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3 Stages Of Dark Souls 3
1. Curiosity
Hmmm, since everybody is playing it, maybe I should also give it a try? Okay, not bad, handsome armors, check; majestic catholic church inspired buildings, check; big a$$ bosses, check... Can't help to see more.

2. Outrage
God this game is crap! Game design is cheap as fμck!What? how come he hit me? The hitbox is garbage! I'm done with this game! bang! (The sound of your poor controller slamming to the wall)

3. Calm and epiphany
Yes, this is a zen game, I should have known earlier. I know your every move, I know every trap and ambushes. Nothing can harm me, I'm shapeless, formless, like water... I feel like a Tai Chi master... Oh, how beautiful this game is.

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