Jared Tucker   United States
:p2blue: 22 year old Voice Actor, Audio Engineer, and Level Designer :p2orange: :monokuma_DGR: I also have a youtube channel where I upload this stuff :Monomi_DGR:
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VoiceOfJared Feb 8 @ 2:27am 
ThatOneTyler Feb 8 @ 1:29am 
He's real!? /sticker Cow
VoiceOfJared Feb 8 @ 1:27am 
No :auimp:
Skian_Dark Feb 8 @ 1:01am 
HE'S REAL??? :cozypoechris:
VoiceOfJared Jan 10 @ 7:50pm 
I'm real :katamari_ball:
spacecat Jan 6 @ 8:55pm 
He's real?!