Author of Crowbar (Source engine modding tool). Post any bug reports, feature requests, questions, or comments about Crowbar in the Steam group for Crowbar .

"I used to be a modder like you; then I took a Crowbar in the knee." -- ZeqMacaw [18-Nov-2019]

"I'm a survivor, infected with modding virus." -- K1CHWA

"Nah, you just delete it all. So no one gets the assets, don't need to travel to the fires where they were forged cause they brought a disturbance to the Source." -- CSGO John Madden [About map assets for a cancelled map contest.]

I hang out in many GoldSource- and Source-engine modding Discord servers.
Primary Discord server (Dead 4 Mods #crowbar channel): https://discord.gg/4qtmzBP

My Discord ID: ZeqMacaw#1516

Dead 4 Mods (L4D2 modding group and Discord server)
ZeqMacaw's Tidbits (L4D2 modding info) [sites.google.com]
My L4D2 Mods [sites.google.com]

If you want to contact me directly, you are welcome to email me at my gmail account that uses my user name for the address.
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