DAZ   Massachusetts, United States
Often open to discussion of games, new friends. and co-op play. .:parts: Hit "View more info" below for what I play and maybe get some Money [].

I sometimes HIRE [] people (pay money) to help with some stuff like typing things in, and web research, etc...
Go to if interested in that.

Game wise: Check to see BOTH what I've been
playing recently and what I've spent over a hundred
hours playing.

I'm often up for OMD2 co-op, helping people get to level 40ish
on Borderlands 2, and maybe helping new players with Dungeon
Defenders (original) even if I haven't played recently. Also like
to talk about Infinity Wars.

I'd like to update my profile for what I'm currently "into", but I
don't always do that.

P.S. If the link above violates any Steam rules, PLEASE either
tell me, or if you're Steam, just delete the link and hiring reference
and leave the rest of my profile intact.:Dignity:
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Duja Apr 23 @ 8:49am 
You seem like a nice person, so sent you a friend request.
makima Apr 11 @ 4:40pm 
We should play bloons together, I can help in elite if you'd like. :btd6thumbsup:
Dagat Ahas Dec 31, 2021 @ 7:26pm 
Happy New year my friend! Good Luck and always enjoy life! :mhwgood:
Malignity. Nov 6, 2021 @ 7:58am 
hi buddy all well?
battlezoby Jun 26, 2021 @ 3:23pm 
Hey, despite what I replied to Hideo below, I really like a lot of the games here and really enjoy them. Games ought to be fun. I'm often even willing to "carry" a new player to help him or her level up. (For example, Card Hunter, Balloons TD(5 or 6), Orcs Must Die 2, or Borderlands 2 up to level 50-ish.

It's just too bad that so many good games ended up on something as bad as Steam which often turns them into something else and/or into nothing. (And in the extreme case, intentionally pushed an "Update" onto XP and Vista that they knew would break the games that people bought on those platforms. Very losely paraphrasing least one moderator on Steam "Hey, Steam takes your money and doesn't promise you anything in return. That he way all the big companies does it." Sad but true.
battlezoby Jun 26, 2021 @ 3:18pm 
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Hideo wrote below: > You mentioned in a thread that an issue with Steam is aggravating you. Can you go into more detail?

You can search for my diverse comments in "Why the Steam Hate?"

If you want to talk more freely about Steam, please send me a friend request so we can talk without having to worry about them banning, or pre-ban-warning us for stupid stuff. For example:
1) Posting someone else's artwork in two different places for two different reasons. ("Spamming"