Be wary of impersonators. I do not have any other steam account. Will always have strange all father with 15000+ points

Trade link:

I am currently collecting all paint and paint spelled all fathers. If you have something i dont then feel free to offer it my way may. All fathers to collect:


Unique ✅
Strange ✅

Paint Spells

Chromatic corruption ✅
Spectral spectrum ✅
Sinister Staining ✅
Die Job
Putrescent pigmentation

Paint colours

No paint ✅
Team spirit
Operators overalls
Waterlogged lab coat
Balaclavas are forever
An air of debonair
The value of teamwork
Cream spirit
Indubitably green
Zephaniah’s greed
Noble hatters violet
Colour no. 216-190-216
A deep commitment to purple ✅
Mannco orange ✅
Peculiarly drab tincture
Radigan conagher brown
Ye olde rustic colour ✅
Australium gold ✅
Aged moustache grey ✅
An extraordinary abundance of tinge ✅
A distinctive lack of hue ✅
Pink as hell ✅
A colour similar to slate
Drably olive ✅
The bitter taste of lime and defeat
The colour of a gentleman business slacks ✅
Dark salmon injustice
A manns mint
After eight

Other desireables

Low craft (under 100) ✅- #2 collected!! (and sold a week later because i got a great offer)
Voices spell ✅
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Trades Made
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Thems the breaks
987654321 Jul 5 @ 12:39pm 
Added to offer brother
LA Is Clipper Town Jun 23 @ 5:16pm 
Get Rekt By {WINGS} Ocem Jun 23 @ 6:40am 
you may make me an offer
birb Jun 22 @ 9:00am 
ok :steamthumbsup:
GhostyOsty Jun 20 @ 8:02pm 
Added to trade :P
Y0BEV #Freedom4go5 Jun 16 @ 9:12pm 
Added for an offer