:chirp:I publish Cities:Skylines assets, TS2016 scenario, and CIM2 map in workshop.

Cities in Motion 2のマップをワークショップで公開しています。

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MAN Lion's City DD (Chirpy sightseeing bus)

MAN Lion's City LE (Chirpy sightseeing bus)
Capacity : 80 person
Speed : 100km/h

DLC "Parklife" が必要です。
DLC "Parklife" is required.
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Created by - ron_fu-ta
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Cities: Skylines
ron_fu-ta May 25 @ 9:55pm 
@amade le nomade
Yes. I know.
But I no plan for purchase.
amade le nomade May 25 @ 12:56pm 
do you know the transport Fever game?
menschohnekatze Apr 24 @ 10:43am 
can you make a repaint abellio flirt in to the dutch railways?
Michael Apr 5 @ 4:28pm 
Awesome jobs! どうもありがとうございます!! Will you consider making a monorail version of the BTS Skytrain?
oszorrobln Mar 25 @ 12:59am 
this is my motto,
Carpe Diem, be happy today.
ron_fu-ta Mar 19 @ 11:48pm 
I Permit.