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Teemu Luukkanen   Seinajoki, Western Finland, Finland
Hey guys! I'm Ocem, apparently a living legend :3
Bullseye - The precise accomplishment of a goal or purpose.
Got my first ever Burning Flames unusual on 21st of march 2014! <3 [FRO]
If you ever wander on my profile, you should go and check out Wussy and Monky ;)

Grapes ღ: I love you my Ocem <3
♥BB♥ | OcΣm.gtf: <3
Grapes ღ: I trust you too btw <3
♥BB♥ | OcΣm.gtf: ♥<3ღ
♥BB♥ | OcΣm.gtf: our relationship is built on trust
♥BB♥ | OcΣm.gtf: <3

yes i love wussy

Hello, my name is Ho Lee Fuk and I are from Hong Donkey Kong.I now coming back from my 10 minoot ban i feel is too necessary to tell you My story of my liferino. after 27 yeers of working there Is have enuff munney for a proffeshonal compyooter so I play many leg of leg ends.Father not happy with choice and told commit sudoku but i know i make right choice. Sorry i no speak propeller engrish and Pls no copy pasterino dongerino frappuccino cappucino al pacino
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