:wave: Please leave a comment while adding me.
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roughnecks 1 stycznia o 9:47 
I don't accept invites for trading. Use the trade URL, please.
Happy New Year you too :)
Jinkros ✓ 1 stycznia o 9:45 
Hey added you to talk about a trade, send me a message when you accept it and Happy New Year 12.020 :D
SrMilagro 31 grudnia 2019 o 21:01 
Happy New Year! Wish you all the best! :fullstars:
[HWU][ESGAA] - Pಠnz - 15 listopada 2019 o 2:23 
roughnecks 14 listopada 2019 o 7:17 
Added, thanks.
CelticPhilosopher 14 listopada 2019 o 7:15 
Hey, if you want any help with SE - Just ask, I am always willing to help when available.:se: