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[Wotc] Halo Reach Weapons
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Sep 1, 2017 @ 2:38pm
Sep 3, 2017 @ 2:54am
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[Wotc] Halo Reach Weapons

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[Wotc] Nigel Halo Com
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[Wotc] Halo Reach Weapons

[Lw2 Original]

Particle Fix by E325

*Important Notice*
The ODST SMG and the Magnum have been omitted from this version due to errors i will fix at a later date when knowledge of custom abilities and access to Wotc script files becomes more readily availible.

Attatchment Icons have also been omitted for the same reason for this release. Attatchments still work as intended.

Also as with older versions the code that is supposed to add the weapon templates to XCom HQ inventory is still not working with multiple weapons upon loading old saves. To get convential tier weapons you will most likely need to start a new save. (Magnetic and Beam should work on older saves)

This mod adds a large amount of UNSC guns from halo reach and a couple guns from outside of reach, but still look fanstastic in my opinion. The guns have custom sounds effects, adjusted particle effects, default skin variant or pattern colored skin variant.

List of current Guns
Reach Assault Rifle
Reach Shotgun
Reach Sniper
Reach DMR(custom gun)
H4 Saw

Custom Gun Stats

Halo Reach DMR

The main use for this gun is to provide long range support from behind
the Assault Rifle and infront of the the Sniper Rifle. This gun is classified
as a "Rifle" and was designed to for the specialist or stealth ranger. The
Sniper cannot use the DMR as the DMR is not a sniper

-stats- (CV/MG/BM)
Damage: 3-5 / 5-7 / 7-9
Accuracy/Range: close range has a range penalty while distance gives a bonus
Ammo: 3/3/3
Crit: 3/5/7 %
Pierce: 0/1/1

Conventional: Free
Magenetic: 125 Supplies / 10 Alloys
Beam: 250 Supplies / 20 Alloys / 10 Elerium

Please refer to the original Description for full details and troubleshooting methods as well as FAQ

[Lw2 Original]
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Oct 10 @ 6:25am
Bug Report
Nigel Thornberry
< >
Delta-118 Oct 13 @ 9:00am 
Could you add the SMG to this one? I apologise for bothering but I'm not a fan of your Halo weapons Medley, but I'd still like the ODST SMG. Thanks for the time you spent reading this.
Nigel Thornberry  [author] Oct 11 @ 5:33pm 
@Tacit Blue
That would require editing a bunch of files and recompiling the mod. The process for doing that in this game is so whack i dont remember how to do it anymore, havent had the mod kit installed for months.
Tacit Blue Sep 27 @ 9:03am 
Anyone know how to customize weapons like how many shots they actually shoot (not their clip size but visually) like the DMR, it fires 3 shots each time its used, I want to make it fire 1 shot instead, anyone know how?
p6kocka Aug 4 @ 12:59am 
Could somebody help me? I don´t see these weapons when loading my units. Does this mod still work? I´m using it along with Better barrack mod with the mod A Better Barracks: Custom Weapons Support. I simply don´t have the weapons....
Delta-118 Jul 28 @ 11:58pm 
Are we ever going to see the SMG or the Magnum again?
Would love to see the Energy Sword as a melee weapon.
Vahl Jul 3 @ 4:07pm 
Hiya, the mod's auido gets removed when I've upgraded them to magnetic. How come?
Tyler1's Little Brother May 28 @ 5:19pm 
Great mod but an update to add the magnum and odst smg would be fantastic
Mr. Bibbles May 19 @ 11:35am 
This is a link to the MA37 DMG rifle; A variant of the MA37 of course. Would you please consider adding this to the pool of weapons, even if it's simply a cosmetic alternative to the Reach Assault Rifle?

Phantom May 13 @ 10:05am 
is it just me or do these weapons ignore the audio control? but either way still love the mod even if i get ear raped