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#5 - LEGO City Undercover
#6 - LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean
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#8 - LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4
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I enjoyed Lady in Mystery very much. I'm sad it's over.

This is Yuri. You play a few characters in this VN. At first I was confused about who is who because the narration changes between them. I hadn't realized that until I noticed that at the bottom right corner, the initials of the character's name you are about to play as, shows up. Suddenly everything made sense. lol
The main character is Heesoo/Seol-Young and she is the one you play as most of the time. She is a woman pretending to be a man due to her tragic past. She lives and works with her servant Woosung and they pretend to be brothers. While working as private detectives they help people and also investigate the whereabouts of the person that killed Heesoo's family and ruined their lives.
The game consist of 23 cases/episodes. The first seven episodes are common route. The other 16 are divided between 4 routes/love interests. There are 30 different endings with 5 of them being true endings. The other 25 are "bad" endings [but they are not really bad nor necessarily end in death]. They are all very different from each other and I found them amusing.


- Yurin: The best and saddest route in my opinion. The true ending broke my heart. It was so unfair. Wish they had made an alternate/happy ending for them. Cried so hard.
Also, Woosung betrayal was shocking and rage inducing. Still can't believe it.

- Juhee: This route has 2 paths: Juhee's true ending and Revenge true ending.
1. Juhee: The funniest route. I like Juhee's personality. At first she's hesitant about her feelings but become very confident and assertive. I liked their true ending.
2. Revenge: This was the path I liked least. Didn't like the characters choices and actions in this path. But I understand why they made it the way they did, so it was fitting.
- Seoyeon: I enjoyed her route as well. It shows a different side of Seoyeon. It was surprising that she took the initiative more than once. Liked their true ending as well. This route, just like the others, also has at least 1 "bad" ending. One of them was really sad and made me cry. It feels lonely and empty inside. Glad that wasn't their true ending.
- Iljime: This was the most interesting route. The ending was good but not the way I wanted it to be. It was ambiguous about their relationship. That was a little disappointing.

Each route has it's own different cases that fit that specific love interest personality and story best. The cases are very straightforward with no wasting time or unnecessary conversations. That is a very positive thing in my opinion because the game never gets boring.
Wish they made after stories for the true endings. It wasn't nearly enough for me. A sequel is greatly appreciated. :)

Now, let's talk about the English translation. Every VN is susceptible to translation mistakes. This game has a lot of them. There are 2 sentences where they used the wrong word but I could infer right away from context what they really meant. That was actually the worst mistake in my opinion. Other than that we have sentences with duplicate words, sentences with missing pronouns, misspelled words, words with a missing letter. The translation is not horrible or Google translated. I believe they failed to proof read it before release. If they had done that, I think the majority of those mistakes would have been spotted and corrected. That being said, I could still perfectly understand all sentences. There was no point in this game where I felt lost or didn't understand what was written due to the translation, despite the mistakes mentioned above. I'm really glad about that because I was able to thoroughly enjoy the game. Because of that, those mistakes didn't really bother me. Do hope they fix them in the future because that might make a difference whether some of you buy the game or not and that's a shame because this is a great VN.

Love the art, it's very beautiful. But I feel like they could have made CG's for some other specific events in the story. I missed that. The ''bad'' endings drawings are great. The soundtrack is also nice. They did a good job.
All characters are great and I didn't hate any of them.

I bought the game on release at 15% off and it was well worth it to me. Don't regret at all.
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