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I'm a little bit of everything, all wrapped into one :smug:

If you are using the possessive, it is Zetnus's not Zetnus'
... basically there is no consensus decision for possessives with proper nouns ending in -s, so I have decided that Zetnus's is clearer, and that is what I will use from now on.

My Steam persona's birthday is February 31, 1992.

and no ... I don't live in Antarctica ... my ping would be abominable ...
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Adding me as a friend
I get a lot of random friend requests.
If I don’t know you personally, or recognize you from another site or from prior discussion, please comment below to let me know why you have added me! I need to keep my friend list in order, so if I don’t hear anything from you and don’t recognize you from anywhere, I will NOT accept your friend request :really:

Occasionally, I go through and prune my friends list. If we haven’t talked in a long time, I might end up removing you. Don’t be offended by this, and feel free to re-add me if something comes up and you want to talk to me.

My Workshops
:fistshake: L4D2 I used to make custom models for L4D2. Mainly tweaks of the vanilla survivor or special infected models or edits to existing mods. Have not done any recently.

:AOEShield: Age of Empires II I make mainly random map scripts (rms) plus other mods. I haven’t done many recently, but I am still very knowledgeable if you want to learn about random map scripting.

:zeppelin: Guns of Icarus I made some balloon decals, some of which have been accepted into the game.

:p2chell: Portal 2 Two test chambers.
> Garry's Mod Two or three ports of my L4D2 models.
> Poly Bridge A few simple levels.

I am no longer actively modding. Occasionally I'll come and do something, but don't bombard me with requests/commissions. I only work on stuff I am interested in doing, or that I can do easily.

Workshop Showcase
These items represent the best of my best work. The things I am most proud of, or the final version of something if I have multiple versions published.

In alphabetical order.
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Favorite Guide
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A collection of links to guides, spreadsheets, videos, and other resources that could possibly be useful.
Tornadic May 15 @ 1:51am 
I am sending a friend request for the same reason below me, lol, I can't comment on your mods because I have L4D2 through family share.
logicalfallaci May 15 @ 12:18am 
I am sending you a friend request to talk about permissions of editng your mods.
[KC] Rich lll Apr 29 @ 4:36pm 
hello bro, you know some program to create randomaps in aoe 2 hd
hellhounds04 Apr 19 @ 5:45pm 
Hello, I'm a 3D animator who's looking to make some L4D2 SFM videos some time in the future and I wondering if we could keep in contact if you're interested. I've worked with the TF2 community before but I think it's time L4D2 community gets some love too. :)
Furor_Teutonicus Apr 11 @ 10:42am 
Hey just wanted to learn more from you and maybe team up together if you play multiplayer.
Zetnus Mar 1 @ 8:47am 
Add me and we can talk about it.