Ben   Knoxville, Tennessee, United States
Founder and owner of Robosane.
I'm using Steam on Ubuntu Linux. (No Tux no Bux)
I'm also robobenklein on Github, Keybase, Reddit, Soundcloud, and more.

Leave a comment why you're adding me if:
* I don't recognize your name
* You have a new or low-level profile
* You have Trading, VAC, or SteamRep bans
* You want to trade and your inventory is private

Otherwise I am most likely going to ignore your request!

Need help with something Robosane and I'm not available? You can find Robosane Staff on Discord (see our website for a join link) and through our Steam group. Otherwise, contact

If you have questions about Linux, Gameserver hosting, Web Development, programming or network management, I may be able to help.

If you need to speak with me in a more reliable manner,

Or reach me on hangouts using my gmail address. If your questions are security conscious, find me on Keybase or ask for my GPG key.

Note: I am NOT currently selling my whole BP. I still enjoy TF2 and probably won't abandon it for awhile.
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Robobenklein :redpolyball:
Some random GNU/Linux nerd who also plays lots of videogames.

If you like Linux, systems programming, open source software, or general tech, maybe you would be interested in my blog [].

Computer info
All my computers only run open source operating systems. (Currently my primary OS is Ubuntu)

:bolt:Unseptium (laptop)
System76 Oryx Pro v1 (original model :goldfeatherduster: still strong)
i7-6700hq, 16GB DDR4-2133, GTX970M
256 nvme ssd, 256 2.5" ssd, 1TB hdd

:bolt:Triangulum (desktop)
Ryzen 2400G OC'd, 32GB DDR4-3200
A few ssds, a few hdds

:bolt:Trurl (server)
Hosts gameservers, renders, a place to dump test projects and Robosane experiments.
2x Xeon E5520

Contact :goldpolyball:
Discord: Find me on the Robosane server. (Go to our website for a join link.)
Skype: No. I hate Microsoft.
Keybase: robobenklein
Google, Github, Gitlab: robobenklein
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