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50 Hours played
All I can say really is that this is basically my definition of a perfect game, it's phenomenal.
This might just actually be the one best game I have ever experienced, no joke.
Oh how I yearn for a way to forget everything about it and replay it with the same initial sense of wonder and discovery...

I am just gonna try to list what this game has and hasn't in order to give you an idea of what to expect, but if you like self-paced exploration games and sci-fi then this is an absolute must-must-MUST-HAVE.

If you decide this may be for you, I'll give you one golden rule you must follow: DO NOT SPOIL YOURSELF (be it with YouTube Videos, Reviews that "talk too much", or with Tutorials, ANYTHING) as this cannot be undone and you WILL regret it.
Oh boy am I glad I didn't do that.

OK so it's got (spoiler-free):
- Great and compelling story and lore which is all self-discovered and handily logged and laid out. Everyhing you do here is up to you, there is no set task, no quests. All this game does is fuel your own desire for knowledge and understanding in a truly addictive way.
- Fitting and very atmospheric music
- Timeless, stylish graphics
- A few "spooky moments", but not too bad. (It's not really a horror game after all)
- It evokes feelings of childlike wonder and existential dread all at the same time (I love it <3)
- One of the most thoughtful level/planet design I have seen in games so far
- It takes you and your time seriously, this game can be played for 20min a day for a longer period with no problem, or fills one or two (or three) entire weekends.
There is no set amount of time you'll need to invest, as everything you discover is fully documented for you so you can hop in whenever you like or take a break.
There are no needlessly long-winded time wasters, most of the time you spend will be rewarded with new knowledge about the lore, mechanics or or other useful info.
And to top it off, it will leave you thinking for long after you exited the game.

All in all, you'll get 25-30h of wonderful gameplay if you want to do every achievement and discover it all.

What it doesn't have (and shouldn't have):
- Microtransactions
- Boring repetitive stuff
- A handholding approach through the entire game (like most AAA games)

It's got everything a good exploration game needs and more, it's finished and polished (that can't be said for a lot of other games sadly) and just all-around really really fantastically good!

Full recommend at basically any price, even if they would increase it to 40€, no, 60€!
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62 Hours played
To start, I rarely write reviews, but when I do, the game is either extremely good or extremely bad.
This is fortunately the former.

This is an urban exploration puzzle / adventure game at its finest, where it seems a city is struck hard by Murphy's law.
Everything's starting to fall apart from negligence and as a structural analyst it's your job to document it all, and fix stuff along the way where possible.
There is also a very interesting plot you can uncover, about why this all happened, as well as some interesting tidbits of the city and it's inhabitants.
You'll be walking, driving, jumping, climbing and crawling through old tunnels, machine halls, air ducts and all sorts of infrastructural buildings.

I went in without much expectation, thinking I'll be done in a few 3-8 hours like some other exploration games I've played.
Boy was I wrong, even though I only played through it once yet, I got a solid ~30 hours of good gameplay out of it, and I certainly haven't seen it all or completed all achievements.
Also there are a metric ton of secrets and easter eggs, from which I certainly missed about 60%+.
The ending is pretty gripping and has great suspense, but fits well with the general vibe of the game.
Replayability is also there, for at least a second playthrough, I'll certainly get to that some day.

This game was made with love and attention to detail, and filled to the brim with content to explore and uncover.
It also very much feels alive, often funny and realistic (apart from some slightly over-the-top action).
You'll often have a phonecall with your boss, or talk to someone on radio.
There are cars and trains driving around in some parts of the game, and even normal people walking around.

Can wholeheartedly recommend for it's price, fantastic little (well, big actually...) exploration gem!

And a tiny warning for the very faint-hearted, this game contains some optional (and one mandatory) scary parts, from which about 2 (or 3) could be considered jumpscares.
The game in it's core isn't a horror game by any means however and there is basically no risk of getting spooked randomly.
Mostly it's just creepy or dark without anything happening in particular, while the brain does the rest to produce some psychological unrest.
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