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Ryzen 7 3700X 4.4Ghz
Aorus 2070 Super
32GB Ram @ 3600Mhz
1x BenQ 1440p & 2 x Asus 1080p
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Kolink Core Series 1000w 80 Plus
NZXT Kraken X52 AIO Water Cooling Unit
Creative Sound Blaster X AE-5
Logitech G27
Xbox 360 Gamepad (chrome) x 4
Steam Controller

Some favourite games of all time

1974 : Tank (Atari 7600)
1983 : Chaos (ZX Spectrum)
1987 : Bubble Bobble (C64)
1988 : Laser Squad (ZX Spectrum)
1988 : Armalyte (C64)
1990 : Kick off 2 (Amiga)
1993 : Hired Guns (Amiga)
1996 : Soulblade (PS1)
1998 : Bomberman (PS1)
1999 : Final Fantasy VIII (PS1)
2000 : Hogs of War (PS1)
2001 : SSX Tricky (PS2)
2002 : FFXI (PC)
2003 : Tiger Woods PGA Tour 04 (Xbox)
2004 : Half-Life 2 (PC)
2005 : Fight Night Round 2 (Xbox)
2005 : Colin McRae Rally 2005 (Xbox)
2006 : Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (PS2)
2008 : Fallout 3 (PC)
2012 : The Walking Dead S1 (PC)
2013 : FFXIV ARR (PC)
2013 : Tomb Raider (PC)
2013 : Spelunky (PC)
2014 : Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD (PC)
2014 : The Talos Principle (PC)
2015 : Chaos Reborn (PC)
2015 : Rocket League (PC)
2015 : Infinifactory (PC)
2016 : Armello (PC)
2017 : Carcassonne (PC/Android)
2018 : Through the Ages (PC/Android)
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5.8 Hours played
I don't normally play point & click's but decided to try this one due to a bit more spare time on my hands recently, the fact that it was included in a bundle and it looked like it had a unique graphical style.

At points during the five hours or so I spent with the game it had moments that could've converted me to the genre. The game had some scenes that followed logic and there were a couple of puzzles that gave a degree of satisfaction to solve. Sadly, the majority of puzzles were convoluted and followed little logic. The last chapters were the ones that carried the most guilt. I found myself just wandering around, finding a new item and then having to revisit every object and NPC to see if the new item would interact with it to further my progress. In the end I had to regrettably resort to a walkthrough, checking the other reviews I seem to be not alone with this.

The overall experience felt cumbersome and the story had no real depth. If the game was any longer than it was I wouldn't have persevered to the end (even though I used a guide).

The game is not a complete travesty and may appeal to fans of the genre? It's not put me off enough to not try another point & click, but I won't be recommending Truberbrook in a hurry.
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