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This game has no exit button.
Posted July 15.
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Early Access Review
It was a mistake to buy this game.

I have smoked in my live plenty of years.
I had my fair share of alcohol.
I enjoyed drugs on plenty of occasions.

Never had I been addicted to something. I thought I would enter my grave remaining unaddicted to anything throughout my whole life. But factorio changed that. I dream about this game like it is a highschool crush.

Good bye free-time and not free-time.
Posted June 10.
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This is everything that PUBG aspired to be, but a lot better.
Posted June 8.
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CS:GO, but with balls.
Posted April 6.
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Mowing down hordes of tripping hippies on some kind of white flower has never been so much fun. Especially when you blaze explosive bullets into their naturally formed holes. Not to forget Peacy (cougar) and Cheeseburger (black bear) as your companions that eat human food so now and then. Their diet usually exists of tripping hippies.

Jokes aside, Far Cry 1 was great. Far Cry 3 was amazing and Far Cry 5 belongs in this list. It might even be better than Far Cry 3 story wise. Sure Vaas was probably the best villian which won't be topped here either, but this game has a few "villians" from which you will feel sorry for some. The story is simply amazing.

The Hope County in Montana that is being ruled by the "churches" where the priests (villians) give drugs to the followers (hippies). After a failed attempt of arresting the big boss it is up to you to go in all guns blazing and hell breaking loose. On your way of hippy annihilation you will encounter interesting companions to accompany you. This ranges from animals to psychopaths addicted to their flamethrower. Best of all, you can have 2 of them at most at your side. And they listen pretty well to commands. This includes kamikaze moves by sticking remote explosives up their butts and sending them inside a base (no animals were harmed). But seriously, the AI isn't stupid. They won't break your stealth operation if you plan on taking over an outpost completely stealthed.

The audio and visuals are simply superb. The eye for detail is scarily great. When talking to NPC's their body (when not distracted) will face towards you and their eyes will look at you. So now and then they blink as well. The render distance is extremely far, but not for moving objects, only static ones. You can easily spot a cave from 1 mile distance while skydiving.

This game also has some non story related activities such as fishing and hunting. Both are extremely fun and require a lot caution. Taking the right companion(s) with you during a hunt will help you to kill that animal easily.

This game is in my opinion at least as good as Far Cry 3 and in plenty of stuff even better.

Running this game maxed out on my system 1080p results in an average of 87fps. That is in combination with a 980ti (100% load), i7 4790k and 32gb of ram. This game is rather GPU demanding if you plan on maxing it out with a high fps. However it is extremely optimized. Playing on low/med/high still looks amazing and your fps will increase significantly. For games like these 60fps is the minimum I personally want so I run it uncapped at ultra since I do love the maxed out graphics. Especially when hunting you will simply admire the environment and sounds. It all feels extremely natural. All that is lacking is that cold breeze during a hot summer day and the smell of the forest. But that probably won't happen any time soon in games.

The only downside this game has, in my opinion, is the lack of music variation. Even in cars there isn't that much available. And the surround audio is kinda flawed. Sometimes it works. When you are under fire you hear gun shots from all sides even though it is only north where it is getting shot from. And no I am not talking about the sounds of the bullets scattering around or the AI shooting. But when you are locating a gun fight it is easy to pinpoint where the sounds come from.
Posted April 4.
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Early Access Review
The game is still in early access and it is free. All those that purchased it will get a refund as confirmed by a dev.
Originally posted by Sheep_wielder:
Don't worry guy, you'll get a full refund. Either use the steam help desk or wait for steam to issue their forced refund.

So right now this is a free early access game, which makes it a lot more appealing. There are plenty of stuff going on that needs improvement and one of the biggest issues was, playerbase. This has been tackled by removing the price tag. Right now it takes a couple of minutes to get with 70+ man into a game.

The game itself is familiar to Robocraft (duh) movement/combat wise. The only difference is that there are only prebuilds available scattered around the map.

If you have played any battle royale before then it will feel very familiar strategy wise.

I would've wished that this would be a different game mode in the main game, since that would significantly improve the playerbase for both products, but no harm done I guess.

Anyway if you are up for a simple battle royale and this concept of it is appealing to you, give it a shot.
It is a little bit different from the original Robocraft ammo-wise, but it's still okay.

If it was a fully released game I'd have a lot to complain about, but it isn't. I simply hope Freejam won't make bad moves on this title as it seems pretty promosing so far.

- plenty of vehicles scattered across the map with a lot variety
- balanced vehicles so you don't see everyone with the same vehicle
- small map = fast games

- Clunky movement on rough terrain
- Not all components have the same behaviour as in Robocraft
- No tutorial, good luck to those that are completely new to RC, even I had to figure certain things out

If you're interested just give it a shot. You will figure out within 1 match if this is something for you or not.

I have written a pretty detailed guide covering most of the basic game mechanics in RR. This guide will most likely give you an better impression about what it is like. Click here to go to the guide.
Posted March 27. Last edited March 28.
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If you need a second character in a survival game then you should look for a different game genre.

So this is definitely not your typical Metal Gear game. Hell, the only thing it has in common are the name and the first cinematic hour where the background story gets explained. after that it becomes a wasteland with survival mechanics.
These mechanics feel familiar to that of older fallout games. The ones where you can get food poison and radiation. In this game it is the same with different names basically. Which force you to make a choise between sometimes getting sick in order to survive or stay healthy and be a little bit slower with everything.

This game comes with a minimal amount of grinding. But I am used to grinding in mmorpg's so for the casual gamer this might be a grindy game. And that would be a con.

On average you can do 2 missions and after that you have to kill some animals for food. That is the sweet spot of staying alive.

Now the game itself runs flawlessly on my system. No stutters, no lags, no sudden drops or spikes in frames, it is overall a pretty smooth experience.

The graphics are good. They aren't outstanding, but they aren't bad either. If I were to give it a grade it would be a 7/10. Since it is a destroyed wasteland it feels pretty dull and boring at times, but the things I still have to unlock and cinematics make up for it.

This game offers you a lot freedom. You can modify your character whenever you feel like it at the basecamp. There is no gender switch available though, so some people might be angry about this. You can ignore the missions and go straight out scouting. Unlocking blueprints and crafting high tier equipment. I did that... and the first few missions were rather extremely easy. Another good thing is that your single player unlocks and items are shared with multiplayer and vice versa. Meaning you don't have to start over again. Or if you unlocked something really cool, then you won't have to unlock it again. The downside of this is that single player also requires an internet connection. For me it is no issue, for some it might be.

You can also build and modify your base of operations. It is similar to building settlements in fallout4, but less complicated and with less building freedom.

The only thing I really dislike is the menu system. Some actions require you to hold illogical keys pressed for 1 second until the action is performed. For example, opening a material box. First you go to the terminal. Hold space for 1-2 seconds and it opens. Scroll down to crates with wasd or arrow keys. Press space/enter to select the desired option. Select the crate in a similar way and then hold G for 1-2 seconds for the crate to open. Then hold T for 1-2 seconds to close the interface. If it was just E many times and esc that would be sufficient... I hate the menu system on here. Mouse input is non existent in the menu.

So what good does it have? Survival. And plenty of it. There are many variations of enemies. Each of them having their own pros and cons, but you are armed with traps, lures, melee and ranged weapons. This brings a lot strategy and planning into the game which I like. For example at 1 mission you have to go into a building which is heavily surrounded by wanderers (the zombie like creatures). Options:
1 You can pull off a yolo and run right through it.
2 You choose a way around it and go through the less populated area inside.
3 You climb on obstacles and manouvre your way up past the huge horde and take the remaining ones out 1 by 1.
4 You lure the crowd away with traps and sounds.
5 You build fences and stab them to death while staying save.
6 You can basically snipe them down from a distance to create a save path.
And more options will be available the further you progress.

I haven't tried co-op yet, I will soon enough though. But singleplayer is fun. The story isn't actually that bad and the game has a lot to offer. I will edit this when I finish the game in order to say whether the price tag is appropiate or not.
Posted February 22. Last edited February 22.
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You can only get 4970/5000 achievements, the last 30 will never unlock. No perfect game. Achievements only activate when the window is focused, meaning you can't do anything else besides watching a movie or sleeping.

Achievements are unlockable by modifying the game files if you have achievement hunter begins.
Originally posted by WotanDiavoloGER:
You need "Achievment Hunter: Begins".
Install it,after that copy the File:

"Steam\steamapps\common\Achievement Hunter Begins\Achievement Hunter_Begins_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp dll"


"Steam\steamapps\common\Achievement Hunter Darkness\achievementhunter_darkness_Data\Managed"

Start the Game and the broken Achievments will load :epiwink:
Posted February 1. Last edited February 22.
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Early Access Review
I afked 4 hours for 12k+ achievements. Only costed me 2 bucks, absolutely worth it.
Posted January 31.
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Great value for the money!

Look at the previous DLC's and the given price markings I was a bit sceptic about this one, but it provides a lot.
You are given a new region with 3 areas to explore. A story that can be finished in about 3-6 hours depending on your pace and some new items. The side quests are good as well and there are plenty of those. If you plan on doing every single thing that this DLC delivers you'd probably be occupied for 6-10 hours. The level cap is also increased to level 50 I believe.

I am not going to spoil the contents for you, but do know that this continues where the main game left off. As the title should already give away, it is about the hidden ones.

The whole DLC itself is roughly 6gb.
Posted January 26.
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