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[FSF] Complex Jobs
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Oct 3, 2017 @ 9:29pm
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[FSF] Complex Jobs

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The original work priorities leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to prioritising jobs. This mod breaks down existing jobs into smaller jobs allowing you to make things run smoother and more efficiently. Below is a list of the new jobs you can assign people to.

- Operating on humans, animals and taking patients to beds for operations.

- Rearm turrets.

- Refuel buildings/objects that run off fuel sources like wood or chemfuel.

- Tame wild animals and train domesticated animals.

- Do bills at the Butcher Table.

- Turn hops into wort, fill and empty fermenting barrels.

- Repair breakdowns and damaged objects/structures.

- Remove roofs, deconstruct buildings/objects, uninstall things and remove floors.

- Harvest plants and crops.

- Operate Deep Drills.

- Do bills at the Drug Lab.

- Do bills at the Fabrication Bench.

- Do bills at the Smithy.

- Do bills at the Refinery

- Operate smelters to melt down slag or weapons.

Cut Stone
- Create blocks of stone from rock chunks.

- Load transport pods and load/unload caravans.

- Do bills at the crematorium and burn apparel/drugs at campfires.

- Deliver resources to construction projects.

- Work at the Long Range Mineral Scanner.


I experienced no issues playing my updated mod however others had game breaking issues with the work tab. Further updates will be manual download only until the next major game update. You can grab the update at the link below. Screenshot your work tab before updating because updates will mess up your work priorities. It'll allow you to quickly reset them back to normal.


This mod should work fine on existing games. Let me know if there's any issues with it. If you have problems installing/uninstalling the mod try wiping all work priorities on every person before adding/removing the mod.

This mod should be loaded last in your load order. It should be compatible with other mods providing they don’t reconfigure jobs like this one does. It should work fine with Fluffy's Work Tab though.

Mod Support

I don't think its possible to support new jobs without requiring the mod like making all EPOE tasks a bionic job. However it seems possible to patch tasks to rearrange them a bit so I can make Combat Extended's Rearm Turrets a Rearm job.

Bots that act like colonists and can have their work jobs assigned should work fine. Bots that act like animals or can't have their work jobs modified will most likely not work.

- Combat Extended's Rearm Turrets is considered a Rearm job
- Craftable Robots - all robots
- Dubs Rimkit Repair Kit is considered a Repair job
- Fluffy Breakdowns Maintain is considered a Repair job
- Misc. Robots++ (Omni bot not included due to issues)
- Misc. Robots++ Tier 5
- Meat Blend
- Vanilla Factions Expanded Medieval wine is considered a brewing job
- Veggie Blend

Can you do X?

I can’t make any sort of options menu or mod settings so please don’t ask. My knowledge for Rimworld modding is limited to editing xml files. I have a little experience in scripting stuff but at this time I have no desire to try to learn how to mess around with code to get it to do things.

I don't intend to upload this mod in smaller pieces. I don't really intend to change how the job setup is done but I am open to suggestions on improving it.

I don't intend to do any major mod support. There's thousands of mods and I have no intention or desire to add support for all of them.
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Jan 12 @ 3:50pm
Non Steam
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FrozenSnowFox  [author] Sep 15 @ 1:31pm 
No I don't. I've never seen a need to bother with it since I'm just making mods for myself and uploading them for others. If your interested in helping to add some mod patches I suppose I could make one. Although I'd prefer if you just threw me a dropbox link or something with anything you have to add.
Nalroth Sep 15 @ 11:01am 
Do you have a github where other people can help?
Mayonnaiz Sep 8 @ 3:15pm 
Thank you so much you're amazing! (and you rapid answers too)
It's going to save lives! and my micro on my lunatic, no pause playthrough.

Thanks again and have a nice week :)
FrozenSnowFox  [author] Sep 8 @ 2:57pm 
The game handles changes to the work system weird for some people. For me and others its a simple reset of work priorities but for whatever reason for some people it can completely break the save. It's a very obnoxious issue which makes it problematic to update.

Anyway since you asked so nicely and since it was a quick fix here's your own personal copy with the taming skill. Hopefully your one of the people who has their work priorities reset. Just make sure you screenshot your work screen before you put it in because its a bitch to reset all the priorities to normal.

Mayonnaiz Sep 8 @ 2:44pm 
Setting area restriction is not elegant as it would limit me in other ways. I like to have some support in the upkeep of the training, but having a not appropriate pawn on the other side of the map botching a predator would be a problem. I don't know if it would break a save since it is simple and there is no other mod that does this. If it is possible, I would be grateful for this quaility of life feature, if not, no worries i still love it
FrozenSnowFox  [author] Sep 8 @ 2:31pm 
Actually I said I'm open to suggestions. For normal use I don't think taming is really used all that heavily so I'd rather not separate it out. There's also the issue of updating the mod breaking saves for a lot of people so I'm trying to avoid updating it unless I have a really good reason.

I don't suppose making use of the area restrictions would work for your current setup?
Mayonnaiz Sep 8 @ 2:26pm 
Hey, thanks for your mod, it has been amazing for a long time - I know you said "no suggestion" but i'm still trying. Would it be possible to have the "train" separate into train/tame, i'm really having issue with that, Thanks!
FrozenSnowFox  [author] Aug 30 @ 2:04pm 
Psychite tea uses the cooking skill for production unfortunately. You can simply make another stove or use an existing stove. Using the area restrictions or limit bill to person you can make it so cooking bills are done by the cooks and tea production is done by the drug producers.
Crystal Aug 30 @ 12:54pm 
So, I noticed that my cooks have started to make psychite tea due to the fact it has been moved on the stove. I find it irritating that now cooking that I consider high priority (that only cooks do) and drug making that I consider low priority (that everyone are allowed to do) are on same work tick. You wouldn't happen any way around this?
WcaleNieOlek Aug 28 @ 1:41am 
ok thanks