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:hi: everybody, Thanks for visiting my profile. :heartris:
I am NO LONGER ACCEPTING friend requests, with very few exceptions.
But if I accepted your friend request, you should follow my requests below
:csgox: Do not request any free stuff
:csgox: Do not send any suspicious link (Hacking purpose)
:csgox: No cheating
:csgox: Should not annoy me too much during a game match nor if my status is "BUSY"
:csgox: Must not show any behavior I don't like
:csgox: Do not try to scam me
:csgox: Do not insult me or my country, I will remove you instantly!
:shipenergy: Please maintain my requests above. If not, I'll unfriend you or block you forever

:happyhf: IMPORTANT : If you want to invite me for playing any games, trading any items ASK ME FIRST
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This guide will show you how to set Steam or Removed Games as your Group's associated game.
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Still one of my all time absolute favourite games, so much so I even bought this - the remaster/"definitive" edition - and replayed it all over again. And again. :D

Fantastic story, gorgeous visuals, engaging combat, flawless voice acting, just immensely fun from start to finish. A lot of people give the driving model flak but I genuinely think it, like the No Man Sky debacle, have been unfairly overblown now. It's not the greatest, no, but it's not even close to as bad as people like to make out.

Ah well. Magnificent game, always.
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