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Missing Packages Fix + Resource
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Aug 30, 2017 @ 12:13pm
Sep 25, 2017 @ 11:53pm
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Missing Packages Fix + Resource

For some reason unbeknowest to us, some packages (FX_, dev packages, clearcoat) are not loaded in WotC, or rather, do not exist at all, breaking a lot of mods that use Particle Systems. This is intentional to reduce the size of WotC.

This will be required for any mod that uses Particle Systems, which is any mod that adds new aliens or ADVENT like the Advent Pathfinder mod or weapons as such as the weapon megapack or Mercenary Plasma Weapons.

This mod also contains fixes for the following mods:
  • Highbob's Not So Super Soldier mod (fixes the blackface Central and Tygan heads).
  • Mercy, Tracer, and Genji Squadmate mods (missing necessary MorphTargetSet).
  • All weapon mods.
  • Mods that use ClearCoat_CP.

If you have any other packages that you want loaded, then post in the discussion section.



Release Ver: 2.10:
-Added More Packages:
  • FX_MEC_WP_Railgun
  • FX_Reaper_Rifle_CV, _MG, _BM
  • FX_SMG_CV, _MG, _BM
  • FX_TemplarPistol_CV, _MG, _BM
  • FX_Beam_Sword
  • FX_MEC_WP_Chaingun
  • FX_Beam_SniperRifle_XCom
  • FX_AdvMec_Gun
  • FX_VH_Skyranger

Release Ver: 2.03:
-Added More FX Packages:

Release Ver: 2.02:
-Added More FX Packages.

Release Ver: 2.01:
-Added All Templar FXs

Release Ver: 2.00:
-Figured out the ini file that's causing the packages to not load, and adjusted it accordingly.

Release Ver: 1.100:
-Added several new packages.

Release Ver: 1.000:
-Initial release.
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Oct 6, 2017 @ 9:21pm
Request the name of the FX package that you need for your mod
< >
Cynder Jul 24 @ 11:59pm 
@Arkhangel for me it does, i crash on loading a save and it only happens when running this mod
GG Knifemaster Jun 27 @ 1:39pm 
Any idea how to fix the Kal-7 bullpup muzzle flashes FX ? Got the same problem as Mr.Ninjah and elepantintheroom.
Arkhangel Jun 21 @ 11:41pm 
@Cynder: no it doesn't. since i've used both together for a long time.
Cynder May 23 @ 9:10pm 
this mod seems to break the game when used with the resistance firearms mod.
You Mar 16 @ 10:41am 
Hello. I've install Widowmaker squadmate mod (wotc) and there was missing textures of head and arms. Do you know, how to fix this?
Soulmancer Mar 15 @ 8:38am 
Is this mod still required for mods that add new enemy types?
Tim_ Mar 6 @ 7:19pm 
Just completed a WOTC campaign with 63 mods including this one. All ran perfectly, as far as could see (as in, I didn't notice any problems so I guess it was all fine).
keefypants Jan 13 @ 10:06am 
Dont know why, but after a couple month break from xcom, stating it back up, getting crashes on load unless I disable this mod. Don't know if it is due to the recent patch or what, but the issue persisted even with a mygames/xcom2wotc folder delete and new campaign.
elephantintheroom Jan 11 @ 7:35am 
@Mr.Ninjah I'm having the exact same issue! From what i've tested, it works fine until you add/disable a mod. It ends up fucking up the bullpup on all saves, until you start a new game. Luckily from what I've seen it's just the bullpup that's affected
Mr.Ninjah Dec 5, 2017 @ 1:51pm 
I'm not sure where to ask for help, but my bullpup rifle muzzle flashes are purple and white. Do you have any idea how to fix this missing texture/fx? Great mods btw, I have a lot of them. Sorry if im in the wrong spot but everyone here seems to really know there stuff. Thanks again.