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There is Only War Mod - Release 5 BETA
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Oct 6, 2017 @ 5:30pm
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There is Only War Mod - Release 5 BETA

NOTICE: Space Marines do NOT work in virtual arsenal, and it is NOT possible to equip space marine armor onto regular Arma men. The marines will ONLY work if you spawn them normally in a mission. Thank you.

There is Only War - Arma 3 Warhammer 40,000 Mod

Warhammer 40,000 is a deep fantasy universe, one filled with long stories, enormous conflicts,
supreme evil , and an eternity of unending war. It deserves a proper, massive, frontline experience that only a certain game can provide, and that game for us is Arma 3. "There is Only War" is a mod that is a true representation of 40k in Arma. There is a no-nonsense approach to creating this ultimate experience - Boltguns blow targets away, Necrons will be nigh indestructible, and Space Marines stand heads taller than mortals. This project is true to the universe, confined only by playability, game limitations, and in extreme cases, common sense and realism.

At this time, the mod features ULTRAMARINES, Other chapters, Traitor black legion, other chaos marines, Chaos Renegades, the Death Korps of Krieg, Cadians, Orks, Tau, and 3 terrains.

And also as of this time, there are roughly a dozen active developers. We are willing to accept Arma modders if they want to help out. Those who can work configs and scripts
are needed!

++ There is only War is currently on its FIFTH MAJOR BETA RELEASE, so there are bugs and problems, we devs have done quite a bit
of bug hunting, but we are not infallible, bugs are to be expected! ++

1: Will this mod be compatible with X Mod? : We have not made this mod to be compatible with many other addons. Use in conjunction with other mods at your own risk. That being said, mods that do not modify gameplay *should* work just fine with ours.

2: How often will there be updates? : Monthly or bi-monthly.


Community Sites:

Bohemia Interactive Forum Thread:

Public Discord Server:

Steam Group:


Direct Developers:

Configs: E_50_Panzer, Battlestad, Super Trooper, Fiesty, Evanw1256. Skyllio, Sabre One, Xgore, wdebohun

Sounds: Dustypeek, Master Bacon (Dirzak), E_50_Panzer, Battlestad

Map: Super Trooper, E_50_Panzer

Models: E_50_Panzer, Battlestad, Super Trooper, Xgore, Cyberjax, Defcon, Deff_Mekk, Der Kommissar, Fiesty, Trash, Sparks, Fragdaddy, Leferath, Erasmus. Skyllio, Sabre One, Joazz, wdebohun, Sokolonko

Textures: Tnyczr, Battlestad, Super Trooper, Sparks, Defcon, Fragdaddy, Lefarath, Der Kommissar. Skyllio, E_50_Panzer, Joazz, wdebohun, Sokolonko

Animations: E_50_Panzer, Battlestad, Skyllio, Sokolonko


Indirect Developers and Assistance:

Configs: Horrible Goat, LFH.

Models: LFH, Servo Skull by Erasmus, A skull by martinjario, MKHand_Industries, Macser.

Textures: Macser.

Sound: LFH.

External assets:


Finally, a thanks to all of our testers and community members, for spreading word of the mod or even making videos for us.

Lastly, we do not own Warhammer 40k OR Arma 3. This is 100% fan-made and unofficial. Such properties belong to Games Workshop and Bohemia Interactive, respectively.
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14 hours ago
What faction would you guys like to see in the mod?
6 hours ago
Idol of sin
Apr 14 @ 9:52pm
Which chapter and legion would you like to see first?
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Young_Betus Apr 20 @ 2:23pm 
Would it be possible to add group placement for other factions than DKOK and Orks? I'd like to be able to place squads of cadians or even astartes
Tolderius Apr 20 @ 11:56am 
I remember the 40K mod they made for Operation Flashpoint having drop pods... is that a thing that can be brought back for space marines and (maybe one day) Dreadnoughts?
georgewesley Apr 19 @ 11:39am 
I'm having a strange problem when using any of the units as player controlled units in the Zeus gamemode. For whatever reason anytime I use those units as the player designated ones the players become invincible except by zombies from the zombies and demons mod. They are invincible to all other units, explosives, Zeus lightning, etc.
[XOF] nick_ross2011 Apr 18 @ 7:32pm 
didnt this mod, a long time back, have baneblades? if not, any plans to add them? (also, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE TITANS YOUR AMAZING!)
zielonymech Apr 18 @ 12:04pm 
Cannot put a space marine on a map in the 3den editor - the game immediately crashes. Are there any ways to fix it?
ToastSmack Apr 16 @ 1:16pm 
Any chance we will be seeing thunderhawks?
GP|Battlestad  [author] Apr 16 @ 1:47am 
@[XOF] nick_ross2011 when you make stuff that is over 50x50m, collision stops working reliably in arma. I think OPTRE had seperate ship sections put together to get around that. We have one big ship that has no collision naturally, but it uses a script to fill it will invisible 50x50 cubes to provide it with collision
CantAimForShit Apr 16 @ 1:31am 
Cant seem to add Heavy las ammo, is this intentional? I know the heavy las has an absurd mag size
[XOF] nick_ross2011 Apr 15 @ 7:48pm 
hey guys, i got a weird question for you, how difficult was it to make the Prop ships? (the imperial star ships?

recently, one of the modders over at "Operation trebuchet" left the project and took the UNSC frigate modles with them.

if the OPTE team wanted too, what would they have to do to make some Prop ships of there own from scratch???
Anticitizen Apr 15 @ 1:30am 
thank you :')