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Pizza Tower ,the spiritual succesor to the classic Wario Land franchise meant to capture and rekindle some of the zany energy that series had to it. This game had been through a long development cycle with very passionate developers behind it.
But did this project live up to the weight of expectations? Let's find out!
In the game proper you take control of a struggling buisness owner,Peppino Spaghetti,taking a plunge into the pizza tower ,because of an entity threathening his pizzeria. Obviously the first thing you'll notice is probably the most important one in a platformer,the control and movment.The normal walking seems really slippery,althought the game drills the idea of constant sprinting as soon as the tutorial and the physics were clearly made with the intent of maintaining top speed,well when you figure that one out the movment simply clicks,you see how many opportunities for crazy combinations of moves there are and every level transforms into a gigantic playground. The core of this game is definitely rummaging through the halls as fast as you can and it only gets more satisfiying the more you play. It's safe to say that this loop is exquisitely designed.
When I first looked at this game I thought ,that the artstyle seemed crude and unusual.
Well it's clearly an intentional effect ,the vibrant locals paired with the expressive characters suit the crazy and wacky tone set by the gameplay and make for something extremely unique. Further amplifying how smooth it flows.
The design obviously incentivizes thinking quickly on your feet , fast reaction and adaptation to new obstacles and going out of your way to scoure for micro improvments.
What escapes a first impession and a passing glance is that this title picks up on many key atributes from the ancient japanese storytelling technique Kishōtenketsu.
Hear me out this technique can be applied to more than storytelling. Well Nintendo games have been using it for years now.
It is a multi facid word ,where each part of the word represents a stage in progeression,so let's take it one at a time
ki-(beginning,introduction), where the mechanics many uses are introduced whether that be a new set of moves,a tranformation of sorts or a new obstacle.
shō-(development,continuation),where the new mechanics are expanded and the player gets more time to toy around with the concept.
ten-(twist,subversion),where everything the player knew about the powerup or obstacle gets used in an unconventional way,subverting the players expectations.
ketsu-(conclusion,resolution),where the player is asked to use the knowlege they've gathered throuought their playthrought in a final test of their abilities.
With this information you can see its inspiration on the design of every level.
Firstly each level contains a new game-changing addition and after getting it the difficulty increases linearly until the twist .At that point all of your abilities are tested via work under a time limit.So the structure works just as outlined
Personaly I really like games that incorporate this philosophy ,because it makes for a good expirience.
Music and sound effects
The music goes for an energetic feel,but still stays very waried in genre with some rock,electronic,acapella and ambient tracks among others. The sound effects are mostly goofy and silly mimicking something like an old cartoon.
Generally the music and audio is well done and enhances everything brought on by the other aspects.

I am going try and blaze through the remainder of my thougts as fast as possible.

  • The combo and grade system-It nicely pushes the player towards more active gameplay.
  • The inspirations-The style was strongly inspired by the "Wario Land" series and saturday morning cartoons,which is pretty cool and novel.
  • The community-The developers happily engage with the community and still update the game when needed. Members of the fanbase are mostly welcoming and cool people.

    From my perspective the game fulfills its job as an ode to the works of the past ,while beign able to stand on its own as a standalone and worthwhile product that will keep you enamoured with great and fast-paced gameplay,unique visuals and refreshingly light tone.
I have not thought about anything humorous or witty to put here. Just forget you saw this pal.
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