I'm the fricker.

I don't friend randoms without a reason. My comments are open.

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I don't have other Steam accounts. Anyone who says they are me is lying.
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CS:GO: Competitive blueballing
Stolid 4 hours ago 
This DUDE is a GAMER
Average Femboy 6 hours ago 
nice vids
Drakey Fenix 12 hours ago 
Into femboys huh? Good taste!
Lunanem Oct 20 @ 7:01pm 
Yo, mind adding me so I can ask a quick question. Promise I'm not trying to scam you for rare hats, on god.
CALLTHIS#NOW Oct 20 @ 12:46am 
You seem like an awesome person as well
I grew up playing source, (along with other Valve games) spending thousands of hours on them. They were, and still are a huge part of my life. Its rly cool to see other people being as enthusiastic about them as I am!!! I wish you the best of luck to you.
I love the music you choose for your videos. :cozyspaceengineersc:
CALLTHIS#NOW Oct 20 @ 12:04am 
your vids are awesome! C: