to optimize usage of space in larger vehicles, where cargo must be loaded from the center front.

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E. Wolfe Jun 11 @ 5:59pm 
Thanks for the quick response, I wouldn't have thought to look in there.
vurtual🥆  [author] Jun 11 @ 5:37pm 
They should appear under the civilian side in the editor, because they're actual "vehicles" with a locked passenger space, as only actual vehicles can be VIV Carriers, at least when I made them.
E. Wolfe Jun 11 @ 5:23pm 
I cannot find the TRICON boxes in the Eden editor, but they're in Zeus.
Reckulation Jun 6 @ 7:56pm 
Ok, Was hoping they would delete trees somehow would have been perfect addition to liberation base building
vurtual🥆  [author] Jun 6 @ 4:43am 
Take the unbuilt fortification objects(flat HESCOs, etc) and set them up where you want, then select the tractor as a construction vehicle, you'll get actions to build or fill the fortifications.
Reckulation Jun 5 @ 11:11pm 
I've been looking but can't find anything... what exactly does the construction tractor do?
NightIntruder May 13 @ 4:56am 
Hey man, great mod, one of my fav! I've just realized that the mass of boxload'ed cargo into a helicopter flown with AFM isn't added. Could you please add the functionality through code like this one or similar:

_carrier = vehicle player; //AFM helo can only be flown by player
if (isObjectRTD _carrier) then
_weightCustom = weightRTD _carrier select 3; //check what CustomWeight was already apllied on helo by different scripts/mods
_cargoWeight = getMass _cargo; //or whatever code you use to get cargo weight
_carrier setCustomWeightRTD (_weightCustom + _cargoWeight); //to substract mass of cargo upon further cargo unload, the computation is obvious, right?

I give no guarantee that the code works, I am not a scripting geek, sorry!
HK_HunterKiller Apr 26 @ 7:59am 
Yes that's what I meant. Thanks!
vurtual🥆  [author] Apr 26 @ 7:30am 
For the invisible retrofits? I can try that.
HK_HunterKiller Apr 26 @ 5:16am 
Hey man, this is one of my favorite mods, keep up the good work! I just want to point out a "serious" issue we have though. Those of us that also use the ACE mod have (more than once) caused a pellet to go completely fubar because we accidentally "dragged" the invisible pellet object, which is possible with ACE Cargo, because ACE thinks it's a legitimate object. It causes irreversible problems just with a misclick of a button when it happens. If you could add a small compatibility code when initialising pellets, it would save a lot of people from a lot of trouble! I've got a solution to it, which would disable ACE Cargo on a pellet at initialisation. You can do this if you like:

if (!isnil "ace_cargo_fnc_setSize") then {

[this, -1] call ace_cargo_fnc_setSize;


where "this" refers to the pellet object. Thanks!