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I like RPG, Simulation, Racing, FPS, Turn Based Strategy, Narrative, Point & Click, Space Games but I kinda play almost every genre. I'm not good at Fast-Paced Games, RTS, Platformers, too complex Card-Based/Board Games and most probably something else too. I don't like Trivia, Match3, Word Games, Clickers, Time Management, Mobile-Ports, Flash Games and a few others for sure.

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I don't play so much as of lately but am still active :steambored:

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This is the game from Valve I enjoyed most so far.

I'm still a noob so don't have much to say... First MP game I played was KF1, back to some months ago - Always been a SP Gamer. Then I tried TF2 because I wanted to check out some Reward Items I got while playing "Poker Night 2", like the "Samson Skewer" and I've been playing since then.

Other than having fun with the game, I also enjoy trading on Steam. It was only cards at first, now it's hats and weapons too! I think TF2's Community is also pretty good, never had unpleasant experiences so far, apart from a bit of frustration when you wanted to play better but realize you're not so young anymore :)
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Back to the Future: Ep 1 - It's About Time
THE TENTH Jul 10 @ 5:44am 
Grazie, e scusa il ritardo :facepalm: Passato un bel fine-settimana?
IL PALLINO Jul 8 @ 12:01pm 
Cool! I once met someone at a concert from Italy who told me he's an Inter fan. But I tell 'ya, a World Cup without the USA *AND* Italy is just blasphemy! (The last time Italy wasn't in a World Cup, it was only because they weren't invited. Bruce Arena proved that a coach *CAN* be incompetent enough to not have the USA qualify in CONCAF with the likes of Christian Pulisic!)
roughnecks Jul 8 @ 11:57am 
lol, I'm not really interested in soccer but, since I was a kid, "Internazionale" got my preference.
IL PALLINO Jul 8 @ 11:54am 
I thought I'd ask you here since the question is about you. I noticed you live in Italy. Who's your favorite Serie A team?
roughnecks Jul 8 @ 11:43am 
Ah! Space Pilgrim, yeah :VipPass:
Glad you got it sorted and thanks for sharing, I'll check that software out!
IL PALLINO Jul 8 @ 11:39am 
It was a picture of the greatest line (IMO) from Space Pilgrim Episode 1... Now I'm about to upload a pic from Space Pilgrim Academy Year 1! :Robot1:

I've been taking screenshots the old fashioned way by using the Print Screen key and pasting them into Windows Paint, but I found a utility called SteaScree to copy the pics over to the correct folder for uploading to Steam. (Folders have to be manually made by getting the game ID from their respective store page.)