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If you're going to send me a trade request for Dota 2/Gift items, just use this link .

If you wish to trade your cards with mine, as long as I have dupes and same type (e.g your dupe Anodyne cards for mine), then directly send the request. 1:1 fair trade acceptable.

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- Sanctum 2 for 2 keys
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- Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2 for 2 keys

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After 4 years of release on Steam, the game's still considered good enough for today's standards. It has semi open-world, decent stealth mechanic, fast and fluid combat, simple story with great graphics and voice acting.

Keep in mind, I don't review the multiplayer aspect, this review only covers single player.

The first thing that appeal to me is the graphic. It's excellently designed and implemented. While some don't make sense like Lara's TressFX hair (right, her stylish and silky smooth hair after she jumps into the mess anyone?), the scenery and environment are indeed breathtaking. If you can max out your in-game settings without any FPS drop, do it, you'll be amazed. The cutscenes / movies are also excellent looking and pretty realistic.

Oh, you can test your rig in-game, it has its own internal test to see how good your rig to play the game and adjust the setting accordingly.

If you have good speakers, plug it in, the combat feels very realistic with surround sound. But most of the time, though, you won't pay any attention because Lara's pretty weak and goes down after few shots, and it's better to run away when you enter the combat and fight from afar or even better kill one by one by stealth from the beginning. I have to give a prop for the voice actors, without them the game would be less than complete - a good VOs is always welcome for any kind of game for me.

Gameplay has similarities with Batman Arkham Asylum. While the combat is extremely on a different side, the stealth mechanic has emphasis here, playing with many gadgets (Hook Claw vs Hook Arrow) and the limited scope of open world remains the same (Asylum is locked to a prison, here you're in an island of nowhere). Tomb Raider has fast travel feature in form of camps, though, it is handy to access all side-quests that require backtracking if you're too far ahead. There's essentially a mirror of Batman's Riddler Quest here in form of collectibles. You'll have no shortage hidden objects to collect to complete your collections and achievements. And yes, some are really well hidden making it harder, probably you might want to see Youtube videos for guide or something. I've given up collecting everything though, lack of dedication of my part. :)

Every game has its flaws, and Tomb Raider is no different. A few notable downsides are, for example: boring, repeated QTEs where some require you to trial and error and so when you die in that particular QTE you're forced to watch the previous cutscene. Yeah, damned QTEs, and even Resident Evil 6's doesn't do it this way.

Another one is the hunting mechanic, it doesn't really add much value to the main game. So you hunt the wild animals and loot some resources, then what? Nothing more. It feels pretty detached in my opinion, it's only there for the sake of it.

Lara is also even better than Batman. There's no way a girl like her would be able to run overnight without fatigue, fight many strong armed men simultaneously, and after receiving open wounds she can still fight like monster. Not to mention Lara's shotgun is still fully functional even after submerged in many of her QTEs in the river/water. While it's a downside definitely, it's a side effect of the game being linear and thus no realism.

On PC, the game's still better played with Keyboard + Mouse. I've tried using Controller for several hours and the results are miserable. The game requires your aim skill when you fight, controller can't do that, there's no auto aim here. If you insist though, you can plug your Xinput capable controller and set it up in-game menu. Dinput doesn't fare well and even requires some specific hack to make it work properly, so not recommended.

For side perks, it has achievements if you're into it and cloud save which is a must for all games nowadays and it has saved me several times from losing my progress. You can also jump into the multiplayer if you like, though I never touch it since Tomb Raider is only all about single player for me.

Overall, this is a proper AAA, something that I can really recommend despite some flaws. Most of the times the game would be on heavy sale, so get it if you like the genre.

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How To Prevent Intro Rebellion/Opening Video From Appearing
By zeroxxx
A fix for low volume problem (Windows 7 tested with Realtek soundcard)
By zeroxxx
A fix to pass through graphical glitches when you start the game on Optimus laptops.
By zeroxxx
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