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Rosetta - Dynamic City Names
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Oct 7, 2017 @ 2:52pm
Apr 11 @ 10:40am
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Rosetta - Dynamic City Names

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Ever wish cities were a bit more dynamic? That the cities you conquered felt like they were a part of your empire now? Then this mod is for you!

Rosetta - Dynamic City Names changes cities' names according to their owner. It also prevents duplicate names from showing up in the same game (ex. Eboracum/York).

Rosetta is completely modular and will work no matter what mods or DLCs you have enabled. Mod compatibility is ongoing at this time, but many of the most popular mods already have support built into Rosetta.

Rosetta is also designed to work alongside my other mod, Improved City Names, which is highly recommended for adding a greater variety of names into the mix.

Of course, not every city will have a name in each language, but with over 200,000 names for over 9000 different cities in Rosetta's database, there's a good chance you'll see quite a few changes over the course of your game.

For a list of mods with Rosetta Support, please check the 'Change Notes' tab above, and if you run across a typo or a name that's missing or not changing properly, please leave a comment in the discussion section titled "Typos and Bugs" and I'll try and get it fixed for the next update.

If you are experiencing StartGame/Back-to-Menu bugs with this mod enabled, please follow the directions listed here [] to fix the bug.

Lua, Database Help: Chrisy
Automation: TheCrazyScotsman
Thai: Poom and Sukritact
Support: P0kiehl, SailorCat, and ChimpanG
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SeelingCat  [author] Apr 11 @ 10:37am 
@Sint Holo, Silvermist - Just added the instructions in a new Discussion here on the page. Sint Holo, there is currently not a system in place to exclude city-states.
Laguette Apr 11 @ 9:28am 
Lisbon's name was written "Ulyssippo" (or commonly "Olisipo") in Latin by the geographer Pomponius Mela, a native of Hispania.
Laguette Apr 11 @ 9:24am 
Lisbon's name may have derived from "Allis Ubbo" (meaning "safe harbor") in Phoenician.
Laguette Apr 11 @ 9:15am 
Perth's aboriginal name is "Mooro" or "Goomap"
Laguette Apr 11 @ 9:14am 
"Naarm"/"Narrm" refers to the area where Melbourne is located
Laguette Apr 11 @ 9:11am 
(sorry for the spam just saw ur reply now and thought to uphold my word aha)
Laguette Apr 11 @ 9:11am 

- Sydney's Aboriginal name “Djubuguli” refers to what is today named Bennelong Point (where the Opera House stands), whereas “Cadi” denotes the entire Sydney Cove.

- "Mianjin" was the Turrbal word for the central Brisbane area.

- Canberra is taken from the Ngunnawal language's "Kanbarra".

- Hobart's Palawa Kani name is "Nipaluna".

- A main Kaurna presence was in "Tarndanyangga" near the River Torrens and the creeks that flowed into it, an area that became the site of the Adelaide city centre.
Laguette Apr 11 @ 9:00am 
- Many believe the island of Manhattan's name is descended from "Manna-hata," an Algonquin term meaning "island of the hills." Another possible source is "Mennahatenk," a term used to designate "where one gathers bows" in the Munsee Delaware tongue.

- Seattle is actually named after a Native American leader (Chief Seattle) of the Duwamish tribe. Long before the area acquired its current name it was home to an extensive series of villages, such as Stook and Choo-tuhb-ahlt'w.

- "Shawmut" was a name given to the peninsula housing present-day Boston by local Algonquins.

- Originally, Malibu was dubbed "Maliwu," meaning "it makes a loud noise all the time over there".

- After the arrival of white settlers, natives took to calling New Orleans (along with several other towns bordering the Mississippi river) "Malbanchia," which, according to historian William A. Read, means "a place for foreign languages."
Laguette Apr 11 @ 9:00am 
- Philadelphia is in a region dubbed "Coaquannock" by the Lenni-Lenape tribe.

- A village dubbed "Ogapogee" by the Tesuque people sat in the centre of Sante Fe, New Mexico.

- Rhode Island's Provdience, along with much of its surrounding territory, was called "Pancanaset".

- Chicago's present-day name derives from the Potawami tribe's word for "wild onions"—"checaugou."