Ohio, United States
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:Exclamation_Point::GreenArrow: Info:SpRad_Rock:
:p2orange: Commonly known as: Critch, Nerym, Nfoh, Crutch, 4Head, Clutch, Critchopher, Critchstopherson
:p2orange: SteamID: STEAM_0:0:113877117
:p2orange: SteamID3: U:1:227754234
:p2orange: Steam URL:
:p2orange: Date Joined: March 26th, 2015
:p2orange: Discord: Critch #6474
Steam Level 133 (as of October 5th, 2023)
Over 700 comments on my profile
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Trade offer (If it's not listed don't offer unless it's significant)
I will not go first in a trade involved with any payment method unless proven to me you are trustworthy.

I will never comment anything related to items or trading on your profile, even if it’s replying back to a question or something along those lines, I will add you to reply or contact you if anything, commenting is a hassle.

:p2blue: TF2 4500+ hrs
:p2blue: Garry's Mod 4000+ hrs
:p2blue: CS:GO 1000+ hrs
:p2blue: 100+ Games

:Speech_Alert::RedArrow:Finishing this off with what I dislike, I f*cking hate drama don't come to me about a issue or situation with one of my friends on steam that im not even involved with, or adding me to ask about drama going on in the community or between friends or any other drama in general like trading wise, games, friends, etc. It’s very annoying and half the time someone ends up unadding, blocking, or being mad and such and i’m absolutely sick of it I AM MY OWN BEING! end of story on that..
I also don't like scamming , cheating , or lying of any sort :steamthumbsdown:
:missing: I promise you my trust is so low nowadays good luck attempting any your schemes on me..

Cheers! :beer_mug::weed:
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List of Unusuals or Rare items I have owned
Bonzo Hive Minder (1:2)
Darkblaze Hive Minder (1:2)
x2 Spelled Chiroptera Venenata Tyrant's Helm (One best unusuals ive owned IMO, 1:4)
Aces high Antlers
Knifestorm Brain Bucket
Knifestorm Berliner’s Bucket Helm
Sunbeams War Pig
Pro KS Morning Glory Team Captain (1:1 w/ KS)
H.O.U.W.A.R. (Short history and clean)
Aces high Hungover Hero (1:1)
Frostbite Chieftan’s Challenge
Ooze Rebel Rouser (1:2)
Cloudy Moon Noble Amassment of Hats
Hat of Undeniable Wealth and Respect (Spectral Spectrum and short history clean one)
Strange Smoking Bread Head (1:1)
Sunbeams Rather Festive Tree
Spectral Spectrum Towering Pillar of Summer Shades
Amarathine Tyrant's Helm (1:1)
Chiroptera Venenata Bolted Bicorne (1:2)
Stormy 13th Hour Fruit Shoot
Cloudy Moon Swagman's Swatter
Cloudy Moon Jumper's Jeepcap
Arcana Glengarry Bonnet (1:1)
Cloudy Moon Company Man
Secret To Everybody Waxy Wayfinder
SBTWC Tavish Degroot
Harvest Moon Capotain
Phosphorus Tough Stuff Muffs
Demonflame Modest Pile of Hat
Terror-Watt Antlers
Burning Conjurer's Cowl
Scorching Flames Brigade Helm (Spelled)
Scorching Flames Troublemaker's Tosslecap
Demonflame Fruit Shoot (Corpse Grey Footprints) (1:1)
Circling Peace Sign Mask of Shaman
Misty Skull Gentleman's Ushanka
Amarathine Hustler’s Hallmark (1:1)
Burning Flames War Pig
Secret To Everybody Rimmed Raincatcher
Terror-Watt Exquisite Rack
Green Confetti Exquisite Rack
Secret To Everybody Professional's Panama
Eerie Orbiting Fire Exquisite Rack
Ooze Horrific Headsplitter (1:1)
Smissmiss Caribou (Clean)
Blizzard Storm Soldered Sensei
Demonflame Reggaelator
Darkblaze Frontier D'justice (1:1)
Purple Energy Soldier's Stash
Spectral Spectrum/Gangreen Green Energy Tyrant's Helm
Chiroptera Venenata Napper's Respite
Circling Hearts Exquisite Rack
Cloud 9 Chromatic Corruption Tyrant's Helm
Something Burning This Way Comes Nanobalaclava
Voices From Below/Bruised Purple Footprints Steaming Team Captain
Molten Mallard Troublemaker's Tossle Cap
Massed Flies Killer's Exclusive
Darkblaze Sober Stuntman (1:2)
Poisoned Shadows Swagman's Swatter
Disco Beat Down Brotherhood of Arms
Strange Steaming Crone's Dome (1:2)
Haunted Ghost Master's Yellow Belt
Poisoned Shadows Tam O' Shanter (1:1)
Burning Flames Tyrant's Helm
Amaranthine Shellmet (1:2)
Death At Dusk Charmer's Chapeau
Vivid Plasma Le Party Phantom
Pumpkin Moon Commando Elite (Unboxed by ME)
Devilish Diablo Field Practice (Unboxed by ME)
Frightened Poltergeist Pithy Professional (Unboxed by ME)
Pumpkin Moon Nuke (Unboxed by ME)
Amaranthine Brain Bucket
Pumpkin Moon Rotation Sensation
Pumpkin Moon Field Practice
Arcana Connoisseur's Cap
Cloud 9 Master's Yellow Belt
Orbiting Fire Brainiac Hairpiece
Sulphorous Berliner's Bucket Helm
Circling Peace Sign Texas Ten Gallon (Spectral Spectrum)
Dead Presidents Texas Tin Gallon (x2 Spelled)
Galactic Gateway Vampire Vanquisher
Miami Nights Mask of the Shaman
Chiroptera Venenata Carribean Conqueror
Chiroptera Venenata Letch’s LED
Cloud 9 Soldered Sensei
Hellfire Tough Stuff Muffs
Molten Mallard Soldered Sensei
Haunted Phantasm Jr. Brigade Helm
Burning Flames Brotherhood of Arms
Something Burning This Way Comes Halogen Head Lamp
Chiroptera Venenata Towering Titanium Pillar of Hats
Frostbite Merc’s Mohawk
Death At Dusk Viva La France
Harvest Moon Voodoo JuJu (Slight Return)
Eerie Orbiting Fire Safe'n'Sound
Neutron Star Your Worst Nightmare
Haunted Ghost Salty Dog
Green Confetti Bonk Helm
Purple Energy Bomber's Bucket Hat
Memory Leak Federal Casemaker
Eerie Orbiting Fire Brown Bomber (x2)
Eerie Orbiting Fire Salty Dog
Eerie Orbiting Fire Towering Pillar of Hats
Steaming Bonk Boy
Smoking Exquisite Rack
Vivid Plasma Trophy Belt
Morning Glory Company Man
Roboactive Shooter's Tin Topi
Haunted Ghost Hong Kong Cone
Green Energy Crone's Dome
Sulphurous Full Metal Drill Hat
Sulphurous Wraith Wrap
Time Warp Lord Cockwain's Pith Helmet
Sulphurous Hermes
Burning Kiss King
Haunted Phantasm Rock, Paper, Scissors
Roboactive Tough Stuff Muffs
Disco Beat Down Master's Yellow Belt
Frostbite Slo-Poke
Starstorm Insomnia Federal Casemaker
Haunted Phantasm Jr. Modest Pile of Hat
Neutron Star Brim-Full of Bullets

Definitely many more I can list

Unusuals unboxed
Aces High Hungover Hero
Pumpkin Moon Commando Elite
Pumpkin Moon Nuke
Frightened Poltergeist Pithy Professional
Devilish Diablo Field Practice
Blizzardy Storm Respectless Robo-Glove
Smoking Liquidator's Lid
Hard Carry Airdog
Hot Team Serviced Warpaint (Battle-Scarred)

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Churro Dec 6 @ 4:32pm 
adding to offer pure keys for the amaranthine tyrant
HACK THE GIBSON Dec 4 @ 4:53pm 
It's not for sale, sorry
lahavg123 TTV Nov 20 @ 12:02am 
Add for trade
Xenagos Oct 17 @ 11:16pm 
Hey, I need your RGL demos for swiftwater, if you can send me them on discord that would be great
Candace <3 Oct 4 @ 7:59pm 
added to discuss the paint!
naRhei Aug 26 @ 10:53am