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ACRE2: Advanced Combat Radio Environment

ACRE2 is a full fledged communications suite for Arma 3, allowing realistic radio and voice communications through TeamSpeak 3.

  • Accurate simulations of AN/PRC-343, AN/PRC-77, AN/PRC-148, AN/PRC-117F, AN/PRC-152, SEM 52 SL, SEM 70.
  • Vehicle racks AN/VRC-103, AN/VRC-110, AN/VRC-111, SEM90.
  • Real time voice occlusion for world objects, including buildings.
  • Babel language system that allows you to implement virtual languages on other players.
  • Multi-channel audio, allowing people on the radio to be heard locally as well.
  • Radios with external speakers.
  • Possibility to share owned radios with other players.
  • Highly detailed radio signal simulation.
  • A highly customizable and documented framework for the creation of radios.
  • A highly customizable and documented framework for implementing different game modes (persistent world, replays, logging, external data storage, external radio control).
  • A highly customizable and documented framework for implementing intercom systems (crew and passenger intercoms) and infantry phones.
  • A highly customizable and documented framework for implementing vehicle racks and their integration into the intercom system.
  • Customizable sound configs that allow traditional patching of sounds played in ACRE via Arma addons.
  • Customizable radio presets, allowing mission makers to define radio presets as well as an API to take advantage of (as an example see the ACRE2 implementation in the TMF[]).
  • Enhanced and easily configurable vehicle sound occlusion.

ACRE2 is dependent on the TeamSpeak plugins being installed. These should be copied to your TeamSpeak folder automatically on game startup.

All the ACRE2 documentation is available on the ACRE2 wiki[].

Issue tracker/Bug reports
Please report bugs and issues on our dedicated issue tracker[].
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Dreikh May 6 @ 3:01pm 
why while im in the game it says "ACRE not connected to teamspeak" anyone know how to fix this?
Muslim69 May 1 @ 11:08pm 
@Hellos we have the same problem with all vahicles. You have it with more vehicles? (and yes, im asking indirectly if anyone have an aswer to solve it)
Helios Apr 30 @ 1:52pm 
The vehicle rack radio in the AMV-7 Marshall is listed as "Unmountable" and we can't use it.
Constance68W Apr 27 @ 11:48pm 
I'm unsure if it's been mentioned but I can't seem to find it.

My group is having issues utilizing ACE Medical is any vehicle (Almost every vehicle), is that common issue or should I be searching for a conflict in mods?
loopdk Apr 27 @ 8:49am 
I had this error over 250000 times last night

[ACRE] (sys_gsa) ERROR: Empty unique radio ID

My rpt file is over 23mb....

We never had it before..

we ran same loadouts ect as always
CPT A. Skyried |171CB| Apr 21 @ 12:15pm 
@☢︎ Kupian ☢ by default, you can set "per side w/ common" so depending on what side you're playing on, you'll speak that plus "common". You can predesignate these languages if you so choose to.
Dr. Death Apr 14 @ 12:38pm 
Make sure you are in a teamspeak room when running the game.
Out4Blood [77thAD] Apr 14 @ 11:54am 
do you have the teamspeak and arma on the same harddrive?
SillyPenguin Apr 14 @ 4:08am 
Hey community, having an issue with ACRE2 where I keep getting an in game warning message, "Warning: ACRE IS NOT CONNECTED TO TEAMSPEAK". I've reinstalled the mode and TS twice now, and have also gone through the manual set up method. The Acres documentation only mentions to start Arma and TS in admin mode or neither. Am I missing a step or just broken? Running ACRES2 V: and TS3.
Dr. Death Apr 13 @ 9:17pm 
So i just found out this weird issue where, with a light modded arma (only ACE and RHS) no DLC at all, base game only, and no teamspeak working, acre freezes my game ONLY when i want to save a single player mission, and i have to open task manager to fix it. Is it a weird issue i can fix or is ACRE not made to work at all with singleplayer missions?