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Melody (the one from UT2004) 😸   Avellino, Campania, Italy
Feel free to add me for any reason.
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LEGO® Star Wars™: The Complete Saga
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Fight the trollers
Join Digital Harmony and help me fight the trollers.

I kindly request that you refrain from adding me or communicating with me if your profile is private. I appreciate your understanding.
Those who cloak their truths in shadows only reveal their fear of the light.

Should I discover that you have been dishonest or have provided deceptive information, I will cease further interactions with you.
Measure your words before you let them loose, for once spoken, they govern the direction of your life. Deception drowns in the ocean of truth, for even the most artful lie is but a temporary illusion.

Kindly refrain from engaging in a dialogue or debate with me if you're unwilling to consider perspectives other than your own.
The most you're going to get by arguing with a squirrel is just some squeaking and some bites on your fingers.

PVP servers for Serious Sam HD have been officially and permanently closed. I kindly request your understanding in not raising further inquiries regarding this matter.
Never mistake kindness for weakness, for it is the silent strength of the humble. Those who exploit generosity only reveal their own emptiness, while those who give, overflow with abundance.

If you've added my work account you should add me here instead, thank you!
Hello, I'm Melody. I'm notorious for my programming skills, tweaking skills and knowledge about computers.
If you have a problem with YouTube, you can either use the YouTube Community Forum or report that to me and I will verify by myself and let it get noticed sooner.

I have successfully tweaked a lot of users' computers Online and I'm well known in the community for that, plus my capabilities to experiment and find something new everyday.

For further info you can ask people themselves.

Available to play, help in programming, fixing stuff, etc. etc.
My Discord Server (PC tweaking, have actually constructive discussions without BS):
My Discord Server -
This is the official link to YouTube's Community Forum:

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=3 Feb 21 @ 2:55pm 
Melody [Digital Harmony] Feb 21 @ 2:54pm 
I'm more available on discord
=3 Feb 21 @ 2:51pm 
sorry :(
Melody [Digital Harmony] Feb 21 @ 2:47pm 
Added, but I usually don't chat on Steam.
=3 Feb 21 @ 2:44pm 
I wanted to add you to ask question about Doom eternal fov
shade00 birthday~kitty Feb 19 @ 4:52pm 
i gotchas
my stalker i was inactive forum wise for a long period returned they started back up
not the type to just give up sadly
not the best of trolls, chunk ive met past wise you could ignore or act nice and calm too with decent results
this one is more of a twist ur words and try to make you look like the bad person always
i usually try not to respond to them ever if i can help it

yeah too many toxic people on the forums sadly, some community's with more then others
glad mods are appearing when reports are sent, but there sadly not appearing in every case
wish they would.