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Zetnus Workshop Highlights
These items represent the best of my best work. The things I am most proud of, or the final version of something if I have multiple versions published.

In alphabetical order.
Items (44)
Animated Lunar Eclipse
Created by Zetnus
Replaces the moon (in No Mercy and Dead Air) with an animated lunar eclipse.

This total lunar eclipse consists of 25 still shots as frames, which will play over the course of 42 minutes. Thus you will see the moon gradually changing as you progress alo...
Armless Jockey
Created by Zetnus
The jockey without arms.

I recently published a one-armed hunter, and it was suggested that I could make an armless jockey; so I did.

This jockey relies on it's powerful legs and vicious bite to ride and steer the survivors.

Compatible with all r...
Black and White Color Correction
Created by Zetnus
Makes the color correction black and white for all official campaigns that support color correction.
Perfect for your retro or Halloween needs!


(This is my first color correction mod, so let me know if you encounter issues)...
Blood Sacrifice
Created by Zetnus
I would love to see your gamplay videos if you post any!

A survival map set on a Mayan temple in the midst of the apocalypse.

This is my first published map, so I appreciate any fixes and suggestions which I can use to improve th...
Blue Witch Eyes
Created by Zetnus
Changes the witch eye-glow to be light blue. Someone requested this as a standalone mod. It was originally part of my male witch mod.

Another person made green eyes here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=359514860...
Clean Zoey Legs (Mod a Mod 2.0)
Created by Zetnus
This mod can be used along with my “Zoey wearing shorts” mod in order to modify the leg textures I included there. I’m creating this as a demonstration of how to set up a custom model such that it can be reskinned by a different mod without having to incl...
Created by Zetnus
Replaces the "missing model" ERROR sign with a cute critter constructed from its letters.


Lol, I don't know ...
... to make your bug-fixing experience a bit more fun perhaps ... or otherwise just for shits and giggles :D
(wait, seriously? s ...
Female CEDA Agents
Created by Zetnus
Adds female CEDA agents to the game in addition to the male ones. This means that you have both male and female CEDA infected if you use this mod.

I have added 8 females to supplement the 12 existing male CEDA variations, so you get 20 possible CEDA in...
Female Construction Workers
Created by Zetnus
Adds several female construction worker (road crew) infected to the game, in addition to all the male variations. So you get both male and female workers with this mod.

About the body shape…
In addition to the female heads, there are also two body...
Female Fallen Survivors
Created by Zetnus
This mod brings several female fallen survivor variations and also adds additional male head variations too.

And let me know if you run into any issues :)

Other female uncommon infected mods by me:
Female Hunter Audio
Created by Zetnus
Female Hunter Audio

This mod can be used with any female hunter mod that does not come with its own sounds. Most of the tracks are pitch-modified from the male hunter; although some I recorded myself or assembled from other tracks.

Note that this ...
Female Riot Police v2
Created by Zetnus
Adds several female riot police infected and also additonal male variations.

I do this by editing the riot model to include additional heads which allows it to spawn additional variations. It's entirely client-side, meaning only you will see the...
HD RNG Salt (Pills)
Created by Zetnus
Up all night to get salty

Replaces the pain pills with salt.

Uses Pure RNG to randomize on a per-item basis, and to make the one you pick up match the one you saw in th...
Horrid Spitter
Created by Zetnus
This mod puts a creepy oversized spider into the spitter's mouth because reasons.
Note that this does not mean that the spitter spits spiders or webs; it still spits acid.

This is a quick mod I put together with inspiration from Jim Sterling's [url=htt...
Hospital Bill
Created by Zetnus
Bill wearing a patient gown from a hospital, as seen in The Sacrifice comic. This is what Bill looked like on Day 1 – he was in the hospital when the infection broke out.


Includes custom first person arms and the whole model suppo...
Improved Witch Hair
Created by Zetnus
Adds a transparency channel to the witch hair to make it look more realistic, rather than the choppy carryover from L4D1.

Just a minor improvement that I thought of.

Manual download: http://www.gamemaps.com/details/16699
Inverted Color Correction
Created by Zetnus
Inverts the color tone (but not brightness) using color correction, for all official campaigns that support color correction.
Perfect for your spooky Halloween needs!

Local Zoey Randomizer
Created by Zetnus
Randomly selects a jacket style, hair style and leg style for Zoey. >>>Only works on local servers and singleplayer.<<< Compatible with pure Zoey reskins (anything that doesn’t include a custom model).
Works with [url=https://steamcommunity.com...
Male Witch v2
Created by Zetnus
This is my Male Witch v2, aka the “Mud Man Witch”.
You might also be interested in the Male/Female RNG version of this!

>It replaces the normal witch model with a male model (mo...
Midnight Riders Boomer
Created by Zetnus
The boomer as a Midnight Riders fan. Complete with t-shirt, beard and tattoos.

Screenshots of the infected band were taken in the custom survival map “Rock Room 2”.
If you want the smoker, you can subscribe to my [url=https://steamcommunity.com/sharedf...
Midnight Riders Smoker
Created by Zetnus
A number of people said that my female smoker mod looked like a metal rock smoker, so I decided to use the hair to make a Midnight Riders fan smoker.

I hope you like it!

If I'...
Mudwomen Infected v2
Created by Zetnus
Adds several female mudmen (aka mudwomen) infected to the game, in addition to the existing male ones.

*ragdoll issues have been resolved*

Yes, they are topless…
No, there is no reason to get worked up about this.
I don’t see why there should be any issu...
Nearly Headless Nick
Created by Zetnus
Nearly headless? How can you be NEARLY headless?

This mod turns Nick into a nearly headless ghost-like figure, perfect for your Halloween needs.

If you don’t get the reference, then you should read/watch Harry Potter....
Payday Bill
Created by Zetnus
Bill, as he appears in his cameo at the beginning of the Mercy Hospital mission in PAYDAY: The Heist (see video).

This was requested by multiple people, so I have delivered it.


>A big thanks to MrPutisher for letting me port this model ...
RNG Fe/Male Hunter v4
Created by Zetnus
This is the RNG version of my newest female hunter model – Zetnus's Female Hunter v4


Model RNG – Randomly get males and females (equal chance) ...
RNG Fe/Male Spitter
Created by Zetnus
This mod gives you a male spitter half the time, by using model RNG techniques.


> Model RNG for each spawned spitter. Ragdoll corpses will match the spitter you just killed. If you kill multiple spitters in the same place, ...
RNG Fe/Male Witch
Created by Zetnus
This mod will randomly give you a male or a female witch.

The female witch is the standard one in the game, and is compatible with reskins (as long as they don’t use a custom model).
The male witch was designed by me (Zetnus) and is based one of the mu...
Racer Ellis
Created by Zetnus
Ellis wearing a racing suit similar to the one worn by Jimmy Gibbs Jr.

Just a quick mod that I’ve been wanting to make. The suit is white/beige rather than white/blue for Jimmy’s suit. I could change that, but I thought that it actually looks decent t...
Rochelle Hairstyles: Afro
Created by Zetnus
This is Rochelle's hair in an afro. It was inspired by this concept art.

It should be compatible with any Rochelle retexture mods or hair color mods.

I apologize that the h...
Rochelle Hairstyles: Frohawk
Created by Zetnus
This is Rochelle's hair in the style of a "frohawk" (afro+mohawk).

It should be compatible with any Rochelle retexture mods or hair color mods.

I apologize that the hair is more spiky than curly, but this is the best I could while using the vanilla...
Rochelle with her hair down
Created by Zetnus
Rochelle with her hair down.

It includes jigglebones; but it I’m not good with jigglebones, so I apologize if the hair movements aren’t quite as realistic as they should be.

Compatible with all Rochelle reskins of the default model. Not compat...
Shadow Horde
Created by Zetnus
Turns the entire horde into shadowy figures.
Perfect for spooky campaigns or any other Halloween needs.

About the gore:

If you have gore set to high, then body wounds will be bright red. If you don’t want to see this, then turn gore...
Sk8r Grill (Zoey)
Created by Zetnus
Replaces all the grills, stoves, hobs, fire pits, ovens and cooking ranges with HD skateboards…

… nah, I’m kidding ;)

What this actually does is provide a custom Zoey outfit loosely based on Avril Lavigne's style in 2002.
It includes custom first...
Tentacle Smoker
Created by Zetnus
Don't Smoke! It's not good for you!

This is the smoker with extra tongues/ tentacle hair. I thought it would look cool and perhaps be a taste of what the L4D3 smoker might evolve into.

If this turns you on, I'm not sure what to say…

This is co...
The Walking Dead Bill Sheriff Outfit
Created by Rebel Lioness
This is Bill from L4D with hat and Sheriff's Outfit from The Walking Dead Series Rick Grimes.
Its the real life uniform from King County Sheriff Dept.

The Walking Dead Francis Dixon
Created by Rebel Lioness
This is Francis from Left 4 Dead have all the style of Daryl Dixon, A Strong Survivor and Badass looking, No one stoped him so far.


The Walking Dead Louis
Created by Rebel Lioness
This is Louis with the style of Morgan from The Walking Dead Series.
A Survivor that can take care on his own with is wooden stick and fighting skills.

Created by Zetnus
This mod contains only a Thumbs.db file.

Thumbs.db is hidden file produced by windows in order to store thumbnail information so that you can view pictures in a folder without opening them individually.

Unfortunately, Thumbs.db has a nasty hab...
Zetnus's Bandana Zoey
Created by Zetnus
Gives Zoey a red bandana and long untied hair, as seen in some of the concept art for the game.
Works with body and face reskins.

Hair color mods will have no effect.
This mod will conflict with other Zoey mods that have a custom model (ex. open jac...
Zetnus's Female Hunter v4
Created by Zetnus
This is my newest female hunter model. It's much better than my original (and very first) mod.
Something like this is why I got into modding in first place, and now I finally have the skill to do it properly.


Zetnus's Female Jockey with default colors
Created by Zetnus
Replaces the jockey with a female-looking version.
This version has shirt and shorts look very similar to what they look like on the male jockey instead of being yellow and purple like I originally did for my [url=https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...
Zetnus's Male Spitter
Created by Zetnus
Following on from my male witch and female hunter, smoker and jockey mods, I've now tried my hand at making a male spitter.

>>>This spitter is now part of a RNG Fe/Male Spitter m...
Zoey White Lie Finale
Created by Zetnus
A mod for Zoey to match her appearance in finale of White Lie, an SFM series by LoneWolfHBS.

The newly updated version includes Real DMG to give her the bloodied face after you ...
Zoey in the Witch Outift
Created by Zetnus
Zoey wearing the clothes from the witch, as per commission.

Will not work with Zoey or witch retexture mods.

Nahka - for the body
Porki-da-Corgi & Lt. Rocky - for the hair (from Origins Zoey)