Richard   Bayern, Germany
Language-skill in order: German, English, Russian
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:crown1::crown1::crown1::crown1: About me :crown1::crown1::crown1::crown1:
:slime1: Name: Richard
:slime1: Age: 17
:slime1: Country: Germany
:crown1::crown1::crown1::crown1: Rules On Adding :crown1::crown1::crown1::crown1:
:slime1: Dont bother trying to scam me!
:slime1: You can have VAC bans we all make mistakes!
:slime1: Under level 15 can request but i will only accept if i like your profile.
:slime1: No asking for free items, regardless if its a "joke" (except trading cards)
:slime1: Actually, nevermind I usually don't accept people anyways
:crown1::crown1::crown1::crown1: Things i do/did :crown1::crown1::crown1::crown1:
:slime1: Reached level 40 on steam
:slime1: Fapped to traps without regretting it afterwards
:slime1: Smashed my laptop screen
:slime1: Not Selling/betting/gambling any of my inventory
:slime1: Doing custom profile pictures if you're nice :synchronous:

Wanna buy GTA: Online money?

5 € for 100.000.000 $
2,50 € for every extra 100.000.000 $

(max. amount is 900.000.000 $ to avoid being banned)

You can negotiate if you want to

(giving a free bonus sometimes)
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Youtube: TANZVERBOTcf - Public Group
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Machsij #dicksoutforharambe May 20 @ 2:28am 
+rep funny Minecraft player and cool kid :)))))))))))))))))))))))))
Alfredo #dicksoutforharambe Jan 29 @ 8:41am 
Thanks for GTA cash :steamhappy:
JohnnyCash Jan 5 @ 6:55am 
Cool profile!
Wish you a great Weekend :cure:
danse_macabre Nov 20, 2017 @ 2:20pm 
:luckclover:Have a nice week!:luckclover:
Fergus Nov 20, 2017 @ 9:14am 
A u t i s m
ERiC Nov 11, 2017 @ 3:27am 
cool profile dude! :pepedetective: