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Nume: David
Prenume: Mihai
Sex: Masculin
Data naşterii: 19 iulie
Anul naşterii: 1997
Vârstă: 22 ani
Oraş natal: Bucureşti (România)
Name: David
Surname: Mihai
Sex: Male
Date of births: 19 july
Year: 1997
How old: 22 years
Hometown: Bucharest (Romania)
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Discord: David#8484
Skype: reif_wiz
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CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600, 3.9GHz, 19MB
Sursă: Sirtec - High Power HPQ-500BR-H12S, 80+ Bronze, 500W
Placă bază: GIGABYTE B450M DS3H
RAM: HyperX Fury Black 8GB
SSD: Kingston A400, 240GB
Mouse: Logitech G502
Keyboard: Scorpion Ghost K621
Headphone: HyperX Cloud II 7.1 🎧
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 27" (16:9) CF591 Curved LED Monitor
Motanul meu Ruski
De ce Ruski?
Rasa lui se numeşte Albastru de Rusia . Aceasta a apărut prima dată în anul 1871, însă a fost recunoscută oficial ca rasă abia în 1912. Prezenţa unei blăni groase şi călduroase sugerează că această rasă este obişnuită să supraveţuiască într-un mediu cu climat rece. Această rasă a fost vânată pentru blana ei foarte călduroasă. După cel De-al Doilea Război Mondial, majoritatea pisicilor din rasa Albastru de Rusia a fost ucisă, iar mai apoi în anul 1965 a reapărut felina originală din rasa Albastru de Rusia .
Deci numele Ruski provine din Rusia pentru că este un rus idiot. Mereu mi-am dorit să înjur zilnic un rus. A da.. şi răspunde la COAIE !

A message for the ones who say that Romania is full of gypsies:

We are not crows [1]
We don't live in tents
We make efforts to elevate ourselves
And we don't play the accordion on the streets of Wien
We don't beg showing off our handicap, to make a fortune
And we don't tell the fortune in dirty trailers
We don't wear flowery skirts and we don't pick pockets
We don't emigrate to Sweeden with 7 children to get help
You blame us, from Berlin to Pamplona, making me sick
Suck my dick [2] , you won't see any Romanian in trailers around Rome
We freeze in classrooms since we're 6-7 years old
6-7 hours a day without heating, food or money
We have poor parents at home and one thing is for sure
We are cultivated as to make it in life
By ourselves
We face new laws
Made by idiots
Dance with us
My dick's waltz is a step forward, two steps backward
I piss on gays, and it's not normal that my children see
Homosexuals making out ostentatiously in the street
It's trendy being tolerant but don't revive Sodom [3]
We can send you the fags packing to Barcelona
We are the poor relative so we cannot be brothers
Message to Europe: I think you're confusing us
We don't have 7 brothers at home
Our mother is really not sick
Our father quickly drank his coffee
And hastily left for work
We go to colleges
And spend our last penny on books
We will never be garbagemen in Amsterdam
We speak 3 languages, and we can fly your planes
But we cannot fucking socialize with trashcans
We force closed doors, we live with disallowed dreams
And we legally work a whole year for a fistful of tokens
Let it enter your head, quickly, believe us
We don't eat swans [4]
We respect ourselves, we solve our own problems
Lowlifes and whores strengthen the ranks of gipsy settlements [5] in Madrid
We the Romanians line up to fill theaters
We vote disgusted, it is true, and the country's turned to dust, fine powder
Because it's easier to pay upfront when buying a wreckage
10 years worth of money from EU disappear in mansions [6]
In non-existent streets and useless technologies
If we have connections, you assholes [7] , my bad, you brothers
We can ask for spicy details in "The forest of the hanged" [8]
I'm harmless but my thought kills
The time for this presentation has ran out
In the end, we must specify that Romania is a country in Africa
We live in unhygienic holes underground, we're cannibals, we hunt rats with bows
We don't have cars because we travel through trees painted in yellow
And all the constructions that you can admire if you choose to take a trip through these lands are built by a superior civilization that we have nothing to do with.
Thank you...
[1] pejorative term for gipsy
[2] lit. "Eat my dick"
[3] Sodom and Gomorrah, biblical cities punished by God for being depraved
[4] Refers to a famous incident when gipsys stole live swans from a water fountain in Rome and ate them.
[5] In Romanian there is a dedicated word which refers to gipsy settlements, which doesn't exist in English
[6] Corruption and theft of public money
[7] lit. "you sausages"
[8] Novel by Romanian author Liviu Rebreanu detailing the life(and death) of a Romanian born in then Austro-Hungary, fighting in World War 1

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Pe şoseaua de centură,
Am să-ţi bag creveţi în gură.
Am citit iară-n urină
Că doar tu poţi fi de vină.
Îţi dedic acum în grabă
Melodia mea bolnavă.
Tre' să ştiu dacă de rişti,
să sugi pula când mă piş.
Eu beat mort în intersecţie
Îţi prezint pula-n erecţie.
Îţi promit clipe de vis,
Cu scurgeri şi sifilis.
La plecare faci cu mâna,
Nu mai poţi vorbi româna.
Dacă te mai văd vreodată,
Te strivesc pe-autostradă.

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