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Ryzen 7 3700X 4.4Ghz
Aorus 2070 Super
32GB Ram @ 3600Mhz
1x BenQ 1440p & 2 x Asus 1080p
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Kolink Core Series 1000w 80 Plus
NZXT Kraken X52 AIO Water Cooling Unit
Creative Sound Blaster X AE-5
Logitech G27
Xbox 360 Gamepad (chrome) x 4
Steam Controller

Some favourite games of all time

1974 : Tank (Atari 7600)
1983 : Chaos (ZX Spectrum)
1987 : Bubble Bobble (C64)
1988 : Laser Squad (ZX Spectrum)
1988 : Armalyte (C64)
1990 : Kick off 2 (Amiga)
1993 : Hired Guns (Amiga)
1996 : Soulblade (PS1)
1998 : Bomberman (PS1)
1999 : Final Fantasy VIII (PS1)
2000 : Hogs of War (PS1)
2001 : SSX Tricky (PS2)
2002 : FFXI (PC)
2003 : Tiger Woods PGA Tour 04 (Xbox)
2004 : Half-Life 2 (PC)
2005 : Fight Night Round 2 (Xbox)
2005 : Colin McRae Rally 2005 (Xbox)
2006 : Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (PS2)
2008 : Fallout 3 (PC)
2012 : The Walking Dead S1 (PC)
2013 : FFXIV ARR (PC)
2013 : Tomb Raider (PC)
2013 : Spelunky (PC)
2014 : Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD (PC)
2014 : The Talos Principle (PC)
2015 : Chaos Reborn (PC)
2015 : Rocket League (PC)
2015 : Infinifactory (PC)
2016 : Armello (PC)
2017 : Carcassonne (PC/Android)
2018 : Through the Ages (PC/Android)
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9.4 Hours played
Wow! I just completed this game and I'm in awe of what a well-made pure platformer the guys at "Black Pants Studio" have created!!

The game is simple and contains a mechanic that has been used before. Our hero (Elvis!) can change between two forms : blue and red. Whilst in each form he is immune to certain environmental hazards of that same color. Depending on the color state he is in will also determine which type of scenery will manifest itself for him to stand on and jump off. I've played games before using similar mechanics but none that have implemented it so well as in ORT.

With the exception of normal joystick movement the only other button to concern yourself with is jump. That's it. Simple and pure, no nonsense!!

So how hard is it? This is a tricky one to define. Due to most stages having numerous available checkpoints you may only have to traverse ten seconds of platform mayhem to clock in at the next one, some of these sections are tough! I suggested in the Steam forum that the game would benefit from a "hardcore" mode without checkpoints. The dev responded that this is something currently being worked on!! This will ramp up the difficulty nicely!! I'm not sure it will be on par with SMB level still? But we will wait and see...

This game was built for speedrunning!! I don't feel in its current state that this is exploited to its full potential. It is great that the game has leaderboards but the game currently use the Steam Leaderboards system. They really need to be contained within the game. The game does tell you where you placed after successfully completing a level, but it'd be nice to be able to see how many seconds away you were from other places without having to use the clunky Steam system.

Those are my only two "gripes". Everything else works perfectly.

The controls are fast and reactive. The movement of "Elvis" is satisfying and accurate. When you die, you die because you didn't do something fast enough, or you did something you shouldn't have!! It's fair and pure!!

The engine is custom made by the development team. Everything runs really smoothly. The worlds look wonderful in a unique artstyle which, accompanied by an ambient industrial soundtrack creates a dark and memorable atmosphere.

The game may be considered short by some that have little interest in speedrunning the levels. I personally enjoyed my first run through enough to play it over again.

On Rusty Trails is pure-platform heaven!!
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