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To start: this game is flawed, imperfect. But I have more fun with this than with many AAA products. It's sufficient to say that I spent over 30 hrs in the demo and plan to spend many more in the full version.

For demo players: everything transferred to the full game without a hitch, I even got a ton of achievements for my farming :)

The difficulty system in Outriders reminds the one you can find in Diablo 3 but is better at the same time - you can change it without ending game session or swapping maps and on top of that it yields rewards when unlocking next tiers.

New maps are colorful, bigger and interesting. The crafting system is awesome and makes the tweaking of equipment a breeze. Ability to reset the character build at any time, place and without cost enables flexible gameplay. Bosses I saw so far are fun and engaging, I also had a real sense of accomplishment (heh) after downing one for the first time.

Co-op in the demo was a ton of fun, I plan to play it this way a lot.

It isn't without problems - there are bugs, some disconnects but those can be patched out. People complain of microstutters - I never had that but it's fairly common complaint.

Mechanics-wise - passive trees are comprised of minuscule changes (+10% here or there, etc) which might be boring but it makes a difference when you tweak the build to relevant opponents.

This game is a complete products. No season passes, no roadmap, no doling out content for additional money. A rare sight these days in places other than indie scene. Honestly I hope this sells well and they'll make expansion packs.

Overall - a strong "BUY" from me if you like the genre, though it may be really worth to wait a bit and look fo -30% off promo.
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