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Not a Hero is a 2D shooter with minor platforming elements. It has a couple of unique mechanics revolving around cover and slide tackling/executions. As well as a handful of unique characters all with their own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

On the technical side their are only a couple of faults. Firstly it has pretty non existent technical settings. As such, when it launches windowed it can be confusing how to get it into fullscreen (Press ALT + Enter). Also, you can slide tackle enemies which knocks them to the ground allowing an execution (insta-kill). However, shooting your gun and executions are tied to the same button so sometimes when you try to execute your character instead shoots their gun. Executions should really be tied to a seperate input from shooting.

It's also on the shorter side which I actually consider a positive. A lot of indie games that don't really have a narrative and instead revolve around completing levels (like Not a Hero) often pad out the game with 100 levels in order to justify the cost by having a lot of content despite few mechanics/narrative. However, that just tends to make those games tedious to finish. Not a Hero is the perfect length to leave me wanting more without overstaying it's welcome.

If you enjoyed Hotline Miami, Gunpoint, Mark of the Ninja, or Broforce you'll like Not a Hero.

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