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Gronka Gronga (Read the box I guess)
What's with the gist, physicist?

Broken and depressed tooter wojak edition, of course

I might come off as pretty serious at first but I assure you, I do not take anything I do seriously.

Adding me and ♥♥♥♥:
Give me a reason before adding me, please. Otherwise, well, you know the ignoring drill.

If it's going to be an add for a trade, sorry to disappoint you, I don't trade. So kindly scoot out of my profile if you are.

If it's regarding commissions, I'm sorry, but I am not available at the moment. School and other crap from life, you know. But I'll get around to them one day.

Scammers, instablock. No exceptions. Don't expect me to play around with you either if you are one.

I need to get around to cleaning up the friend's list however. When, I wish I knew.


I keep track of commissions in packets of 4. A reasonably sizeable number I believe.

-To be paid in TF2 keys/ref (sorry I don't have a paypal account)

-General Specifications : Class, map, time of day, loadout, and a general idea of the scene

-Pricing : Profile Pictures/Portraits : 1-3 keys base price
Posters : 2 - 6 keys, base price
Complex posters : 5-10 keys I guess (scenebuilding, multiple models, etc.)

Optional addons : Paintovers - 30 ref-2 keys(depending on Complexity)
Additional models (counted after the number 3) : 5 ref per model
Unusual effects : 10-15 ref

------------------ MAY SET UP PAYPAL SOON, WILL LET YOU KNOW ------------------------
-Slots: 1-


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Shinesparker [SFM + Paintovers]
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ikamuse johnson Nov 16 @ 4:43pm 
hey can i speak to you through steam dms about one of your steam friends? because i thiiink they got hacked or something
pinedile Oct 30 @ 8:30am 
:2019space: And the Universe said ''Ninga Bunga Unga'' :2019space:
Veloxcene Aug 9 @ 11:25am 
pee poo Aug 9 @ 2:14am 
whats good
Fᵣₑₑzy Jul 7 @ 3:20pm 
idk i was just bored
Veloxcene Jul 7 @ 8:38am 
Same, it seems to live on in the hearts of normies