DAZ   Massachusetts, United States
Often open to discussion of games, new friends. and co-op play. .:parts: Hit "View more info" below for what I play and maybe get some Money [].

I sometimes HIRE [] people (pay money) to help with some stuff like typing things in, and web research, etc...
Go to if interested in that.

Game wise: Check to see BOTH what I've been
playing recently and what I've spent over a hundred
hours playing.

I'm often up for OMD2 co-op, helping people get to level 40ish
on Borderlands 2, and maybe helping new players with Dungeon
Defenders (original) even if I haven't played recently. Also like
to talk about Infinity Wars.

I'd like to update my profile for what I'm currently "into", but I
don't always do that.

P.S. If the link above violates any Steam rules, PLEASE either
tell me, or if you're Steam, just delete the link and hiring reference
and leave the rest of my profile intact.:Dignity:
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PSN: SocialDistomancy Apr 6 @ 6:48pm 
I think I understand what soup sniffer is now, must be somebody very new, he's been shutting down RE3 threads lol. "Welcome to the new normal" I reckon, if that new normal is no freedom of speech. "One mind, one thought, one voice" social media and now even steam discussions is becoming the borg lmao.
PSN: SocialDistomancy Mar 30 @ 9:06pm 
it's baby yoda from the mandalorian. I'm not soup sniffer, don't even know who that is.
PSN: SocialDistomancy Feb 21 @ 8:44pm 
it's from the december sale, iirc it was from using some of the points, might have been a spending amount though.
battlezoby Sep 30, 2019 @ 6:28am 
I've been posting a lot of stuff about Duel Links, but in short, a lot of work went into that
game and a lot of it is really nice. But the Meta in PVP is horribly profit and it's a damn
shame that $10,000 literally wouldn't be enough money to get all the available cards
from those greed bastards that have released 26 boxes in the past two years and won't
let you get many/most of the cards needed for serious PVP play other than buying packs
from boxes.
battlezoby Sep 30, 2019 @ 6:28am 
But for a mobile compatible game, the depth of the PvE content is great. I've been
playing like crazy for the past few weeks since installing and even binged watched the
first 42 episodes of the TV show in the month since I've install Dueled Linked.

I've never played Yugioh before, but spent over $7,000 on Magic the Gathering.
But a) I got back what I spent on MtG by selling off the cards after I stopped, so it was
play for free in the end, and b) It's obvious that even if I blew hundreds of dollars on
Duel Links, I'd quickly regret it because they'd release new boxes and obsolete my
cards within a few month or less. :steammocking: / :steamsad:
Dominik Kuhi Sep 29, 2019 @ 8:45pm 
Hi, what do you think of Yu-gi-oh Duel links ?
I began playing it since 3 years ago and it's one of my favorite steam games now.