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Some favourite games of all time

1974 : Tank (Atari 7600)
1983 : Chaos (ZX Spectrum)
1987 : Bubble Bobble (C64)
1988 : Laser Squad (ZX Spectrum)
1988 : Armalyte (C64)
1990 : Kick off 2 (Amiga)
1993 : Hired Guns (Amiga)
1996 : Soulblade (PS1)
1998 : Bomberman (PS1)
1999 : Final Fantasy VIII (PS1)
2000 : Hogs of War (PS1)
2001 : SSX Tricky (PS2)
2002 : FFXI (PC)
2003 : Tiger Woods PGA Tour 04 (Xbox)
2004 : Half-Life 2 (PC)
2005 : Fight Night Round 2 (Xbox)
2005 : Colin McRae Rally 2005 (Xbox)
2006 : Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (PS2)
2008 : Fallout 3 (PC)
2012 : The Walking Dead S1 (PC)
2013 : FFXIV ARR (PC)
2013 : Tomb Raider (PC)
2013 : Spelunky (PC)
2014 : Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD (PC)
2014 : The Talos Principle (PC)
2015 : Chaos Reborn (PC)
2015 : Rocket League (PC)
2015 : Infinifactory (PC)
2016 : Armello (PC)
2017 : Carcassonne (PC/Android)
2018 : Through the Ages (PC/Android)
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edit : changed my review to NEGATIVE. The reason being that there has been a bug in the game for many, many months now where players don't get to see their final scores in the game on most occassions. There's not much point playing a multiplayer game if you don't know who won!!!

I bought the physical version of Carcassonne two weeks ago on a Saturday morning. After a couple of games with a friend and working out how to play it I decided to invest in this digital version. It seemed like a good game and playing the digital version was going to ensure I'd understood the rules properly.

Since then I've played 35 hours of the digital version. It's an great adaption of the board game and it has some advantages over the physical version that go beyond having to tidy up after playing! The digital version shows were tiles can be placed (or not placed) and you can toggle on/off which "fields" you have control of. Of course the game totals up all the scores during the game and end-game so no mental arithmetic too!

The physical version has many expansions and these are planned for release during 2018 as DLC. At preent there is just the one DLC, which is "The River".

The game is quite easy to learn. You basically take a tile, which will depict roads, settlements, monastries, etc and have to place the tile down on the table making sure all the sides match to any other sides that the tile is placed alongside. You then have an option to place a "Meeple" on a feature of the tile (road, field, city, etc). You score when you complete a city or road or have a monastry surrounded by 8 tiles wherby you have a meeple on that feature. In the event of more than one player having meeples on the feature the points go to whoever has more meeple on the feature, or if it is equal then points are shared. I won't go into any more depth regards to how to play, but that's basically the gist of how the game works.

With Carcassonne being cross-platform it's prettty easy to get an online multiplayer game. There's maybe an average of around 100 people playing at all times and the longest I've had to wait is a couple of minutes to find a game.

The game displays the tiles in an isometric view but this can be switched to 2D. Isometric looks better in my opinion and seems to display more of the tiles without having to scroll around as much as in than the top-down view.

I bought the game a couple of weeks after the price increase of €5 but am happy that it has provided more than value for money so far.

I can't recommend this game enough, if you're into digital board games then you can't really go wrong with this purchase.
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