Melody =^-^=
Melody (the one from UT2004) 😸   Italy
Founder of many servers, programmer, UT2004 Veteran and Community Helper. Feel free to add me for any reason.
Heart, show me the way.
This is you (literally). (this link opens clicker's profile, you're not on my profile for real)
Mah information
Want to discuss about ANYTHING without actually fearing toxicity and stupid answers? Join my group, it's constantly moderated and it's also a friendly and useful place to discuss about whatever you want.
Join here -->
The group is young, so feel free to help!

Who the hell are you?
Glad you asked! I'm Melody, an Italian person who likes helping other people (mainly in programming) and I'm currently developing an engine and a game in a group of 11 developers. I also like the Serious Sam series and I'll definitely play with you if you ask me (mainly SP and Cooperative).
I'm also in an Italian association for high I.Q. people, actually recognized as a genius :D
Other stuff from my private life is... private.

What do you do? Why are you here?
Well, I mainly help other people fixing problems since 2011. My main specialization is programming (basically everything! from Assembly to frameworks), but you can ask me even about other informatics stuff (network, audio processing, Linux and so on).

I work for a pretty famous company as programmer.

I also host a lot of gaming servers. You can definitely ask me, if we're good friends, to host something for you and your friends. I support some communities, including the Serious Sam community.

And of course I'm here because I like to play and help other people.

Also, if you have issues with YouTube, you can tell me.

Why are you switching through arrogant and intelligent behaviors? Do you have double personality or what?
I've never got into this argument before because I've never felt the need of it. Well, this is kinda hard to explain. Warning: this will be boring to some people.
We all know that there are many different languages in the world, for example: Italian, English, French, Spanish, etcetera. Now, leaving out the spoken languages, there are and always have been 2 main languages. I really don't know how to give them a name, but there's a plain difference between them.
The first language is based on lifestyle backgrounds and habits. The straight-forward example of this is religion. Let's say you see a car without engine. If you're willing to speak this language, you'll definitely say and state that the car won't be able to work, ever.
The second language is what I call an "engineering" language. This language is based on the theory that knowledge is unlimited, thus anything can be possible and could happen. If you see a plane without wings, you'll ask the person who made the plane about how it's going to fly without them.
As you can easily guess, a person can't speak Italian to a person who's speaking French. The same applies here. You can't actually be reasonable with an arrogant person, and vice-versa. One or the other has to speak the same language.
I hope I've finally made things clear.

Serious Sam
You can ask help for any trick in Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter (curvejumps in both Versus and SP/Coop, even the hardest ones). If you need some help, feel free to ask. If you belong to the Serious Saturdays group, you'll be ignored and blocked.
Multi Theft Auto / SA:MP
I've recently started playing MTA again.
I'm a master in drifting (also in making custom handlings), stunting and handling the desert eagle (fast-shooting, C-bug, lag aiming in SA:MP). Feel free to ask.
Goldsource / Source Engine games, Quake and Reflex
I can bhop pretty well. If you need help, feel free to ask.
If you want to practice some LGvsLG in QL I'm available.

I'd like to play with you and/or ask you for help and/or talk with you for some reason.
You can add me for any reason you want, I'll accept everyone and I'm glad to help everyone.

WARNING: I ONLY keep honest people in my friendlist, so:
-> Players who are in the Serious Saturdays group will be ignored and blocked.
-> Male chauvinists will be removed.
-> If I feel like you can't take part of a serious conversation we may have, I'll probably decide to remove you. I like to only keep people who are intelligent and open mind in my friendlist. If you're unable to take part of a serious conversation, just don't start one.
-> Hypocritical people and defamers will be removed. If I realize you're talking s*it on my back I'll remove you.
-> Insults = Removal + Block. If you fall down to the lowest levels and start insulting me either randomly or during a conversation I'll just remove and block you. If you do that, it means that your intelligence level is too low according to my standards.
-> Random removal = Block. A person who deletes you for no reason without even giving reasons is a hypocrite. I won't deal with that.
-> Respect my opinions. Just like I respect other people's opinions, you must respect mines. If not = removal + block. NOTE: Please make a difference between subjectivity and objectivity: "Math is not an opinion", facts ain't opinions.
-> I follow the "theory is not practice" motto. Unless there's practical evidence for something, theory counts zero [] to me.
-> If you get an error message when adding me, don't bother to try again.

I want to help you with something.
I'm currently testing a free image hosting service and a free website hosting service. If you want to test any of them (or need more details), please tell me.

Currently, I'm not searching for devs to develop our engine and game.

-> Video hosting service. If you want to test, please tell me.

-> Video Streaming service. I'm currently tweaking it. If you want to watch my test streams, please tell me.

some kind of alien hybrid
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Ferikkusu Jan 5 @ 2:52am 
I like your profile, you're really aware of how people can act up and stuff like that. You seem like a pretty honest person yourself a got good fluid English senses.
I mean since we don't know each other, my words might not be of any matter to you but it's always nice to see people like you around here.
I hope you're having a wonderful noon and weekend! :coolsam: