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[FSF] Complex Jobs (Legacy Version)
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Oct 3, 2017 @ 9:29pm
Oct 17 @ 6:53pm
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[FSF] Complex Jobs (Legacy Version)

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Changes to the work tab can cause save breaking issues for some people. If you are one of these people you will likely require a new game if you want to add this mod. This legacy version will only be updated on major updates for Rimworld that tend to break saves/mods (eg 1.0, 1.1, 1.3).


The original work priorities leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to prioritising jobs. This mod breaks down existing jobs into smaller jobs allowing you to make things run smoother and more efficiently. Below is a list of the new jobs you can assign people to.

- Perform surgeries on colonists, prisoners and animals.

- Rearm turrets.

- Refuel buildings/objects that run off fuel sources like wood or chemfuel.

- Tame wild animals and train domesticated animals.

- Do bills at the Butcher Table.

- Turn hops into wort, fill and empty fermenting barrels.

- Repair breakdowns and damaged objects/structures.

- Remove roofs, deconstruct buildings/objects, uninstall things and remove floors.

- Harvest plants and crops.

- Operate Deep Drills.

- Do bills at the Drug Lab.

- Do bills at the Fabrication Bench.

- Do bills at the Smithy.

- Do bills at the Refinery

- Operate smelters to melt down slag or weapons.

Cut Stone
- Create blocks of stone from rock chunks.

- Load transport pods and load/unload caravans.

- Do bills at the crematorium and burn apparel/drugs/weapons at campfires.

- Deliver resources to construction projects.

- Work at the Ground Penetrating Scanner and Long Range Mineral Scanner.


This mod works fine on existing games for some people but breaks saves for others. You won't really know which category you fall under until you try the mod. If you have problems installing/uninstalling the mod try wiping all work priorities on every person before adding/removing the mod.

This mod should be loaded last in your load order. It should be compatible with other mods providing they don’t reconfigure jobs like this one does. It should work fine with Fluffy's Work Tab though.

Mod Support

I don't think its possible to support new jobs without requiring the mod like making all EPOE tasks a bionic job. However it seems possible to patch tasks to rearrange them a bit so I can make Combat Extended's Rearm Turrets a Rearm job.

Bots that act like colonists and can have their work jobs assigned should work fine. Bots that act like animals or can't have their work jobs modified will most likely not work.

- Bulk Stone Cutting
- Colony Manager (Manage is moved to before Research)
- Combat Extended (Rearm Turrets is considered a Rearm job)
- Combat Extended Fast Track (Rearm Turrets is considered a Rearm job)
- Craftable Robots - all robots
- Dubs Rimkit (Repair Kit is considered a Repair job)
- Hospitality (Entertain Job is moved above Training)
- Feed The Colonists
- Fluffy Breakdowns (Maintain is considered a Repair job)
- Misc. Robots
- Misc. Robots++ (Omni bot not included due to issues)
- Meat Blend
- Medical Dissection (Study Medicine is moved below Surgeon)
- Vanilla Factions Expanded Medieval (Wine is considered a Brewing job)
- Veggie Mix

Can you do X?

I can’t make any sort of options menu or mod settings so please don’t ask. My knowledge for Rimworld modding is limited to editing xml files. I have a little experience in scripting stuff but at this time I have no desire to try to learn how to mess around with code to get it to do things.

I don't intend to upload this mod in smaller pieces. I don't really intend to change how the job setup is done but I am open to suggestions on improving it.

I don't intend to do any major mod support. There's thousands of mods and I have no intention or desire to add support for all of them. However I have added patches for a number of mods.


Simplified Chinese translation by YangHgRi
Spanish Translation by Azarashi (Esp)
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FrozenSnowFox  [author] Oct 17 @ 6:53pm 
I copied over the updated patches for those and uploaded a new version. For the most part I'm trying to avoid doing any sort of alterations to this version of the mod. If you want a up to date version but don't want to worry about updating causing issues I'd suggest making a manual backup of the normal version.
Slye_Fox Oct 17 @ 5:52pm 
The patches for the Mix Veg & Meat blend mods needs to be updated to include the large recipees.
Zion Sep 27 @ 6:33am 
Those are MANY jobs... I wish there was a way to choose which ones are shown. I don't need all this. But apparently options... are not an option.. lol
FrozenSnowFox  [author] Sep 15 @ 5:11am 
Replace, its a full copy of Complex Jobs just with the modification included.
Kamuy Sep 15 @ 5:10am 
Thanks man, appreciate it! Do i replace or keep both?
FrozenSnowFox  [author] Sep 15 @ 5:05am 
Thinking about this more I get the feeling changing this is going to cause issues. It's very likely that prisoners could starve because somebody isn't assigned nursing or they are but are too busy. The game has a built in alert for wardening which wouldn't catch the fact you don't have a nurse. Then there's also the opposite side that people may not want their nurse dealing with prisoner feeding constantly. I think for the time being I'll leave things as they are.

As for your issue here's a manual download of Complex Jobs with a patch to change the nurse prisoner feeding. I kept the nurse change in a separate file so you should be able to copy and paste it to another version if I do updates.

Kamuy Sep 15 @ 4:45am 
Right now it's meals. So "Nurse" feeds them when "downed" but "Warden" brings them food when not?
FrozenSnowFox  [author] Sep 15 @ 4:37am 
How do you handle prisoners that aren't bedridden? Meal stockpile, nutrient paste dispenser or does your warden bring their meals?
Kamuy Sep 15 @ 4:35am 
The working can be really dynamic if you have limited pawns or situations. In my situation i don't want my warden to waste time to feed them when she has better skills and priorities. I want my pawn with no skills to be the nurse and also the cleaner, but since i have to choose warden it ruins it a bit.
FrozenSnowFox  [author] Sep 15 @ 4:13am 
It really could go to either one to be honest. By default its a Warden job where as all the others were by default a Doctor job. There's two variants for prisoners bringing food to a cell and feeding them in a bed. Feeding in bed would make quite a bit of sense for the Nurse job especially if you play with Dubs Bad Hygiene. Would it really be a major benefit to have a nurse doing it rather than a warden?