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I had dreams of the queen wonders that lived inside the hearts of love and silent treatments of all the elderly that I knew were once whole. I seek the revelations of all that the holy told to the unwise in the dreams of cold embers in sunlight that fade across lakes of black blood and snakes that eat the loaves of children from lamb trees in autumn.Endless suffering is the woe of ignorant men who never lack to seek the depth of their own hearts and only see the wealth of a poor world suffering to flay its own back in knife wounds of silver and brutal gladness.The nightmare is a dream to the nameless slug that wanders across minefield and the remains of deer and kings.Nightshade is shadows in all honest blinks that sort through the bile of newborn plagues, instant warmth is a mother's milk in dreams before anything was ever evil.In seconds the sun is beating like drums in all hearts eat the ear of noise.The sensual violence of lust is all the assurance you will ever need to know the worth of life.

...well now that that's been said I'm sure you want to keep on reading to pry into my psyche well read on into your doom! (Probably not but hey, I can dream ._.)

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about me
yeah, yeah. Most of you don't care but for those who do

Hello, I am takyakmak obsessive collector of golden weapons and unusuals also a Pyro /soldier main and generaly nice person but anyways...

first off no, i don't trade unless you are one of my friends or i say i am also, DO NOT ask me to buy/give you items people who do are automatically removed and blocked. Also, if you are going to randomly add me please leave a comment as to why. Finally don't pester me about trading items if I don't want to trade one of my items I'm not going to trade it end of story.

But anyways on to the fun parts ^-^

Likes: fire(a bit too much) tf2, radiohead, dogs mainly pit bulls like mine, books,philosophy, history, the aliens franchise, tiny pumpkins, giving my friends gifts (if you're nice enough :3 ) anything hand drawn, anime, neck kisses, erp, ze lewdness~ and finally gaming with my pals

Dislikes: engagement children(spaps), spy's, smartasses, head crab zombies, death claws, most people,things not on fire and finally....umm actually I didn't think I'd get this far

My best friends: (no order)



[USCM] 狐

[gWg]Mr.Salty The Savage Beast

Astro ツ

Blu :hp_nikki:

Le lenny (fuk u tho)

silventek(my senpai :8bitheart:)


Finally just call me "tak" or "taky" if you want, i don't mind. But please just don't call me "takyak" just don't. And remember I'm not a pocket pyro! So just don't get any ideas I'm not going in anyone's pocket (screw you spaps!)

P.s. if you have read my profile or just want to talk please leave a comment or send me a message, my profiles a lonely place(help)
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Astro ツ Aug 10 @ 11:49pm 
tak my dude are u♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥dead
Josh from Drake and Josh Jul 22 @ 4:42am 
dont trust a scamer called stormy-nytez he will scame you and i know it saijlong recint ly got scam
mariobamaboy Jul 8 @ 5:39am 
hey, has "John" said anything to you yet? he added me a week ago and hasn't said a word.
Lymons May 4 @ 2:43pm 
ur a ♥♥♥♥♥able person :guayman:
Astro ツ Mar 24 @ 11:18pm 
Oof :facepunch:
takyakmak Mar 24 @ 6:40pm