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BoxLoader - Vehicle in Vehicle loading
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Nov 12, 2017 @ 7:50am
Aug 11 @ 2:42pm
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BoxLoader - Vehicle in Vehicle loading

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Vurtual's Logistics Mods
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BoxLoader is a mod based around Arma 3's Vehicle in Vehicle loading, adding actions to support loading of ammoboxes and containers into vehicles with Vehicle in Vehicle transportation space. Boxloader works with both vanilla and mod vehicles that are properly configured with VIV transport capability, such as some vehicles from RHS or CUP. Boxloader uses Arma's built in Vehicle in Vehicle functionality, which supports loading of most ammoboxes and physics objects.

The mod is partially modular in nature, and is divided into several PBOs:

boxloader.pbo: Adds cargo loading/unloading actions to the player, as well as the base framework for the other modules.

boxloader_cargo.pbo: Adds a handful of cargo objects in sizes not already present in arma, including large pallets of ammo, fuel tanks, repair parts, etc.

boxloader_fort.pbo: adds fortifications using a construction system, they can be transported with VIV, then built on-site using enabled "construction vehicles".

boxloader_pallet.pbo: adds empty pallets that can be loaded with cargo, and loaded into other vehicles. See note below.

boxloader_retrofit.pbo: Adds cargo support vanilla vehicles, as well as some mods, via "retrofits"; invisible custom objects that act as the actual VIV carrier, attached to the vehicle in question. See note below.

boxloader_tractor.pbo: a rudimentary port of the arma 2 tractor, with a low-poly bucket(construction vehicle) or forklift attachment. Useful for loading/unloading and building fortifications, if you have nothing else to do it with.

IMPORTANT NOTE: "stacking" attachTo can cause unintended effects, an object attached to an object attached to an object will not behave properly, this includes the Vehicle in Vehicle system, and it's a behavior of the game engine.

Retrofit vehicles rely on an attached invisible helper object, so any cargo loaded will be "stacked". Cargo loaded into pallets loaded into vehicles will also result in "stacking". Vehicles with native Arma 3 Vehicle in Vehicle support have their cargo attached directly to them, unless a pallet is used as an intermediary.

"Stacked" cargo will jitter back and forth when moving at speed. The AI gets confused when transporting stacked cargo. Aircraft transporting stacked cargo can explode. The "hide cargo" action will make the cargo invisible, preventing it from misbehaving. Both the "hide cargo" action and the retrofit system can be disabled in Boxloader's CBA options if desired.

Compatibility mod to make boxloader_cargo objects use ACE rearm/refuel/etc

My collection of vehicle mods designed around Boxloader.

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Black_demon6 Oct 20 @ 2:51pm 
Hey thanks for the reply !
But if it's only some diagnostics that doesn't block it from working, or does it ?
No vehicles what so ever get the function in the scroll menu to charge vehicles/crates
vurtual🥆  [author] Oct 20 @ 7:52am 
That looks like a diagnostic output of running sqf scripts. You have the retrofits enabled, which calls a script on each supported vehicle's spawn to create the helper objects. If you're not using retrofits(they're really outdated), you can uncheck the setting, but I imagine you'll still get other diagnostic messages for other functions anyway. I don't know much anything about servers themselves so I can't tell you how to turn on or off the diagnostic script messages. It might be this: but I'm not sure.
Black_demon6 Oct 19 @ 9:55pm 
Hey !
So i tried to install the mod on my server and i got something odd
in the RPT there is this that gets Spammed over and over again

while {a"",""\boxloader_retrofit\fnc\fn_truckmem_init.sqf [boxloader_retrofit_fnc_truckmem_init]"",true,10] @ 85.184"
4:25:25 "V69 (21-07-2017) [processReporter] Active SQF: [""<spawn>
_pallet = _this select 0;
_mass = getMass _pallet;
_parent = _this select 1;
_loop = true;

All i did id get the mod from here, put it on my server and added it to my command line in -servermod= ( Tried both -mod= & -servermod= )

Someone got any clue why that happens ?

Full RPT:
vurtual🥆  [author] Oct 19 @ 7:22am 
...what docking system?
Tealc902 Oct 19 @ 1:38am 
Hi, i can't use the docking system in multiplayer, do you have a solution ?
wollfen Sep 15 @ 2:46am 
just a question : what's the name of empty esco class ?
wollfen Sep 5 @ 10:05am 
great job, really ...
this is really something that arma 3 lacked: logistics.
it would have been perfect if the tractors could lift the containers (small or medium) with the addition of a counterweight module at the rear of the vehicle ... feasible? ... but anyway, this is really one of the mods to have

team veterans
vurtual🥆  [author] Aug 21 @ 1:33pm 
Read the bistudio community wiki on Vehicle in Vehicle transport.
I'm unsure if the ATS mod can support VIV-enabled train cars.
zebra1993 Aug 21 @ 9:59am 
'Sup, short question, could you add a short guide/tutorial how to add a loading functionalty to a vehicle? I'd like to add the cargo of the CUP freightwagons.
The whole thing would be used in conjunction with the ATS mod which allows for trains to be driven around on Tanoa and to a certain extent on CUP maps in the future.
Would help on imersion if the Players have to get to a train staion, train comes in, gets unloaded, leaves again to come back later with more.
Wingless Jun 27 @ 6:58am 
It doesn't work on aircraft carriers, LPDs, LHDs and ships most likely due to the heights their decks are located at.